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12:07 AM
Is it possible to turn on dark mode for this stack exchange?
12:37 AM
@Wombles Nope
1:10 AM
Hi guyz, I think Negative must be deprecated and change it to NegativeQ to be more consistent.
2:08 AM
does anyone have a nice URL to drop in comments to show people how to format their questions?
@ChrisK How about the one you get when you click the little question mark on the editor?
@halirutan yep, that's a good one - thanks!
@ChrisK But don't expect too much. People are in a hurry these days and just want their questions answered :)
@halirutan Maybe, but can't hurt to point them in the right direction.
3:16 AM
Anyone can copy code from this link? https://reference.wolfram.com/language/example/UseGeometricTransformationsToCreateAKaleidoscope.html

Iam getting some text instead of code in clipboard when clicking code.
4:09 AM
@vasili111 same
5:00 AM
Q: How to use Charting`ScaledTicks?

AlxI found several topics about undocumented ScaledTicks function and tried to use this. Here is the first example: g1 = Plot[Sin[3 x] Exp[-x], {x, 0, 10}, PlotRange -> All]; g2 = Plot[Sin[3 x] Exp[1.1 x], {x, 0, 10}, PlotRange -> All]; {pr1, pr2} = (PlotRange[#][[2]] & /@ {g1, g2}); Show[{g1, g2 /...

^^Perhaps someone can provide a good answer(s) to this?
6 hours later…
11:41 AM
@halirutan Glad to see you got it working :) Let's hope they don't break it again...
11:54 AM
@Szabolcs thank you
1 hour later…
1:19 PM
@LukasLang Yep. It seems to work now. I'm announcing it on meta later and hope it works for everyone else too.
8 hours later…
9:05 PM
@IstvánZachar Regarding $InputFileName, I still use it, even in paclet-based packages. I still make all my packages work even if they are not installed as a paclet, but just placed on the path. I do not think it's a big deal to us $InputFileName
@ChrisK Now paclets take the icon from "Icon" not from Thumbnail. You can add both properties to make the icon show in all versions. See the PacletObject docs.
@ChrisK @IstvánZachar If you are not already using it, seriously consider using Breton's linter. It is an excellent tool that found multiple subtle bugs in my packages. PacletInstall /@ {"CodeParser", "CodeInspector", "Instrumentation"}
@Szabolcs Since you're all about answering questions: Can you tell me how I can force TLS1.2 when using an java URL? :)
I wish I could
It breaks the uploader in mma 9-10
Since they use an old java there.
But IntelliJ 2020.1 is almost released. We should find a new time for that discussion. My foot is still not well (it was pretty bad that day), but now I converted to a "standing desk" (stacked chairs) so I am doing better
@Szabolcs Yes, we should discuss this definitely. Autocompleted symbols, html usage messages, symbol version checker, etc..
9:34 PM
@ChrisK To get started,
files = FileNames["*.m", PacletObject["EcoEvo"]["Location"], Infinity];


Column[CodeInspectSummarize[#, ConfidenceLevel -> 0.1,
    "SeverityExclusions" -> {}] & /@ File /@ files]
That ConfidenceLevel is acting weird, you should also try without that option.

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