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8:34 AM
Shall I tag this as a bug? Does my patch break any system functions?
Q: PlusMinus definition unexpectedly affects plotting

Mr.WizardIn version 10.1 I found a strange Plot behavior I did not anticipate. It seems that various heads including PlusMinus are treated as wrappers and stripped by Plot in a way that is not safe. This means that definitions that do not appear in the plot expression can radically and errantly affect i...

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2:17 PM
posted on May 26, 2020 by Sjoerd Smit

NOTE: The following post contains real medical images. As more technology is folded into medical environments all over the world, Wolfram’s European branch has taken on work with the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) in an effort to partially automate the process of cancer diagnosis. The task is to use machine learning to avoid [...]

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4:43 PM
TableView is great for displaying large tabular data in 12.1. Here's an idea for earlier versions:
table = Transpose@{RandomWord[10000], RandomInteger[10, 10000],
RandomReal[1, 10000]};

showTable[table_?MatrixQ] :=
TextGrid[table, Frame -> All],
{Automatic, 600},
Scrollbars -> Automatic

Not as performant as TableView, but works relatively well. I added the StandardForm in an attempt for prevent large output truncation.
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11:44 PM
@Szabolcs Looks like I don't have TextGrid either in 10.1. It feels like I was just upgrading from v7, but the years and features say otherwise.

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