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11:13 AM
Q: What is this "Software Engineering" site you speak of, and what kinds of questions can I ask there?

Robert HarveyProgrammers is undergoing a name change. Why is this name change occurring? Has anything else changed? What kinds of questions will I be able to ask on the new site?

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12:52 PM
It looks interesting. Might want to add some more details to the readme file so people can get a better idea of what is happening without digging into the code. Not so sure about requiring a vagrant machine but okay. In any event, as other people have mentioned, this is not the right place for this sort of thing and neither is code review. Possibly the programmers stackexchange. Or maybe reddit or sitepoint. — Cerad 58 secs ago
2:36 PM
Please post this on Programmers or some other SE Community. As it is this question is too broad for SO. — Igor 56 secs ago
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3:55 PM
4:12 PM
Q: Are Career Advice questions useful to anyone except the poster?

AShellyhttp://programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/career-advice http://programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/career-guidance There seem to be a fair number of "should I leave this job" questions. Are they actually useful to anyone except the OP? Do they add to the value of the si...

@ThomasOwens: This post is outdated. ^^ I don't think we accept any sort of career-advice questions anymore, even if they are programming-related.
4:29 PM
@RobertHarvey Is that linked to anywhere?
And I think you're right, but I don't know of any Meta discussion about it.
It's linked in the Help/Ask page.
Hm. Yeah, I think you're right it's out dated, but I just tried searching on Meta and didn't find anything more definitive.
I'll write one, I guess.
Cool. Also, do you think that such FAQ type things should be CW'd?
How much rep do you need to edit a CW post in meta?
As long as not any random individual can wander in and make gratuitous edits, I'm OK with that.
That said, folks really should have 2000 rep if they want to edit FAQ posts.
4:40 PM
100 rep for CW posts. I suppose that is low. I thought it was 500.
Which would be enough for people who have some level of positive participation. But at 100, all you need is enough rep on a random site.
4:51 PM
You can always make it a CW later, right?
CW is designed for crowdsourcing. Frankly, it takes a pretty good wordsmith to write these things, and if someone needs a change, they usually indicate with a comment, and I usually oblige.
@ThomasOwens Well, that was easy.
Q: Are Career-Advice Questions On-Topic Here?

Robert HarveyI have a question about Education, Finding a job, Interviews, Training materials, Classes, Certifications, Skill sets, Marketing, Job stress, Workplace interaction, Skills assessment Business development General management Attitude adjustment Are any of these subjects on-topic here?

👆 apply upvotes liberally.
flagged the old post as a dupe of the new.
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7:41 PM
why not edit the old instead?
8:00 PM
This is not a specific question and is bound to start an opinion based conversation. SO is for specific question to codes challenges. Maybe try this on programmers.stackexchange.comnerdlyist 29 secs ago
2 hours later…
9:45 PM
SO is not a programmers-for-hire service for your homework. Please come back when you have made an effort at this problem and have a specific question to ask. — Joe C 50 secs ago
2 hours later…
11:28 PM
To folks who want to ask pinpoint questions about syntactical decisions in programming languages that were made 30 years ago, yes, this site is now useless for that. I daresay, though, that the folks who have SDLC questions will find the new site a welcome change. — Robert Harvey 1 min ago

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