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4:50 AM
Q: how much reputation is required to upvote with the recent change (Nov 2019) Q = A reputation

PRATAPearlier when I was started AskUbuntu, the reputation required to upvote was 15 I guess. that time as a starter, to get the reputation of 15, compared to now was hard. now, its easy compared to the old. So, with the recent change of Q = A reputation, is the 15 mark still there or changed? how m...

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shit, I approve an edit but I see something that I could improve, I have to wait now :/
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interesting answer (I don't now how to review it, so I skip) :
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Q: Permission denied with trying to read/write with an application on Ubuntu 18.04 and application does not show up in software manager

mjd2When using an application (in this case GitKraken) I'm getting permission denied when trying to read from a mounted drive. While this can be fixed using the software manager GUI as per Permission denied when browsing for files using Ubuntu 18.04, GitKraken doesn't show up in the software manage...

6:53 PM
Something new happened in chat. There was a blue circle with 1 written inside it like this. When I clicked on that, there was dialog which had a heading like "spam flags". There was no flag in that but a "Show all" button. When I clicked on that, I was redirected here. Any idea what was that?
Was I mistaken as a mod? :P
Unfortunately I don't have any screenshot :/
@Kulfy Welcome to chat-10k!
Chat rep is the sum of rep on all sites so most users become 10k in chat before becoming 10k on any site.
So.. what's the purpose of that?
10k users in chat are shown blue circles from time to time with recently flagged posts.
It asks you to judge whether the flag is correct or not.
Is it room specific?
@EliahKagan You are not obligated to do so -- you are free to ignore it or to click the button saying you're not sure. But you can agree or disagree with the flag.
@Kulfy I believe you will never be prompted to judge flags in rooms you were in at the time the flag was raised.
Besides that, it's not room-specific.
6:57 PM
When I was in ROLD, I thought someone flagged my message but then I realised I haven't chatted since 2 days.
If you saw a blue circle but it went away and you were never shown a chat message that had been flagged, then probably the flag was already handled by the time you noticed it. They are sometimes handled very fast. They are often handled too fast, i.e., sometimes insufficient thought goes into it.
Hmm. Interesting.
@Kulfy Yeah, the blue circle is never for your own message (you're never asked to judge if your own message was correctly flagged).
Q: cannot force linux autostart script file

user383244I need to force my KDE Plasma installed on ubuntu 18.04 to run the following script on startup: xinput --map-to-output "Wacom HID 48DE Finger touch" eDP-1-1 xinput --map-to-output "Wacom HID 48DE Pen stylus" eDP-1-1 xinput --map-to-output "Wacom HID 48DE Pen eraser" eDP-1-1 So I've put it in ...

Tryna find some MSE thread regarding thet.

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