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5:27 AM
what exactly are class fields?
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6:50 AM
anyone on??!?!
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8:10 AM
Q: Flagging low quality answers: an experiment

Emilio Pisanty Abstract: We are experimenting with expanding the scope of the very low quality (VLQ) flag. For two weeks, August 8-21, moderators will not decline any VLQ flags. We will allow these flags will sit in the queue as long as needed for the community to deal with them. We ask you, the community, t...

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2:05 PM
Any help on this, please?
Q: Close-distance phone location network

JuanRocamondeI want to design a network in which multiple devices (phones or tablets) very close to each other (between 0.5-20m) will locate themselves in a map shown in each of the devices' App. Known that: All the devices have Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS receptors whose model/specs can be known if necessary...

2:31 PM
put all the devices and a central server on the same wifi network. Have all the devices report their position to the server. Have the server perform all your business logic. Get all the clients to periodically request the latest state of the system from the server.
@MetaFight check the question now, it clears out some things
2:52 PM
"if dataflow is a good fit for this problem if there's a 'good practice' to solve this kind of concurrency with dataflow": Pretty sure this question belongs at programmers.stackexchange.comQuantic 26 secs ago
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4:12 PM
is understanding the basics of java harder than understanding the advanced stuff?
like is understanding objects and classes and methods harder than understanding scripting??(havent done scripting yet)
4:52 PM
5:28 PM
SO is for helping with existing code. Your post might be better accepted at programmers.stackexchange.com. — Johnny Mopp 44 secs ago

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