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12:40 AM
@ByteCommander sup?
12:55 AM
I'm alive. That's good, I guess.
1:40 AM
@ByteCommander Most people would be inclined to agree with that sentiment.
2:17 AM
@ByteCommander Hang in there man
4 hours later…
6:31 AM
@ByteCommander definitely good
7:31 AM
Q: Ubuntu installation Error 15 file not found

AkhileshFor some reason the existing operating system(Fedora is giving kernel panic error) so i decided to install Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS desktop version. When i boot using bootable USB it just shows 2 options:(no option for "Try Ubuntu Without installing) Ubuntu without acpi off Ubuntu with acpi off Main ...

7 hours later…
2:46 PM
Hi, could I get some help on my recently posted question?
Q: Shortcut key to kill all current processes

Gaurang TandonI have a slow laptop with Ubuntu 18.04, and it hangs often while I have several Chrome tabs open alongside VS Code. This hangup takes nearly a dozen minutes to repair itself. Sometimes the "window is not responding" box will appear after a minute, but it would be unclickable, hence not useful. T...

I do not wish to get the sad tumbleweed badge :(
3:33 PM
Q: How to sudo chmod -R 777 * including hidden files?

BlackbamBasically what I want to do is all in the title. If I want to grant read, write and execute permissions for everybody in a folder then I usually do: sudo chmod -R 777 * How can I extend this command to include hidden files and folders (starting with a dot) e.g. like .env? Because in the comman...

Answered but I do not take any responsibility :+
the shopt way is probably the more secure one :D
added :+)
1 hour later…
5:09 PM
Q: The review-queue audit-system fails users for making a comments

JeffWhy does adding a comment to a good post prompt this message. STOP! Look and Listen. This was an audit, designed to see if you were paying attention. You didn't pass. Your review was inappropriate. This was a high quality post and you should have considered leaving it as-is or even upv...

5:25 PM
Q: How to get CPU "load" of subset of CPU cores?

nonameIn my environment, each job is assigned (cpuset) to a subset of CPU cores, almost exclusively. (Actually, it's done by Slurm.) Since the CPU core occupation is exclusive, can I get/calculate the 1-min average or real-time CPU "load" (not utilization) of the subset of CPU cores, perhaps by examin...

6:03 PM
Q: services on host no longer reacheable from outside, after adding bridge

Andreasbefore adding the bridge, different http services were reachable from other hosts. After adding the bridge, only ssh is reachable from other hosts. All other services are only reachable from the host itself, over localhost or the IP of the bridge adapter. On the host, no firewall is active, other...

6:20 PM
Hey mods. Spam answer here -> askubuntu.com/a/1126686/163331
Q: help/searching doesn’t mention the `deleted` operator

dessertThere’s a boolean operator for the search that’s not mentioned on the searching help page: deleted: yes/true/1 returns only posts that have been deleted; the default no/false/0 excludes deleted posts from the search. This operator does only return your own deleted posts regardless of the user o...

resolved! :)
@Parto gone, thanks
PSA: Please don't downvote spam posts! Spam flags already cast a downvote for you and downvoting the post more might cause others to miss it. So just flag, don't downvote.
@terdon Oh, I didn't know that. Noted.
@Parto It's not a big deal for answers but can cause problems for questions since downvoting them might move them off of the front page before enough people have seen and flagged them. So, perversely, downvoting might help spam stay longer!
That's kinda weird. Shouldn't a question/answer that draws many down votes in a short span of time actually raise an alert to mods?
6:37 PM
It ends up in the mod review queues (less because of the votes but because of the red flag) anyway, but community deletion is usually faster, simply because there are more eyes.
@vidarlo Thank you very much for the bounty! :-) Configuring rsyslog is often much trial-and-error but once it works, it works great IMHO.
7:07 PM
@dessert Did the bounty help attracting more upvotes?
7:28 PM
@PerlDuck No problem, you wrote more or less what I was looking for - a vagueish answer pointing me in the correct direction :)
7:53 PM
@vidarlo Did you get an answer?
@Fabby I did - more or less in line with what I expected :)
@vidarlo Apparently I already upvoted both...
Oh well, not much I can do then
@Fabby two – thanks! :)
So should I award bounty now or will you remind me? (It's pretty hectic around here)
8:10 PM
@Fabby better do it now, I’m quite busy as well and may forget about it… thanks again!
8:21 PM
Q: What happened to apps.ubuntu.com?

guntbertI tried (following the top answer on How to post links that integrate with the Software Center?) to place an install it link into an answer. The image was there all right but the link was redirected to https://snapcraft.io/store -- which is obviously not what we want in this place. Is there a n...

@dessert Done!

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