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3:51 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Why would one sign in to check for updates? I expect to be notified by mail when someone answers or comments, and only then I come back – why would I regularly browse a question where I (think I) gave all the necessary information, but where there was just nobody to answer it yet?
4:29 AM
Q: Creating a file in Linux? (Touch vs Echo)

Alex ValdezI'm pretty new the Linux in general so I'm not too familiar with do's and don'ts or some commands. I wanted to create a file and noticed that: touch file.txt ` creates a file but so does: echo >> file.txt and also > file.txt The files created with ">" and "touch" are both 0 bytes but t...

5:22 AM
Hi guys
I want to know what options are there for a fresh start after some source builds and software issues
I have been using Ubuntu 16.04 since more than a year. Recently I had to build a couple of softwares from source, due to dependency issues I had to build and install newer version of some libraries. Now I see multiple side effects such as Python is behaving weird (a package is installed but not visible to the interpreter), a software that I have removed totally is still being reported as present and synaptic is warning me of broken packages while trying to uninstall some things etc.

This is a recurrent and frustrating issue, after some time either packages break or become inconsistent.
Doing a fresh install of Ubuntu takes a lot of time.
This question: askubuntu.com/questions/34888 talks about how one can roll-back effect of package installs via synaptic. For Software build from source there is no history keeping (or is there?)
guys? any inputs?
6:08 AM
Q: Linux Mint - Contrast too high when laptop unplugged

APixel VisualsI have a Dell Inspiron 7373 that has been dualbooted with Windows 10 and Linux Mint. When my laptop is plugged in, everything looks fine, but when I unplug it, the color contrast becomes super high. How can I fix this? I'm assuming it would be some kinda battery saving "feature". Output of inxi ...

6:22 AM
@terdon askubuntu.com/questions/696875/… here is one that is totally useless to bump. Netflix nowadays works out of the box with firefox.
6:48 AM
Q: EACCES: permission denied when using sudo

Asgeir BjellandI'm trying to install a node package using NPM, but it just gives a permission error. I could install packages without any issues yesterday, but for some reason it has stopped working. asgeir@1e19udt0shu6:~/nodejs/first_test_app$ sudo npm install sharp > sharp@0.22.1 install /home/asgeir/nodej...

7:06 AM
@vvy not if you set up your system accepting you might want to re-install at some point. 17 minutes it costs me and I can keep on using my system during installation so there is no down time.
7:18 AM
Can anyone resolve my query on Ubuntu installation?
8:02 AM
I don't see a question?
@Rinzwind Perfect example! Because it was bumped, the answer got an upvote today so the question is now considered answered and won't be bumped again. The system works as intended! :)
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9:07 AM
Q: use Tor to redirect terminal command using HTTPTunnelPort

Ehsan EshaghiI am trying to redirect terminal commands through Tor. However i get the following error when I want to check my public IP address. $ curl https://ipinfo.io/ip curl: (35) OpenSSL SSL_connect: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL in connection to localhost:9051 I have set proxy for terminal using these commands ...

9:53 AM
@terdon no the answer is invalid :=)
and should be downvoted
10:04 AM
just messing with you >:-D
Ok now seriously :=)
is this too much or ...
To anyone wanting to use this from a windows machine: prepare for a hacked system in the future. root and admin/sudo passwords need to be kept on the system itself and never ever ever ever be used to connect to a server. -never-. Take security serious. You create a different user to connect to a server. And elevate permissions when the user is on the server with a different password check — Rinzwind 6 mins ago
I feel like I became paranoidpanda there :=
10:25 AM
I'm sure Tomas would approve :)
2 hours later…
12:07 PM
Q: Linux log file error saving to admin system

ManuHow to save whole errors in the terminal to desktop file

@Rinzwind after setting up the partitions manually when I click on "install now" an error message pops up stating "no efi partition was found ".
@terdon hear hear
I also read this article
Which states efi partition is required for gpt dics, but mine is MBR
@Kulfy besides, old questions deserve improvement just as much as new ones
12:37 PM
@AkashKarnatak askubuntu.com/questions/1122650/… Pay special attention to @pilot6 comments there. The installer complains cuz it is running expecting UEFI. comment had the answer too: delete the EFI folder in the live USB;
Q: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS - Freezes on login startpage

Coup De GraceI am facing the same problem like this guy: Ubuntu 16.04 - GUI freezes on login start page But it happened after installation Bumblebee. Nvidia geforce 940m

2 hours later…
2:47 PM
PSA Ubuntu 18.10: end of life as of July 18
3:06 PM
Q: Debian on Lenovo Flex 5?

keanu_reevesIm planning to buy this laptop off ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lenovo-Flex-5-2-IN-1-14-FHD-Touch-8th-Gen-i7-8550U-8GB-512GB-SSD-Webcam-Win10/113737155372?hash=item1a7b43432c:g:MW8AAOSwpmhbu0vQ Great price, great specs, great touchscreen! Upon further inspection, I saw in the description of ...

