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D1, D2, D3, D4
D5, D6, D7
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please close this. It is not clear if the asker is aware of division of polynomials in general.
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Q: Which functional equations are used to find Riemann zeta solutions(x+iy) in critical strip

Vishwatha swamyFamous Riemann hypothesis state that There are zeta solutions(s = x + i y) on critical strip. Which functional equations are used to find zeta solutions it? Range (0<Re(s)<1) and guessed that all solutions may exist on critical line x= 1/2 .and to his evidence millions of solutions also discovered.

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Kindly vote to reopen this question due to appropriate circumstances:math.stackexchange.com/questions/4329507/…
8:43 AM
@Avenger There is no need to reopen the above dupe question since I added a comment clarifying what was misunderstood.
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@LalitTolani Personally, I think that the question should be let off the hook---there is context (the link to what Jyrki calls "the famous integral thread" (though "infamous" might be more appropriate)), and the thread relates to something which might be considered historically relevant to the site.
If this thread were to be deleted, THEN I would have no qualms at all. However, as that seems unlikely, I am not convinced that action needs to be taken with respect to the newer thread.
That said, I honestly don't really care, either way---I could make the opposite case, as well.
The following is a question and, as such, is about a particular proof. I think it should be reopened as the proposed duplicate has nothing to do with the OP's proof.
Q: A group of even order contains an element of order $2$

JohnTI am trying to prove the following result. Show that any finite group $G$ of even order contains an element $x \in G$ such that $x \neq e$ but $x^2 = e$. I believe I understand the idea of the proof, but I've tried my best to use some formal notation to make it as rigorous as possible. How does...

@XanderHenderson Ok
@Peter Not anymore.
@Shaun Not true, the OP's proof is essentially the same as the (standard elementary) proofs in the linked dupe, so not only should it remain closed, but it should also be deleted (as should most such SV dupes with nothing novel).
@ParamanandSingh So would you delete those two bogus answers given that we have all voted on it already? Each has gotten 5 downvotes excluding mine since I brought them up in this room, so it is definitely not unilateral. Thank you.
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@user21820 Just realized that there is another identical answer in the same thread here. Might consider also downvoting this...
Admittedly wrong answer math.stackexchange.com/a/4361585/42969 – one delete note needed.
@ArcticChar Indeed, but unfortunately I can't add a second downvote.
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@ArcticChar score now 4:3
And this one now has scoree 11:9
this answer uses a much more complicated statement. Should be deleted.
4:57 PM
Is "mantissa-space" in this useless post with 15 upvotes actually a term used by anyone or did it come from mental-space?
5:16 PM
@LalitTolani Note that I was only expressing my opinion as an individual, and not a moderator decree.
@XanderHenderson No problem sir
5:50 PM
Q: On an approximation to Goldbach's conjecture

TravorLZHI've been recently reading Yuan Wang's paper on an approximation to Goldbach's problem, in which he showed that Proposition 1: For all large even integer $x$, there exists $1<n<x-1$ such that $n(x-n)$ has no prime divisors $\le x^{1/8}$, at most three prime divisors $\le x^{1/2}$. From this, he c...

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D1, D2, D3.
D4, D5, D6.
D7, D8, D9.
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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected, potentially bad keyword in answer, toxic answer detected (158): related rates sphere volume and area calculus problem‭ by robert monk‭ on math.SE

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