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12:54 AM
@Feeds Ooh this is A New Kind of Spam
No more do we have to hear about well-drilling. Now we can get interior glass doors!
1:36 AM
@bobthechemist Those look great. What are the point groups you couldn't find in the chemical entities? I can make a note to add them
I made this resource function after talking to you here, resources.wolframcloud.com/FunctionRepository/resources/…
10 hours later…
11:35 AM
@JasonB. c4v (used SClF5), d2d (allene structure from ChemicalData is incorrect), oh (used SF6 you found) and d4h (used XeF4). If this were to become a project, then symotter.org/gallery would be an appropriate resource as it is used widely by inorg instructors.
12:03 PM
@C.E. Does the captcha actually prevent a POST? I just tried it with bogus data (really sorry, I didn't expect it to work) and it seemed like the request successfully went through.
1 hour later…
1:07 PM
I suspect that there is a duplicate of this, but I cannot find it:
Q: Create an operator that holds its arguments

SzabolcsHow can I create an operator that holds its arguments? I am looking to define something similar to oper[x_][expr_] := Hold[expr] I am expecting the following behaviour: oper[1][1+1] (* Hold[1+1] *) Of course, the above does not keep expr evaluated, and we cannot set HoldAll on oper[x_] (on...

@brenton You should update your answer with the new syntax: mathematica.stackexchange.com/a/192690/12
Let me repeat that if you write packages, there is no excuse not to use this linter. It will almost certainly find bugs in any package of non-trivial size.
1:57 PM
posted on April 09, 2020 by Avery Davis

When the world is in distress, Wolfram users turn to computation! Even in the midst of this global pandemic, Wolfram staff, friends and colleagues continue to show the power of computational curiosity. We’ve provided a centralized COVID-19 data and resources page, with ways to get free licenses for Wolfram technology through August, livestreamed multiparadigm explorations [...]

@Szabolcs Done. Thanks!
2:25 PM
@CarlLange Unless you write in russian, it would seem that your submission didn’t go through.
2:42 PM
@C.E. Nyet. Well, great - sorry for checking that without asking first.
3:35 PM
@b3m2a1 Thanks!
1 hour later…
4:59 PM
@b3m2a1 Could you please make the paclet server pull the new releases from GitHub? (I assumed it does, it just needs a re-build?) Or should I submit explicitly?
@Szabolcs Ah yeah I need to do a rebuild...it's been a minute
3 hours later…
7:46 PM
@b3m2a1 Also, a suggestion: now that we have some new official keys to use in Paclet expressions, can you support "Category" and "Keywords" in addition to Categories and Tags?
1 hour later…
8:59 PM
what algorithm mathematica uses by default to make NearestNeightborGraph?
9:09 PM
Why does Mathematica give a different adjacency list for a graph made using the same data?

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