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1:03 AM
Q: How make timeout docker after restart server?

Дмитрий Вербовойsudo docker run --restart always -itd Ubuntu code, i need make some timeout 10 second, after reboot machines, can i do it?

7 hours later…
7:44 AM
how's everyone doing ?
7:59 AM
not good. hopefully you're doing better :)
I'm alright. Nothing particular.
8:14 AM
Gotcha. I know that middling feeling.
Been coding lately ?
8:59 AM
fine fine :) just got a copy of Legend of Heroes cold steel 3 so have been rpg'ing :D
@Rinzwind still having sushi time to time ?
yes every week :=)
plus once a week a vietnamese pho :D
Oh, that's good !!!
been sick for 3 weeks now to balance that goodness out :=D
9:23 AM
Alright , I'm out. I'll stop by some time again, but probably it'll be last one in a long while
Ya'll be classy here
@Rinzwind is a elementary particle of pho a ... pho-ton?
9:46 AM
no that's a wonton :=)
8 hours later…
5:35 PM
Q: How can I speed up boot on Ubuntu 19.10?

bjohasThe boot on Ubuntu 19.10 is supposed to be imperceptibly faster than 19.04. However, I've found it much slower. I get: Startup finished in 9.736s (kernel) + 1min 36.475s (userspace) = 1min 46.211s graphical.target reached after 1min 36.225s in userspace with 1min 33.797s plymouth-quit-wa...

5:56 PM
Q: Is it possible that du -ks * answer is plain wrong?

hjohannsOn a Ubuntu 18.04 I was investigating discrepancies on disk space reports. Doing a du -ks * to see space on subdirectories, I narrowed down on the discrepancy, but when doing the same command again, one of the directories returned a size double the number given before. This is small (30M instead ...

6:16 PM
Q: CRIU check shows warning in Raspberry-Pi-4(4gb version) on ubuntu server platform

DAMOWarn (criu/cr-check.c:680): Dirty tracking is OFF. Memory snapshot will not work. Warn (criu/cr-check.c:1061): Do not have API to map vDSO - will use mremap() to restore vDSO Warn (criu/cr-check.c:1029): CRIU built without CONFIG_COMPAT - can't C/R ia32 Looks good but some kernel features are ...

1 hour later…
7:18 PM
Q: I got this question in a vm

daepicman'The hard drive in this computer has been divided into 512 byte sectors. your root partition is mounted at the root '/' of your filesystem. how many 512 byte sectors are in your root partition??' does anyone know how to solve this?

8:00 PM
Q: Is it possible to extend my filesystem with a new Hard Drive

user385461I currently have a ubuntu server running at home. For my initial setup, I used a 4TB NAS HDD and all my file were on it. Now, the drive is full so I just bought a new 4TB HDD to add some storage space. Right now, all my files are in ~/media. Is there a way I can extend this particular folder wi...

3 hours later…
11:06 PM
Q: How do you find out the message that is displayed to clients as soon as they connect?

daepicmanHow do you find out the message that is displayed to clients as soon as they connect?

11:47 PM
Q: hat is the very first message that is displayed to clients as soon as they connect (before logging in)?

anonymousI am trying to figure out what message is displayed to a client when they make a connection to my Ubuntu 16.04 server, but before they actually login. I have tried to connect with putty and I didn't receive the message needed. I have checked the welcome.msg and that didn't contain the answer eith...


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