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12:00 AM
wait, no they aren't...
gotta go buddy
se ya later @LuisAlvarado :)
12:16 AM
HATS ARE GONE. what's next?
I guess its back to badges
12:28 AM
yeah, the hats weren't as epic as if the gave out different silly walk legs...but i suppose making various gravatars do this is asking a little much:
1:12 AM
Virtually nobody is around...
@Flabricorn we still on for 7 tomorrow?
hah, nice @iSeth.
so appearently i do have a hotmail account. doh.
now to find a skydrive client for ubuntu.
how could I possibly refuse?
@GeorgeEdison: you're the big gnome shell fan in these parts, right?
1:31 AM
@GeorgeEdison I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am........ ;)
@jrg don't you already have free cloud storage elsewhere?
@jrg free cloud storage?
@Alvar on the skydrive
@iSeth dropbox, ubuntu one, lots of places.
@iSeth skydrive?
1:33 AM
@Alvar yup.
but i'm always willing to get MAOR
@GeorgeEdison virtually nobody around, physically a lot (now)
or is it the other way around?
vice versa.
@MarcoCeppi I flagged this because it was locked and I can't edit it out askubuntu.com/questions/230621/…
1:34 AM
@Alvar yeah, hey, i'll use whatever i can get my hands on.
@Alvar how can I refuse 25GB of free storage?
@iSeth 25GB? i thought it was only 15...
aaaah u r too slow! googling....
how do you access it on Ubuntu?
@jrg just the web app :(
1:34 AM
@iSeth hmm that's really really much.. for free
darn. :(
@jrg I know :((((
if i were to setup a owncloud server on like AWS or something, would people be interested in going in on shares of it?
@Alvar yeah, they changed their minds and made it 7GB. I signed up for 25 though so I got to keep mine ;)
haven't looked at any cloud services for a while, are there any good yet?
1:36 AM
uhh probably not @jrg. Sorry. I don't have money to spend on that.
dropbox is the good 'ole standby.
@mateo_salta whats up with that question?
dropbox has huge security "issues" ... so that's a no..
@Alvar i recently started using evernote a lot.
@Alvar truecrypt it if you want to keep it secure, regardless.
I might trust my GPG keys on dropbox in a truecrypt container.
swear in the question
1:37 AM
@jrg that defeats the point of a cloud service...
4 mins ago, by mateo_salta
@MarcoCeppi I flagged this because it was locked and I can't edit it out http://askubuntu.com/questions/230621/is-apparmor-actually-working-well-enough
@Alvar cloud = open = centralized.
@Alvar if you want security, go hide in a cave and stand over your data disguised as cookies.
yeah, got a flag denied, but you can't edit a locked question or flag it as offensive... so had to do a custom flag
@jrg I can't truecrypt on my iPhone and then there is no point of a cloud service, I must be able to use from everywhere like public computers etc
ah, ok. let me take a closer look @mateo_salta.
@Alvar i truecrypt the following items: The stuff that has my address, my (prepaid) credit card #s, and my GPG keys. everything else is plaintext. activate two-factor and that should be secure enough.
1:40 AM
+1 ^^
@Alvar also, by nature, public computers are the most insecure thing out there, right after your personal computer.
I finally decided I didn't like any DEs in the repos.. went back to Unity
@iSeth bwahahahah. sane defaults huh?
@jrg well my point was that truecrypt is only avilable from your computer and a cloud service should be available form any computer
@Alvar i carry portable truecrypt binaries on my USB stick on my keys.
1:41 AM
@jrg exactly.
@jrg I meant public computers with a private log in, like in the school. Where you have your own account but you can't install any software
@jrg you scare me.
(along with tor and the Ubuntu ISO)
@Alvar even more frightening.
@jrg lol tor xD
@jrg why
chat won't let me explain, it's too long of an answer. want a blog post?
Q: Is apparmor actually working well enough?

humanityANDpeaceI am wondering how unsafe Ubuntu linux actually is. Having different file permissions for root / and other users might today not be enough and actually when asking many people might point out that all the often unsufficiently safe file permissions in Ubuntu are supplemented by AppArmor. AppArmor...

