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12:13 PM
Q: Can't rename a subdirectory of a mounted pendrive

Pedro R.I built a script to rename all sub directories of a specific directory (change to uppercase the first letter) using 'mv' command. Unfortunately that wasn't possible and I got the error (below is an example): cannot move 'mechanics' to a subdirectory of itself, 'Mechanics/mechanics' #!/bi...

12:33 PM
Hi everyone.
Does the command "at" make use of cron, or does it have its own scheduler?
1 hour later…
1:54 PM
Q: KVM VM's on Ubuntu Server

Milen TodorovI have Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS with some Samba shares, Nextcloud and other services but i want to create a VM with KVM which I can access it outside LAN. I have basic KVM knowledge and at the moment I only can create VM and connect via SSH tunneling and this is the problem because I need to conn...

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3:56 PM
Q: Custom message to "This account is currently not available" when user login is disabled

cstffI have a Lxc container inside a Proxmox host. I need to prevent that the Proxmox admin can login inside my container. To do so I disabled root login in /etc/passwd. When the Proxmox admin use pct enter to login as root the message "This account is currently not available" is correctly displayed. ...


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