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1:03 AM
Q: Problem of vote restriction

M.E. ActivistJust wanted, you know that, usually amateur users read answers, not Experts. Amateurs don't post answers so their credit never increase. So those who read and test answers cannot vote for successful one

1:43 AM
arg... asyncio doesn't seem to work as expected when you throw an asyncio.sleep in there. it works faster with multiprocessing and queue polling. asyncio.sleep seems to block as opposed to let sanic start and just add_task to queue and move on.
1:56 AM
import os
import asyncio
from sanic import Sanic, response

app = Sanic(__name__)

app.socket_dict = {}

async def maintainWebSockets():
    Prune the list of dead websockets
    while True:

@app.route('/ver', methods=['GET'])
async def catch_all(request, path=''):
    return response.json({'api':'0.0.1', 'ui':'0.0.1'})

if __name__ == '__main__':
    app.run(host='', port='8080', debug=os.getenv('DEBUG'))
blocks and gets no longer work.
nevermind. added await to sleep. works. thought that would be implied.
sup @JourneymanGeek
not much
playing with anything fun? I just had to rage for a second to start thinking about the problem.
oh god
work is sucking too hard ;)
so no
most of my current fun personal projects are in a state of... just working
Eh. I have an interview for more side-work tomorrow, but my primary is sidework. So, it's not all bad. My personal project is shaping up nicely as long as I walk away from it often and come back frequently with a fresh not wrecked perspective.
I'm debating a new PC build
but that too is kinda..
"my desktop works well enough other than sound being dead"
2:10 AM
I'm not building anything any time soon. I could see buying a BBGW or something, but a full on desktop - it's more like "yeah, no. my fan is loud, but I have headphones until the laptop is on fire. then I'll use the desktop and get another laptop to have the fallback."
oh, hardware is my happy place :)
did know some guys that did a gaming parlor startup, so it was basically "We can build a dozen gaming rigs however we want and get paid to play video games all day, but it's not forever"
might be worth looking in to
2:26 AM
well, I'm kinda on a bond for this job
I figure I'll get a year in, and look at datacentre stuff
I have a year in. I just feel this obligation to make a project where it's like "this is how I think the project should have worked" sort of thing.
I'm this wierd hybrid of monitoring with random helpdesk duties
we suddenly seem to be under pressure to close older cases - to the point where we got set quotas and and I got threatened with a bad appraisal on the phone
I'm also a weird hybrid, because it's testing. So, it's like "make sure it works, and if it doesn't work - fix it with no creds."
amusingly, it makes me miss desktop and real helldesk stuff
I do not like being threatened much :(
but on the other hand, my job history is kinda shit, and some of these things I could/should do better
Like, I said something like "Yo, so it works over here if you run it through my nginx proxy that I spun up on a free AWS account, but the apache server you're paying for isn't configured right for it. So, I can't login. No visibility. But, you know - my way works." and got "I don't want it to work through nginx. I want it to work through apache..." also, they're using php and raw sql queries, and I headbang a lot
2:43 AM
trying to think of something to type but honestly no words
@Seth in a sense, I want to build a computer cause its been too long
rather than needing a new pc
if that makes sense
Q: Ubuntu Budgie Live USB with Persistence

user296824Ubuntu Budgie Live USB with Persistence I need to know if I can run Ubuntu Budgie on a Live USB with persistence, similar to the way Kali Linux can be configured. For example, if I wanted to make a USB with persistence for Kali, I would just download the .iso file, create 2 empty partitions on...

absolutely lol
2:58 AM
but when I built my current system I had a clear idea what I needed
I'm trying to balance my OOH SHINY and common sense build desires
Ram's kinda expensive at the moment, so that's an element
I want m.2 for the system drive, but should I go ryzen (for once AMD has a option I can go with), wait for threadripper 2 (LOVE the mounting method)...
I'll be reusing my video card
and there's that other non work thing stressing me out too XD
Sounds a lot like what I just did.
I bought an AMD Ryzen 7 1700.
And an MSI Tomahawk B350 motherboard.
At first I could only afford 8 GB of DDR4 RAM ($120!!!).
I eventually added another stick because 8 GB is just... not enough for doing much.
I also added an NVMe disk shortly afterwards.
3:18 AM
nice setup
3:32 AM
I also bought a subscription for Adobe Premiere Pro (ducks).
3:45 AM
Q: Ubuntu 16.04 can not recognize HDMI-monitor, but Ubuntu 17.10 can

anhbeoI am a newbie here. Currently I am learning how to use Ubuntu, and while I am using Ubuntu 17.10. My HDMI connection to the Acer Monitor works perfectly fine. However, Ubuntu 17.10 has some problems about apt-get updates on my machine. So I have to switch to Ubuntu 16.04. Unfortunately, in U...

