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3:32 AM
@MarcoW Check out this answer to one of our older questions:
A: Is there a good site to hire programmers for little projects?

snmcdonaldCheck out the following sites: oDesk eLance scriptlance vWorker (originally rent a coder) Rent A Coder Code Monkey For Hire FreeLancer I know someone that reasonable success with oDesk.

12 hours later…
3:24 PM
@Rachel Thank you so much! oDesk is probably the market leader, right?
3:52 PM
@MarcoW I have no idea since I haven't used those sites for contract work before. I thought there was an old question around which had some reviews for the different sites, but I can't find it now so it might have been deleted
Oh here we go: do a search for something like "Rent-A-Coder" and it'll return a bunch of related results
Q: Alternatives to oDesk.com for contract work? or is oDesk already one of the best?

動靜能量 Possible Duplicate: Where can I find programming work online? I saw oDesk.com being mentioned in one thread here for contract work and freelance work, and the people listed for hire is asking for $15/hour and up to $80 or $100/hour -- of the ones that I saw for development jobs. I wo...

Q: Where can I find programming work online?

explorestI have setup an ideal, quiet, non-interrupting environment at home. I am extremely productive here. I dont want to leave my home, not my room, not even my couch. I am outside United States in a third world country so a lower pay is not an issue. The issue is the work environment. How/where do...

4:41 PM
thank you so much!!! :)
5:16 PM
Hrrrm that's cool, it tells me which questions were deleted in my rep page so I can see where a bunch of my rep went to when they did the forced rep recalc. I have one day I lost over 500 rep :)
And I have to say, some of my old questions/answers really were terrible
6:00 PM
@SteveJackson Mark has asked to step down as a moderator.
@marktrapp Thanks for all your hard work. You'll always be my favourite not-a-programmer. :)
@AnnaLear Oh. Thanks. Fair winds and following seas, @marktrapp.
6:57 PM
I was wondering where Mark disappeared to. That's really too bad, because he was a great moderator if you took away his ability to close questions
@AnnaLear Is Mark moving on to anything else, or just stepping down?
@Rachel He can speak about his future plans if he wants to. :)
@AnnaLear He hasnt' been in chat the last few days though, tell him to get in here!
7:25 PM
@MarkTrapp Thank you, for everything.
@MarkTrapp Thanks for your contribution to P.SE moderation!
See, I can't be bothered to type someone's name out if they don't come up in my auto-complete list :)
7:52 PM
@MarkTrapp: Thanks for everything. You're awesome.
Ugh, Don't make him out to be some kind of hero! It'll go straight to his head.
He was probably one of the most hated moderators since he had a tendency to close popular questions via a single moderator vote, but if you overlook his closing powers, he was actually a pretty good moderator when it came to answering users or dealing with meta questions.
@Rachel That's pretty backhanded, far as compliments go.
@AnnaLear Well that's just my opinion :) I don't want want to downplay the fact he was called out on meta many times, and I think someone made a question on meta to get him impeached at one point (I wanted to do the same sometimes), but if you can look at it objectively, he was only doing the best he could given the site scope he had to work with, and he was one of the more active mods who was always answering user questions, even if the answer wasn't what they wanted to hear.
I mean, I'm starting to hate @YannisRizos for the same reasons, but that doesn't mean he's not a decent moderator and that I regret voting for him (at least not too often yet) :)
@Rachel: Isn't part of a mods job to close off-topic questions, even if you do want it to stay open? I mean, I haven't been here for too long, but as far as I know, that's the right thing to do.
Ironically, I moderate(d) more or less the same as Mark and had my share of callouts. It comes with the job, especially on a site like Programmers. You're entitled to your opinion, of course, but it feels just this side of disrespectful to me from where I'm sitting.
8:15 PM
Demis Bellot on March 02, 2012

A few months ago I joined as a developer on the Careers 2.0 team – this is my story of bringing Careers 2.0′s new Apply button to fruition. Or, what happens when an Enterprise boy meets a Consumer Product Development company and gets exposed to how things are done on the other side.