ok, so we should be able to salvage that.
not as that specific question, but could we somehow extract the good parts?
@jrg rescue that? :O
1:44 AM
let me explain: he's asking a good question. can we somehow rip its heart out and give it a new lease?
thank's @jrg
(and that sounded totally mysterious, dark and evil)
"how does apparomor work, how can I tell that It is working well?"
@jrg rescue that? :O
1:47 AM
something like that...
will be interesting to watch! want any help?
well, i've got 500 rep that's burning a hole in my pocket, lets do this.
looking through the security.SE guys first
security.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/… < all told, they've got nothing.
@jrg I'll cover you!
@jrg I'll cover you!
@Alvar you're posting double, fyi.
1:50 AM
@jrg the chat is telling me time out
@iSeth give gnome shell a go every now and again. it's fast.
and my internet is jumping up and down all the time :S
@jrg and just truly amazing. it's the best!
who wants to ask the question @mateo_salta drafted out?
@jrg i can
@Alvar subjective. i personally think unity 2d in 12.04 with a hint of openbox is the best.
1:52 AM
@jrg NEVER classic is the way to go! ;)
@jrg the locked question?
@Alvar each to their own.
@Alvar ask a new one. we can't salvage it as-is, better to start from scratch.
6 mins ago, by mateo_salta
"how does apparomor work, how can I tell that It is working well?"
so that's the question.
probably apparmor and security tagged.
if @iSeth beats you, his is the master dupe. ;)
1:57 AM
anything special you want in the body?
how can I verify what apparmor profiles are currently enabled, and how do I know if apparmor is running?
Q: How does apparmor work, how can i tell that it's working well?

AlvarSome questions I want answered in the answer: How does apparmor work? How do I know if apparmor is running? How can I tell if it's working well?

why did you remove one of the questions?
we already have a "what is apparmor" q around iirc, and at the least it should probably be a separate question anyway. edited and all fixed.
looking up that question then.
sorry went AFK
2:02 AM
woop woop
@jrg I tried Gnome Sell... it was OK
cool, basically without the "blah security!" rant the other guy was on.
@jrg I can find every other question except the one you said!
oh, guess we don't have it. @iSeth, want the rep? :)
@jrg I'd love some right now actually
2:04 AM
100 rep? that low?
what do I need to do?
@jrg i wanted to ask that one! :(
100 rep? that low?
@Alvar i'm working on some good questions to ask related to apparmor. relax. :)
@iSeth so we're looking at "What is apparmor, and why should I care?" type thing.
2:05 AM
yeah, split them up so we don't have a big impossible question that has no real answer.
@iSeth if you don't post it in the next 10 min i will!
I still don't understand
i can do it ;)
I guess...
2:07 AM
> I was looking through my logs, and I came across something called "apparmor". What is it? Do I need it?
im ready to post it now.... should i?
^ body
> What is apparmor? What does it do? < title
@jrg really?
@Alvar that's what spawned my interest. :P
@jrg im ready to post it
should i? or should iseth get it?
2:09 AM
@Alvar you can ask, i'm sure @iSeth will come up with an awesome answer sometime soon. :)
Q: What is apparmor?

AlvarI hear a lot of talk about apparmor, I want to know the following: What is apparmor? How does apparmor work? Why should I care that it exist?

I have almost no clue what App Armor is so...
@iSeth same here :P
okay, so how would I post an awesome answer?
@iSeth Master @jrg will tell you all you need to know son. ;)
2:12 AM
if you can grok their wiki, it's worth a total of 200 rep on this one. :P
@jrg if this wasn't 03:11 in the morning I would answer both these questions beacause I want rep!
@Alvar good luck figuring out their wiki. it's uh, archaic. that's why i want this something on ask ubuntu. :P
I'll try pulling some stuff of the web if you want
only if you're interested. i'm sure someone will be able to give a solid answer on this.
2:14 AM
I'm interesting in getting to 3k....
@jrg it's a bit thin for a wiki....
I'll try in a little while
gotta watch a lecture now
Q: What is apparmor?

AlvarI hear a lot of talk about apparmor, I want to know the following: What is apparmor? How does apparmor work? Why should I care that it exist?