4:26 AM
ram was cheap when I built mine
so 16gb. Could go 32 in theory
ryzen looks really good
What the heck?
> "In my opinion, one of the biggest reasons not to use the PNG format for photo scanning – and more importantly archiving photos – is because it's a form of compression."
> "Many may disagree with me, but I consider compression, even the lossless kind, to be an act of compromise to the overall integrity of your collection."
I can't even.
4:44 AM
It's just. So. Wrong.
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8:07 AM
A: How to cause "Argument list too long" error?

KusalanandaUsing getconf ARG_MAX to generate a long list of x and calling an external utility with that as its argument would generate an "Argument list too long" error: $ /bin/echo $( perl -e 'print "x" x $ARGV[0]' "$(getconf ARG_MAX)" ) /bin/sh: /bin/echo: Argument list too long The environment and the...

^- nice answer! :>
> The environment and the length of the string /bin/echo will be included in what makes the error occur
so “argument list too long” actually means “command line too long”!
yeah, it's just a char limit isn't it?
I tried making a huge number of files with small names and it worked, but when I try making the same number of files with long names it fails...
yes, that’s what I noticed as well, but doesn’t the actual size also depend on the encoding?
8:29 AM
@dessert ARG_MAX is the number of bytes that the combined length of the environment and the command argument list, including the command name and any null terminators on each argument (and environment name/value), can be. So multi-byte characters would take more space. It may be a kernel or library buffer size. — Kusalananda 1 min ago
oh right... unusual my commands have non-ASCII chars :)
@dessert Unquoted whitespace between the command's arguments would not count, so it's not the length of the command line. — Kusalananda 4 mins ago
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10:30 AM
Q: Ubuntu - Failed install boot loader

Pramodh ValavalaI have been installing ubuntu in VMs (using KVM) for development for quite some time now and I have been facing a problem where the boot loader never seemed to install and just fail. So, either I would install the boot loader manually or just manually partition the disk while installing. What's...

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3:05 PM
Q: What is Ubuntu made of?

user3789797I get to know about some parts about Ubuntu like that it is made out of through answers on the internet: What is Ubuntu made of? The Linux kernel GNU Operating System packages: GNU GRUB boot loader GNU Bash Shell GNU Gnome Desktop Environment GNU Debian packages? Display Server: Wayland ...

Doesn't this qualify for a community wiki?
@PerlDuck any qualifies for community wiki
it's up to the asker if the question should be a community wiki and up to the answerer if the answer should be
@TheWanderer Ok, I've no experience with community wiki and reckon the OP doesn't either. But it's a good candidate, isn't it?
no I think it's too broad
3:31 PM
Q: How to set up fakechroot along fakeroot using mostly only system commands?

user2284570Situation I downloaded an android Terminal App which gives access only to system commands (there’s no app with native aarch64 support yet). Neverless, as I’m having more 24Gb of free ext4 space in my ~ I downloaded and extracted an Ubuntu 18.04 tar root into my $HOME with libfakechroot installe...

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6:07 PM
@PerlDuck find a good description of what “community wiki” means here: askubuntu.com/help/privileges/edit-community-wiki
a post is community wiki when its OP decides to make it that, it’s as simple as that. that has nothing to do with value, on-topic-ness or the like, it just means that one can edit the post easily and is invited to do so, and nobody gets any reputation from it. “community wiki” is not the best name for that if you ask me.
6:34 PM
Q: Ubuntu 18.04 in Virtualbox 5.2.12 wan't boot

ZingoerIn my windows 7, I've installed the VirtualBox 5.2.12. Then the Ubuntu 18.04 is installed. The first several times rebooting work properly. But suddenly from one time of the rebooting, The Ubuntu can not go to login page and hanging on the logo loading page forever. No matter how I try from now o...

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8:00 PM
Q: Can a mod email a user to get to the bottom of something?

WinEunuuchs2UnixIn a nutshell this Q&A https://askubuntu.com/a/1048488/307523 the commenter says: @WinEunuuchs2Unix - you are not honest, when you disabled a bounty for right answer of me over two weeks ago... apparently you deleted your question to avoid your bounty ... To which I feel I wrote a suita...

8:46 PM
Q: if silence in the movie bluetooth headphones are muted - ubuntu 18.04

s_z_pOS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Headphones with bluetooth: JBL T450 PC: Dell Inspiron 5570 When I am watching a movie or listening a music and there is a silence my headphones are muted and just after some sound appears they are unmuted. One of the solutions is to play some sound in the background - then s...


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