3:54 PM
Q: How does this works?

Jan HusI have "earned " some popularity badge AND STILL GETTING this. It is forum owner privilege to administer the forum to his / her liking. Somehow it seems very difficult for owners to realize that WITHOUT forum participants such "privilege" is pretty worthless and restricting the forum participan...

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5:07 PM
@Zanna Indeed. Not sure about this improvement.
@Kulfy still here? can you star the PSA ^ pretty please :)
@Rinzwind Done. Wouldn't be there any post on Ask Ubuntu Meta?
by Thomas?
still waiting on that one
OK. There wasn't any post regarding 14.04 getting EOL.
Neither 19.04 is now released, and posts about it are (generally) No Longer Offtopic
It's not the end of the world if we continue answering 18.10 for a day or two...
5:13 PM
Hey @terdon! How are you? You look little bit annoyed? Just asking.
@Kulfy Wait, what? You can see me? WHERE ARE YOU!?
No, not annoyed. Just bemused. I've never understood why people are so keen to stop supporting stuff the second it reaches EoL.
May 15 at 15:58, by Kulfy
@Fabby Although I am too young but I'm very much good at judging the mood of the other person just by reading their text :-P
@Kulfy Well, apparently not! I'm not annoyed :P
@terdon Just to cast their precious close vote?
@terdon next you gonna tell me we should answer mint topics
5:17 PM
@Rinzwind Of course we should, but I know better than to dare say so!
@terdon But your mood looks off.
@terdon And arch?
And I'm not saying we should support EoL releases (although I do think we should), I'm just honestly confused why people seem to think it's so important to stop supporting them immediately, that's all.
@Kulfy I would rather fish in some rep on them but hey end of life is end of life :=)
@Rinzwind No, not Arch :)
5:18 PM
@terdon why not? :=D
we could just merge AU back into U+L
Well, actually, if I were to have separate sites for different Linuxes, I would just lump all the user-friendly ones together instead of what we have now.
So Ubuntu, Mint, elementary, hell even Manjaro and whatnot. All of the ones where users have a valid expectation to be able to use the system without touching the CLI.
And then, everything else on U&L.
But that's not an option. All I'm saying now is that it isn't a big deal if we help some poor sod who would rather wait a few days before upgrading.
@terdon IMO we should stop supporting EOL releases until repositories are transferred to old-releases. Questions specific to package management should be closed. But people use version tags for all questions -_-
Ah yes. Don't get me started on version tags :P
The most useless set of tags on the entire site.
@Rinzwind Hey that's a question specific to EOL.
@terdon no not true! I can filter on 18.10 the next few days, sort of newest and go EOL EOL EOL :=D
5:22 PM
@terdon But Super User community doesn't agree. Well, IMO it just helps in questions related to repositories and packages.
hmm is there a systemd service for -user- crons?
@Rinzwind probably. There's one for everything else...
can't find it :DDDDD
@Kulfy Useless on this site. Also useless on Super User but hey, that's their problem >:)
I thought that was odd :P
5:24 PM
I still use cron.
Anyway, sorry folks, gotta run.
Q: Docker service not Starting on the new WSL 2

CosmicSageIm trying to start docker in the brand new WSL2 with the following command : sudo service docker start then: sudo service docker status result : * Docker is running BUT on running the test container with : sudo docker run hello-world Error:docker: Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at ...

rinzwind@schijfwereld:~$ systemctl list-unit-files | grep cron
anacron.service enabled
cron.service enabled
anacron.timer enabled
funky :P
@terdon Sometimes I feel there is more shell scripting on U&L then actual U&L.
and some really basic ones :D
5:45 PM
True, but much if not most of Linux system administration comes down to shell scripts.
What about Unix?
@Kulfy unix = sh csh and zsh :=)
But most questions on U&L are on bash.
that's Linux
So, does U&L has majority of questions on L?
5:54 PM
sh is the shell on ALL of them. but linux connects it to bash or dash
rinzwind@schijfwereld:~$ ls -l /usr/bin/dash
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 125560 jan 14 2019 /usr/bin/dash
rinzwind@schijfwereld:~$ ls -l /usr/bin/sh
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 jun 28 22:55 /usr/bin/sh -> dash
PROOF! :=)
1 hour later…
7:13 PM
Q: Can anyone answer this question?

JohnI asked this question but got zero replies. If it is a duplicate, I can't find it.

@AskUbuntuMeta no, not this way!
2 hours later…
9:05 PM
Q: How to force hidpi scaling mode on boot in Pop!_OS

Hans JI am using a 4k monitor in Pop!_OS 19.04 The OS automatically detects this and changes into hiDPI mode, but only after I log in after boot. This means the log in screen when I boot is far too small. Additionally, when I log in, the screen flickers and I get a notification Displays Set to HiDPI...


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