I'll try for that one as I think I might be able to answer it
ok, cool.
wish me luck
2:20 AM
you don't seem like the kind that needs luck. :)
thank you @jrg =)
@iSeth I'll read up on it tomorrow and edit the answer if it needs more additional information
@Alvar Sounds great! :D
2:36 AM
@jrg I'm afraid that one of our party is ill, it would appear I have infected him.
@jrg We have no knowledge of the future state of his health.
@Flabricorn i'm overdue for the flu, i normally have it early december. ;P
@Flabricorn ok. here's to his getting better sooner rather than later!
@jrg Clinks mug of Coffee
@Flabricorn cheers.
@jrg Cheers indeed.
in all seriousness though, i don't mind meeting sick people. heck, i live with 3 younger sickos. :P
(in various stages of recovering.)
but if he's not feeling well, then forget it.
2:44 AM
@jrg I'm afraid it is his minding of meeting people when he is ill health. If he returns into a better state by morning I shall give you a call of course in case you are still available.
working on answer now
essentially I am taking the wiki's English down a notch or two.
@Flabricorn that is true. i don't have anything else planned.
ah, excellent. if you can dumb things down, i will <3 you. :)
I'll do my best ;)
@jrg No problemo chap!
@Flabricorn before you go, i have a sneak peek of something for you.
2:53 AM
@jrg I'm not leaving yet, and thank you! Is this more of... whispers "Raresmoke"?
in Idea bouncing, Dec 31 '12 at 13:09, by jrg
it's stalled for now, i'm stuck on a few API design problems.
^^ @Flabricorn
@jrg Ah, I've been absent from that room.
@iSeth Thanks.
np :)
can you read epubs by any chance?
2:56 AM
I can.
ok, let me try that
cl.ly/LxJC < pop that open, then the html folder inside, then index.html
(it's a tarball)
One moment then, I prefer to use the Linux Machine and I was on the Windows Machine because my laptop was having heat issues.
sorry. i tried to get something else to work, but my build system is being a jerk.
I can recompress it as .zip if you want.
7Zip works fine I found.
3:03 AM
given the license its under, i would have it more readily accessible, but its not ready for widespread reading yet.
Understood, I'm going to head into Ubuntu and get the rails 4 beta.
(anyone can look at it. its not secret. just keep in mind its outdatedness.)
uh, don't. i went through way too many hoops for that.
So stick with 3.2?
if youre going to build stuff, yeah. if youre going to try and follow along with whats in the tarball, it all should work in rails 3.2.9
Cool, thank you.
3:10 AM
i havent gotten to any of the 4.0 toys yet
Can any moderator ban somebody
He/She has created to questions called SPAM SPAM SPAM!!
Someone actually edited those... really? Was the 2 rep worth it?
A: What is apparmor?

iSethApparmor is a Mandator Access Control (or MAC) system. It uses LSM kernal enhancements to restrict programs to certain resoruces. AppArmor does this with profiles loaded into the kernal when the system starts. Apparmor has two types of profile modes, enforcment and complain. Profiles in enfor...

there is my answer.
I am going to improve it over the next couple of days.
Edits Welcome!
@LuisAlvarado someone edited the posts to read "SPAM SPAM SPAM" the the original source
@LuisAlvarado zapped them.
Wow, you deleted him?? WOW!
3:19 AM
@Flabricorn get your issue with rails -v figured out?
killing users as they come...
jrg comes with a gun...
you spam the site with your little trash...
jrg comes and zaps your a**
@iSeth we get broad discretion when it comes to spam and unhelpful users, etc.
@jrg Why I did, I forgot I had to reinstall Ubuntu and I thought I had it installed already.
@jrg you should!
@LuisAlvarado LOL
@iSeth Very good answer dude. I bookmarked that
3:20 AM
Q: What purpose is served by asking questions here that have already been answered in non-SE sites?

vasa1I'm relatively new here and may commit several transgressions, all of which, I assure people are unintentional. So here goes ... Of late, I'm wondering whether the "community's" resources are being spread too thin. This question, Where else to go for help if not helped at Ask Ubuntu? provides ...

