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3:03 AM
Q: Bash pass commands to different function?

user427936I'm trying to append and prepend commands to various functions. For example: #!/bin/bash wrapper () { echo "start of foo" echo "$1" echo "end of foo" } foo () { wrapper "$(echo 1; echo 2)" } foo The output is great, as desired: $ bash /tmp/script.sh start of foo 1 2 end o...

2 hours later…
5:23 AM
Good morning folks.
Good morning.
(Very early morning where I am. :)
5:49 AM
@EliahKagan sounds like middle of the night to me
Yes, the middle of the night -- very early morning. :)
6:08 AM
hello. i am not able to upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04 from the command line
when i type doupgrade -c I get a no new release available
i read that a new LTS has been released.
6:33 AM
@gansub what command did you use exactly?
6:46 AM
@jokerdino sudo do-release-upgrade -c
should i do the -d option because that is developmental right ?
6:58 AM
ok i am running it with the -d option
I recall they are yet to enable the upgrade option.
no I read in the news it is released
It is released, you are right.
However, the upgrade path is not yet enabled.
ok so is there any problem with using the -d option ?
it is stable right ?
I think it's alright
7:03 AM
and when the upgrade path is enabled what do i need to do ?
just do updates and upgrades and dist-upgrades?
If you have already upgraded to 20.04, then there is nothing you have to do when the upgrade path is enabled.
Upgrade path is when the majority of the common users will be prompted to upgrade to the new release.
you can preemptively upgrade using the -d switch
upgrading is happening right now as we chat
after i upgrade do i need to recompile all my C and C++ code?
specifically my libraries
I am not aware of such things happening.
plus numpy and scipy ?
I am not friends with those people.
7:09 AM
when i upgraded from 16.04 to 18.04 i had to recompile all my code
It's only a problem if they are python2 libraries.
as 20.04 has dropped support for python2
no they are all python 3 libraries
then, those should be alright
how about qt ? would i have to recompile that?
1 hour later…
8:21 AM
Q: ext4-fs and system-journald errors in Lenovo x1 extreme gen 1 that persists after fresh installation

SinaI have been using pop os (currently I have the latest version based on Ubuntu 20.04) with my lenovo x1 extreme gen 1 very happily for a while (2-3 years) but recently ran into what is possibly a ssd related hardware issue (laptop crashes randomly giving ext4-fs and systemd-journald errors) which ...

Q: connect to VNC server inside a docker / podman container with Login screen

A. Neumannwe're currently trying to get a Ubuntu 18.04 instance up and running inside a podman container. Our goal is to be able to connect to the linux system inside the container via VNC, we're trying to make tigervnc usable for that. Right now everything is working, we've set up the vncserver as a syste...

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10:01 AM
My ubuntu 20.04 upgrade did not go smoothly
Processing was halted because of too many errors
I rebooted several times
I am logging in from mobile
And do not have dual boot
Please help
Errors were encountered while processing lkbglade2.0-c11
Can you help
How can i fix my errors
udisk2 have been consuming more memory in ubuntu 18.04
i posted a question here (https://askubuntu.com/questions/1232439/udisks-eats-up-9gb-ram-in-ubuntu-18-04) and i see lots of people have reported it for fedora and redhat and got it resolved. can some one provide a fix or workaround
Can i remove libglade2.0-cil
I tried removing it
But it says can't find policy filw
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12:40 PM
Q: Feature request: Two step verification

technastic_tcSecuring our digital accounts is a very important thing to do to be safe in the Internet. Having a strong password is just the start in my opinion. Two-step verification is a very important tool to keep our accounts safe. Many companies provide two-step verification feature to its users like Goog...

@gansub That package isn't installed in my installation. I assume you have some package of which libglade2.0-cil is the dependency. What is the exact error mnessage you got?
I am getting a whole bunch of errors
Is it possible to salvage this installation
12:58 PM
It depends on the error message. I'd encourage you to ask a new question on Ask Ubuntu with all details and error messages.
1:16 PM
The thing is i have ni machine to communicate. I am using mobile. The error messagea are stuck on my desktop
2 hours later…
3:30 PM
@gansub Without error messages, I don't think it's possible to troubleshoot the issue.
1 hour later…
4:47 PM
Some great news
I was able to fiz the broken install !!!!!!!
Now the login screen is not showing
I have run install ubuntu desktop
But i get a blank black screen with blinking cursor
Its just hanging
I get some output that says started GNOME Manager
Then it hangs
With a blinking cursor
How Do i get to a login screen??
1 hour later…
6:23 PM
@gansub Try sudo apt install gdm3
3 hours later…
9:14 PM
Q: Al intentar actualizar con apt-get upgrade o instalar un paquete en ubuntu me marca un error

JhonAl intentar instalar un paquete me da el siguiente resultado Leyendo lista de paquetes... Hecho Creando árbol de dependencias Leyendo la información de estado... Hecho Tal vez quiera ejecutar «apt --fix-broken install» para corregirlo. Los siguientes paquetes tienen dependencias incumplida...

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11:59 PM
Q: Should I merge the comments with my answer to make a more useful answer?

Kevin BowenI have a mildly popular answer that has generated a number of (IMHO) helpful comments over the years. I am asking the community if you think that the answer might be cleaner/more helpful if I took the comments and added them to the answer and have the comments removed? This might reduce some of t...


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