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4:53 AM
@ArnoudBuzing If I end up having enough time and interest, my current idea is to adopt the "Free Engine" to run on an AWS EC2 instance, primarily for GPU or high-RAM jobs. A script or notebook would set up an VM instance for a non-commercial (or non-production) user after providing AWS and WRI credentials, and scripting on the instance and Mathematica notebook FE would minimize hassle of code and data transfer. I think this is acceptable use by the license?
The idea is slightly different from having completely synchronous remote kernel.
More specifically "non-commercial" == personal...
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9:03 AM
Has anyone ever done software-defined radio with WL? Seems like a fun intersection, although I don't think there's anything really within the language that would make it particularly easy to get started
3 hours later…
12:24 PM
@CarlLange I've followed the field a bit. Most good SDR software seems to be python-based and as you know, now, WL ...
12:51 PM
@PlaysDice Indeed, it could be interesting to try it out. I've never done anything related, but it feels like such a natural fit
I suppose it basically just comes down to working with Audio data?
AudioCapture could work, but it's a bit sparse
Sample rates of even the cheapest hacks is like 3+ megasamples per second...
Yes, I suppose the best thing to do is write SDRAudioCapture and have it mostly be a wrapper around a python lib
3 hours later…
3:42 PM
4:00 PM
While I'm curious about the long-term expectations for providing a restricted-use Wolfram Language engine, I just wanted to note that SAS (an expensive and very good statistical package) did something similar a few years ago by providing their "SAS University Edition" of SAS. It is a full version of SAS and licensed for non-commercial use.
4:16 PM
My naive guess as to why SAS did this was that many folks coming out of college were using R (a freeware statistical package) and companies that were paying big bucks for SAS started to lose interest in SAS. Making SAS University Edition free was then to keep a larger population of graduates trained in SAS and maybe keeping more corporate contracts alive. SAS also has made it easier for SAS and R (and other languages) to talk to each other.
Anyway, seems somewhat similar to what Wolfram is doing.
5:02 PM
aha, I have remembered not to use the cloud for things. GeoGraphics' are only rendering 50% of the time all of a sudden
5:17 PM
Actually, it's GeoRegionValuePlot that's not working...
emphatic sigh
and now I have to burn all my cloud credits debugging it
@JimB Is there a good reason to use anything but R for statistics? (including Mathematica?) I don't really do statistics, but I always assumed that it would be hard to compete with R on this
5:56 PM
@Szabolcs Yes. No statistics package does it all or as easy as some other package. (Same thing for Mathematica.) For example, SAS does linear and nonlinear mixed models with complicated error structures far, far easier than R. R does graphics far better and easier than SAS (but SAS has come a long way in the last few years).
R is certainly more "cutting edge" than SAS because SAS has to keep older customers happy. Programs written 20 years ago in SAS many times still work without modification. Can't say the same for R (even a few years back).
So...one must continue to use multiple packages. But if one could only afford to learn a single package, then R would be my choice.
@Szabolcs. Maybe my first sentence ("Yes.") isn't the appropriate response to your question. But the text that follows that "Yes" should be more direct answer to your question. (English is my first and only language and I never learned it very well.)
6:29 PM
Now just getting no-wolfram-engine response for cloud forms...
7:07 PM
posted on May 23, 2019

Wolfram Research developers demonstrate the new features of Version 12 of the Wolfram Language that they were responsible for creating. Previously broadcast live on May 23, 2019 at twitch.tv/wolfram. For more information, visit: https://www.wolfram.com/language/12/system-modeling/?

7:19 PM
Playing with AWS API + JSON + Dataset
8:07 PM
posted on May 23, 2019 by Brian Wood

Just as Wolfram was doing AI before it was cool, so have we been doing data science since before it was mainstream. A prime example is the creation of Wolfram|Alpha—a massive project that involved engineering, modeling, analyzing, visualizing and interfacing with terabytes of data, developing a natural language interface, and deploying results in a sensible [...]

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9:22 PM
Is there a built in function that will return the vertices of a Scaled polygon? e.g. Scale[Triangle[], .5]
@Edmund use the Region stuff.
@b3m2a1 Does not work BoundaryDiscretizeRegion[Scale[Triangle[], .5]]
I mean like: TransformedRegion[Triangle[], ScalingTransform[{.5, .5}]][[1]]
Here's a fancy case:
TransformedRegion[Polygon[RandomReal[{}, {5, 2}]], ShearingTransform[q, {1, 0}, {0, 1}]]

Polygon[{{0.0649983 + 0.452399 Tan[q], 0.452399}, {0.118165 + 0.398944 Tan[q], 0.398944}, {0.278332 + 0.498002 Tan[q], 0.498002}, {0.30195 + 0.482465 Tan[q], 0.482465}, {0.974336 + 0.788029 Tan[q], 0.788029}, {0.974395 + 0.0400877 Tan[q], 0.0400877}}, {1, 3, 4, 2, 6, 4, 5}]
@b3m2a1 I'll see if I can get it to work. I'm working with shrinking about the RegionCentriod and Scale makes that easy
Have to see if ScalingTransform can do Scale[Triangle[],.5,RegionCentriod@Triangle[]] well for polygons
@Edmund that looks like an AffineTransform?
 AffineTransform[{ScalingMatrix[{.5, .5}], RegionCentroid@Triangle[]}]
   AffineTransform[{ScalingMatrix[{.5, .5}], RegionCentroid@Triangle[]}]
  } // Graphics
9:37 PM
`Graphics[{Green, Triangle[], Orange,
ScalingTransform[{.5, .5}, RegionCentroid@Triangle[]]]}]`
@b3m2a1 This is what I am going form
@Edmund ah that's what it does
Sounds good
Thanks for TransformedRegion
@halirutan or @Szabolcs (or anyone who might know) is there an API to query StackExchange chat transcripts?
I could write a scraper but it'd be nicer to do via API if possible
I was thinking it'd be fun to build a chat graph and do some data science on it
Like who posts when and who responds to whom and what things get starred, etc.
9:50 PM
Q: Will chat be accessible through the API?

MicTechWill chat be accessible through the Stack Overflow/Stack Exchange API?

RIP but that's okay. Always possible to scrape.
Helpfully the XML is well-tagged
10:35 PM
@b3m2a1 Apparently a few unofficial options stackapps.com/questions/2760/…
11:30 PM
Is anyone else having issues with databins today?
Thought I would check here before I filed a report.
CreateDatabin is autopopulating as a function, but when I run it, it returns as a basic symbol
I can create a new databin online, but when I try to access it I get this error: Databin::invres: A valid response could not be obtained. Please try again later.
@kickert I think they are deploying wolfram-engine across the cloud today. I had a lot off issues earlier with expressions not evaluating correctly in the cloud
Any chance you can try and reproduce my error?
I get the same.
I can get a cloud notebook to work, but when I do a form with a DatabinAdd function it doesn't make it in.
11:46 PM
Fun times
Sorry :'(
Okay, the data is going in, the databin icon just isn't updating in the cloud notebook.

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