One of my first projects after joining Stack Exchange was giving the job application process an improved, stream-lined experience. This experience gave me a different perspective on Enterprise and Consumer product development, which I’d like to share. …

@AnnaLear You were different, you could always present things in such a way that what you were doing made sense, and the user felt you understood and sympathized with their position. That's not usually the case.
@Rachel "and the user felt you understood and sympathized with their position." -- with all due respect, that's not always been the case. There were users happy with Mark's explanations and users who hated mine. There's really nothing special about it.
That's true, it's not 100% one way or another. There's a lot of examples of the opposite happening. It just so happened that I see many more examples coming from you than Mark
Flogging a dead horse (alternatively beating a dead horse in some parts of the Anglophone world) is an idiom that means a particular request or line of conversation is already foreclosed or otherwise resolved, and any attempt to continue it is futile; or that to continue in any endeavour (physical, mental, etc.) is a waste of time as the outcome is already decided. The first recorded use of the expression with its modern meaning is by British politician and orator John Bright, referring to the Reform Act of 1867, which called for more democratic representation in Parliament, an issue abo...
@YannisRizos <3
8:24 PM
Fair warning: I will do my best to replace Mark as "one of the most hated moderators since he had a tendency to close popular questions via a single moderator vote"...
@YannisRizos: Only you would think of that...
@YannisRizos I'm sure you'll do a fine job at that :)
@Jae Actually most moderators would ;)
@YannisRizos: Maybe that's why I lost :P
@Jae Naaah Yannis is just more active
8:27 PM
@Jae You actually won... Trust me
@YannisRizos: Ya I know. Me and my invisible diamond ;-)
@Jae What I meant was that you can still enjoy P.SE as a user. Although I'm not regretting running for moderator, I really miss actually enjoying P.SE... And I've given up on Code Review, Skeptics and UX, I just don't have the time anymore...
@YannisRizos Hopefully we can get you guys some more help soon.
But don't forget that you can always ignore the flag queue for a bit. It won't go anywhere. :)
I try and keep up with the edit queue thingy that I have access to. Do you guys get many flags per day?
@Rachel About 50/day, give or take.
8:40 PM
@AnnaLear Alright, I was just curious
@AnnaLear Ah, not complaining ;) It's just that I can't ignore the crap anymore... I don't think I'll ever enjoy P.SE as I did until a month ago, it's still fun but a different kind of fun.
@YannisRizos Trust me, I know the feeling. :)
@YannisRizos Here's an easy decision: Make me a mod and I'll take care of all flags ;)
@Rachel Don't take this the wrong way but: No.
@YannisRizos lol
8:42 PM
@Rachel I see what you did there. ;)
@AnnaLear Apparently we moderate SO too now...
Hrrrmm it's never posted images in chat before, I thought that'd be a link
@YannisRizos Well, some of us did... innocent whistle
@AnnaLear ;D
9:00 PM
@AnnaLear I think they decided to "promote" you before you were elected mod of every site.
@SteveJackson Seems legit. I made it to 4 at one point. Only had 80 more to go!
@YannisRizos You know I only posted Mediator vs Observer because of you right? :)
I suppose it could have been written better, but I wanted to prove that A vs B questions are not all necessarily off-topic
@Rachel I know... And a good think you did, however A vs B questions are mostly not constructive. It would be preferable to present an actual scenario where you are thinking of applying A or B. Anyways, tequila time, bye ;)
Yeah I should be getting home too. Cya :)
1 hour later…
10:36 PM
I got banned for asking a question that was too basic to people that program for a living
I apologize for trying to learn
10:50 PM
I met this guy that my friend works with, and he was really getting on my nerves. So I blogged about it :-).
1 hour later…
11:59 PM
@Jordan First of all you are question banned on Stack Overflow, not Programmers, if you have issues about your ban please bring them up to Stack Overflow not here. On Programmers you've asked three questions, all blatantly off topic. If you are actually trying to learn I would suggest reading our FAQ before asking any more questions. Knowing how to ask good questions and where to ask them is an extremely important skill.

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