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3:01 AM
Q: How to list upcoming rtcwake jobs

jayathungekI'm using rtcwake from util-linux 2.34 on Ubuntu 20.04. When I set my machine to wake up from memory at a certain time, sometimes I'll forget exactly what time that was. Is there a way to display a list of upcoming rtcwake jobs via command line?

3:26 AM
Q: How to make installation of linux programs easier?

Akash Raodebian and ubuntu provide .deb package files that can be installed directly. what about fedora? can all tar-balls be one day .deb files for ease of installation ... many people lose themselves installing after gunzipping. there is a lot of code which commoners don't get an idea of when doing ./ma...

Q: Can't connect via SSH from host Mac OS to guest Ubuntu: Host is down

MinjiI'm pretty new to working with networks and I've been having trouble using SSH on my Mac terminal to connect to my guest Ubuntu machine. I'm using VirtualBox and I have set up port forwarding accordingly. When I run the code below: (base) MacBook-Pro:~ my_name$ ssh ubuntu@ -p 222 I ge...

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11:41 AM
Q: how can I fix a not working software updater on ubuntu 18.4?

user654019When I select the software updater , the icon for the application appears and then disappears. when I try to run it via terminal, I am getting this error: sudo update-manager -C Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/bin/update-manager", line 28, in <module> import gi File "/usr/l...

12:28 PM
Hey @heynnema!
I hope you can answer my question.
Q: Unable to boot Ubuntu because of some kernel problem

technastic_tcMy PC was working fine until yesterday. Today, when I turned on the PC, the OS didn't even boot. I waited for 2-3 minutes but nothing happened. I pressed the restart button. Now the GRUB menu appeared and I chose the Ubuntu option. The OS booted and the Ubuntu logo appeared but the lock screen di...

In case if anybody else can answer, please do help.
12:56 PM
Q: ubuntu 18.04 doesn't detect my bluetooth adapter

SPREEKDOSHello my bluetooth was working 8 mounth ago, and I was on linux mint 18 when it's stopped working and now i moved to peppermint 10, I tried searching about from time to time, but stucked with no anwser but now i need my bluetooth to be working for external devices. Below are important information...

@technastic_tc See my response in your question.
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3:24 PM
Q: What are the implications of having a PGP key in the trusted software providers?

CGCI decided to remove Brave (browser) from my Linux. I then noticed that the brave keys were still appearing in sudo apt-key list output and in /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/. This was my Brave key: pub rsa4096 2018-12-09 [SC] 3792 6684 3411 3B84 8B7A 7EBF 6AEB 0CDA 354C 703E uid [ unk...

4:14 PM
Q: Toggle/Hide specific substring of filenames in Nautilus with a short-key

mlisthenewcoolI would like to implement some kind of tagging directly onto {directory/file} name. I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 and Nautilus as a file manager. For example, I would have a directory as follow : |- [Arduino, DIY, GitHub] DroneController/ |- no tagging inside sub-directories... |- [Maths, Algebra] Ex...


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