@AskUbuntuMeta errg...
@Flabricorn can i recommend rbenv instead of rvm?
first time like EVER I get to 1st
3:21 AM
yeah that will be there a while
@LuisAlvarado Congrats!!
@LuisAlvarado congrats!
Thanks, I thought I would get, i don't know, another ubuntu shirt
#103, yeah!
I don't even wear them unless special ubuntu occasion
i wasn't aware of prizes.
just hats.
3:22 AM
@jrg Noted.
@Flabricorn hit me up if you want to teamviewer or something this weekend. I'm wide open tomorrow
Some cold hearted Ubuntu winter shirt that says: "Santa uses Ubuntu, that is why all children get presents!"
I may in fact be occupied tomorrow, thank you though I believe I can follow your instrucations.
OK. let me know. (I wrote instructions? where?)
3:25 AM
Oh! Misinterpretation! Perhaps, let me check my schedule.
@jrg as of tomorrow I am unavailable however Sunday may be a distinct possibility.
@Flabricorn afternoon sound good? i should be around.
I'll clear my schedule. Taps an intercom. "Clear all my meetings."
bitbucket.org/railscourse/rubyonrailsbook < eh, its there. on the site nobody ever uses, so have at it and the code if you want.
@iSeth - Corrected a couple of grammar thingies on apparmor answer and added a little bit of background
@Flabricorn authorization flabricorn delta uno gamma.
3:31 AM
and a +1 of course ^^
@LuisAlvarado looks good. Thanks!
@jrg Thanks! I'll see what I can get done.
@jrg what is the purpose of that comment?
(just wondering)
@iSeth was a star trek reference.
heh, I get notifications about edits... never got those before
3:35 AM
they always do voice authentication and authorizations
@jrg no, sorry. I knew that :/ I meant that comment on my answer
or actually on @Alvar 's question about dumming the wiki down
well I gotta run out. BBL
oh, i meant turn the technobabble into English.
I think I'm gonna head too. See you guys!
ok, cya!
3:52 AM
32 mins ago, by Luis Alvarado
killing users as they come...
jrg comes with a gun...
you spam the site with your little trash...
jrg comes and zaps your a**
I smiled a very special smile when I saw that
4:13 AM
whoever posted that write good image from eatliver, I've got one better : plainlanguage.gov/examples/humor/writegood.cfm
@AbrahamVanHelpsing that same guy printed a paper from that site and posted a picture of it here ;)
@jrg snaps fingers, turns technobabble into english
gulp my answer is going to become a community wiki here soon :/
4:29 AM
@JorgeCastro: I have a question for you when you are around: is there any way to ask for a newer version of a package (CMake in this case) to be backported to Precise?
4:48 AM
@iSeth their technical jargon one is quite amazing as well
yes it is.
5:03 AM
@GeorgeEdison wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBackports afaik
hey, is it part of the Qt5 stuff?
@Jorge: Yes, it is :)
hey so I'm pretty sure there are people already working on backporting the whole stack back
but the people who would know are long asleep
Right - CMake 2.8.9 isn't a dependency of Qt5 nor even a build dependency.
It's actually needed to develop Qt5 applications with CMake.
Although that isn't quite accurate either - it is possible with earlier versions - only much more difficult.
In other words... I'm not sure it would be on the list to backport since it isn't really a requirement of anything - just something that would be needed to use Qt5 with CMake.
here's the thing. could the new cmake coexist with the old one or is it 100% backwards compat. i think that will be where packagers/ppl are going to come at you
I don't think that matters for backports
5:15 AM
okies. just the thing that made me think.
It's a minor version number increment - it shouldn't break anything.
I've backported it to Precise and uploaded it to a PPA to build. Trying again...
5:35 AM
Do the GIFs render fine for you?: askubuntu.com/questions/236414/… (first time posting an answer with GIF screencasts)
they render, but i sort of think animated gifs are the "use sparingly" type of thing
@MHC They render just fine.
Boy... I need to set DEBEMAIL in ~/.bashrc. I'm getting tired of typing it every time I open a terminal and want to build a package
That's god to hear, thank you.
@GeorgeEdison i have a shell script i source for that
5:38 AM
@MHC I think they are just fine in your answer. You are trying to convey hard(er) to explain steps and that is what they are for. BTW they have the best quality to render time I've seen.
@iSeth All thanks to this awesome little program: askubuntu.com/a/123515/81372 :)
I'll remember that ;)
night folks.
Anyone using Unity... and want to test something?
If so, please install this UserScript and then visit this page.
You should then be able to hit [ALT] and type search terms for pages on the website like "overstow" and "blog".
(I'm testing Unity Desktop integration.)
2 hours later…
8:09 AM
Q: Why My question is not constructive?

snowHi I am here because of this Question. I actually posted that question to know what things I can overcome If i upgrade to Ubuntu 12.10 from Ubuntu 12.04 LTS at the first time under performance but now I would like to know about security also. Bottom Line: I know its not constructive, Thats ques...

1 hour later…
9:18 AM
@LuisAlvarado My name has nothing to do with coffee! Or any beverage, for that matter!
@Mochan :P
Mocha :P
10:00 AM
@AmithKK >o<
Waaah T_T
Is my install screwed up somehow?
Or something?
let me check the link
@Mochan my /opt was always empty.
10:03 AM
@Takkat Is it normal, then?
the link is not loading here
neither is AU
@Mochan they go to /usr with plenty of .desktop files in usr/share/applications
Some apps may also install in ~/.local/share
@Takkat o_____o should I close it?
10:07 AM
No - why? It may be a dupe but I cant find it atm
It may also be nice to have it because it refers to the app lens.
AU seems to be down :/
@jokerdino @AmithKK loads fine here :/
It works now
yeah, it works
the lens usually get installed in a unity specific folder
10:26 AM
Oh nice - the AU search gives us much more information now \o/
What Search :P?
chromify osd toasts :P
Oh - it was just a random search term I used.
@AmithKK I noticed :)
Wow nice
it also shows me the number of messages
and votes.
@Takkat ?
10:43 AM
I mean - that would be a nice feature to be noticed on every downvote :P
Hello and welcome everyone :)
o/ @Anwar
@Takkat o/
BBL. sorry
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