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6:08 AM
I did an lol at the end of my comment so do not be so serious I was not.
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10:40 AM
Q: HP 250 laptop doesn't recognize Bluetooth

Gema Rosa Yanguas AlmazánI have a problem with any Ubuntu version on my HP 250 laptop which doesn't recognize Bluetooth. It says No Bluetooth adapter found. It has never worked, but now I use this laptop as a work tool, so its resolution is important. I have tried some solutions that I have found by googling, but Ubuntu ...

I have a policy question. I did a translation of this question it was not in English. I corrected some translation errors and left it in both the original language and the English translation. The edit was rejected and now I see my exact translation with corrections has been approved by another users edit they removed the original language the question was in.
Should the original question not have been left?
10:56 AM
I mean the original language oops
1 hour later…
12:09 PM
@David My personal opinion is that your edit shouldn't have been rejected but improved. In such cases, if the original post isn't written in one of the languages I'm fluent with, I don't remove it from the question, just like you did, just in case the online translator I used didn't translated everything correctly. If I'm confident about the translation, I remove the original and keep the translated version.
ok so nothing I could have done it was just whom every had to approve my edit did not like it.
@BeastOfCaerbannog If you don't speak the language, there's no point in translating at all, really. Well, there's almost never any point in translating: if the OP can't write a question in English, they probably can't read an answer either. And if they can't even be bothered to put in the minimum level of work required to figure out what language a site is in, I very much doubt they will ever contribute anything useful to the site.
@David That's my opinion and personal preference.
I have the same feeling
So the translated question will likely just sit there. This is a perfect example: the question doesn't have enough information to be answerable (the original didn't either), and the OP won't be able to respond to comments.
12:13 PM
so reguardless of a good edit or not it should have been flgged not fixed.
But if you do translate, then pelase remove the original. You can just add a note: "Translated from Spanish using Google Translate" or something, but having both the original and the translation just makes the post harder to read, longer and more complicated for no benefit.
If anyone needs to see the original, it is right there in the edit history. This is the same idea behind why we don't like having "EDIT:" and things like that in the question.
Questions might be read for the first time by someone years from now. They don't need to know the history, they just need an understandable question.
Q: Please ask people to translate, don't just close a question

Sergiy KolodyazhnyyTL;DR : there are people who can translate foreign posts , ask them ; don't just close vote all the things N.B.: The main goal is to edit questions and provide them with clarity. I am not asking to refrain from closing posts in foreign languages ; I am asking community to give links to those pos...

@terdon Hmmm. So there is a kind of policy about this. I wasn't aware of it. Thank you.
12:32 PM
Hence my question I wanted to be in the know.
After reading the question I am more confused as to the policy LOL
New Question What is going on in Raiders of the lost downboat room?
12:50 PM
Q: The 'Raiders of the Lost Downboat' chat room

Random Person Who created the 'Raiders of the Lost Downboat' chat room? What is the room currently used for? What was the room used for? Who came up with the name 'Raiders of the Lost Downboat'? Who were the room owners at the creation of the chat room? Who are the room owners of the chat room now?

Thanks clear as mud now ROFL
3 hours later…
4:02 PM
@David The 'Raiders of the Lost Downboat' is a chat room where discussion mainly revolves around moderation issues of AskUbuntu. The link that @nobody shared covers most of the things the room is used for.
Also, there are usually two bots in the room, Natty and SmokeDetector (Smokey). Natty is a bot that shows new answers to old questions and can accept feeback for them, while Smokey is a bot that is used for spam detection.
4:29 PM
@BeastOfCaerbannog eh "kind of". My answer got quite a few upvotes, but so did the question which suggests something else. So I don't really feel there was a clear policy. As @David pointed out, it's clear as mud. As far as I can tell the "official policy" is "if you want to translate, go for it, but we do not expect or require this from reviewers and just closing as unclear is perfectly valid"
Personally, I will usually close as unclear unless the question is both clear enough in the original language and useful enough to be worth keeping regardless of the OP.
@terdon Yeah. Thanks again. In David's case, after finding his edit in which he added the translation, I still think that, while not perfect (quite a few more thinks could b edited), it was acceptable and should have been improved instead of rejected.
Oh yes, agreed.
It's easy for the reviewer to get that wrong though.
Why did I just recieve a moderator warning private message?
I'm not aware of such messages. Can you share what it says?
4:41 PM

We're writing in reference to your Ask Ubuntu account:


We wanted to let you know that we've observed some rudeness in your latest activity. We get it; anyone who's ever tried to engage with others online has probably been tempted to lash out at someone else. This is just a friendly reminder that we require all participants to act in a professional and civil tone when using these sites. If another user has wronged you in some way, please do not respond in kind. Simply flag the content for moderator attention and move on.
Our goal is to amicably resolve issues in a constructive way through direct communication. Please note that continuing to persist in problematic behaviors is grounds for timed suspension.
I have no idea why I recieved this and it gives no clues.
I suppose that someone has flagged a comment of yours as rude. It looks like an automated message, but I'm not sure. @zanna was here a while ago. Maybe she could share more info.
well guess its time for me to move on and find something else to do, thanks for all your help.
I had been very careful not to be rude. Anyway so long.
I'm sure you did, but you never know why could someone get offended. Someone got even offended by your cat avatar!! Maybe the message is due to this.
Someone had to send me the message if it was over a rude comment it had to have been accepted as rude any way I will never know
4:57 PM
You will know. Zanna always provides info for such things if asked.
@David just reply to the email and ask for some more details. As long as you reply calmly (and I have no reason to think you wouldn't), the mods should be able to explain a bit more. Also note that the message is nothing more than a friendly warning. There is no penalty associated with it.
5:57 PM
oops sorry I had wifi AND mobile network issues today so I gave up on computers and made myself a shirt instead (well it's not done yet but...)
@BeastOfCaerbannog :D
6:28 PM
@David I replied to you to give details of what was flagged and tried to explain what's going on in more detail
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7:41 PM
is there any way to reset my python pip packages to the clean state when my ubuntu shipped, that is remove all packages which I installed afterwards?

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