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1:36 AM
Q: Replace specific values with sed

user427367I have a file containing hundreds of values that start with $. $ cat /tmp/file $one $t $three $one $t $three $t $three I'm trying to use sed to replace only the values that start with $t. $ sed "s/\$t/foo/g" /tmp/file $one foo foohree $one foo foohree foo foohree But the above command replace...

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10:46 AM
Q: Addition of a new category for flags

technastic_tcBefore explaining about the feature request, please refer this link to understand the context: The flags count isn't detailed perfectly The aforementioned flag is not categorised in the flags. So why can't we create a new category for these kind of flags?

5 hours later…
3:51 PM
Q: Thunderbolt 3 on System76's Oryx Pro (oryp3) with Ubuntu 20.04

FredI got a 15" oryp3 back in 2017, and back that time I didn't realise that only 17" model had Thunderbolt 3 enabled. Before I only used one external monitor through HDMI. But recently I bought a second one and a docking station, and tried to connect via USB type-c. Clearly, it is not working for th...

1 hour later…
5:18 PM
Hi there, I am trying to install ubuntu on virtual box, but, it gives the message This kernel requires ×86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU. But, my CPU is x64. What should I do.
3 hours later…
7:56 PM
Q: Bash: convert 100,000+ characters to decimal format?

user427459I'm looking for a quick and not-so CPU intensive solution to convert 100,000+ lines of text into decimal format. # random ascii string='QPWOEIRUTYALSKDJFHGZMXNCBV,./;[]75498053$#!@*&^%(*' convert () { for ((b=0; b<${#string}; b++ )) do # convert to dec, append colon character, ad...


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