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3:30 AM
There was another post by the same user containing where they commented: And as I'm aware of the community here (like: "Could you please tell me what time it is", and answers between "Yes" and "google for it"), I don't have much hope and will be deleting this question on the second nonsensical answer/comment.
They seem to be quite keen to delete their questions on meta:
Please delete your answer so I can delete my (ill received) question. — Gyro Gearloose yesterday
3:53 AM
I will manually copy here the comments from the (now deleted) meta post: List of inequalities including proofs.
(1) Martin Sleziak: Somewhat related Wikipedia pages: List of inequalities and Category:Inequalities.
(2) Gyro Gearloose: @MartinSleziak those are lacking proofs and cannot be easily checked (formulas not on one page). What's more, I don't trust wikipedia to be the same tomorrow. Wikipedia is goog enough if I want to look up "John Smith's inequality", but fails when I'm looking for something involving $\ln(1+x^2)$
(3) Martin Sleziak: To which extent this could be useful is disputable, but I pretty much doubt that creating good list of frequent/useful inequalities would be easy. However, creating lists based on Math.SE questions is not without precedent here. See Catalog of standard exercises and Would “organizer posts” be useful/welcome here?.
(4) Martin Sleziak: To respond to your inquiry about searching for ineqs with $\ln(1+x^2)$, both using Google, maybe with restricting it to a specific site, and using tags do not seem like terrible options.
For more tips on searching see here and in other posts linked there.
(5) Gyro Gearloose: @MartinSleziak I never trusted Google to be the same tomorrow. And what I found using google either had no proofs or were articles with proof but only for a specific inequality.
@GyroGearloos If my comments came across as too hostile I do apologize. But my intention was to add comments addressing the things you were asking about.
To be specific:
You asked about list of inequalities. In the comment (1) I have linked to the lists I am aware of.
You have suggested creating such a list. I have included some links to previous discussions about similar things (list of Math.SE questions) in comment (3).
The comment (4) was not related to the main point, but if you are looking for inequality with some specific terms, searching is certainly possible way to go. (Even if you have some long list of inequalities, it is possible that it does not contain the one you are interested in.)
I understand your point that Google results/Wikipedia might change. Of course, the same is true about Math.SE.
Since we are discussing list of inequalities, I will mention this question which was posted on the main site: Collection of useful inequalities (now deleted).
One of the answers contains this link.
@GyroGearloose If you wish to, you can drop me a line in chat. I have tried to explain my comments a bit better. (Of course, feel free to ignore it if you don't think that there is a need to continue the discussion. Sorry for pinging you on an unrelated post but, well, it is not possible to add a comment to a post which is deleted.) — Martin Sleziak 17 secs ago
If I might a bit of general advise: I do not think you should worry too much about downvotes on meta. They do not influence reputation anyway.
And I do not think that there is a need to hurry up and deleted your post if you do not like the first reactions to it. Maybe if you left the post undeleted for one or two days longer, you would received more feedback from other users too.
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5:10 AM
BTW there are some books which are devoted to inequalities. They might serve as a replacement of the kind of list you were looking for.
Q: Is there any book about inequality?

HwanI heard there is a book name 'inequality'. But I couldn't find the book. Is there any site or book about inequalities? What i want is collection of inequalities.

Q: Books for inequality proofs

JanI was wondering: what books for proving inequalities are used in universities when studying mathematics (undergraduate)? I know there are lots of books, but I would like to know which ones are specifically used in math studies. Thanks in advance.

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7:54 AM
Apart from the books mentioned in the questions I linked there are some other books which seem to be in similar spirit. Some examples:
And there are probably many other similar books.
Hey guys
there seems to be such an interesting question posted on SE
paradox? - does a fundamental matrix composed of eigenvectors and a linear combination of them still have linear independent columns?
lets go have a look at it!
@privetDruzia You will get more attention to that question if you mention it in the main chat room. Or maybe the room for linear algebra‌​, although not many people visit that room.
But whichever place you decide to choose, it is probably a good idea to include link to the question.
And disclosing that it's your own question would probably be polite. math.stackexchange.com/questions/1624646/…
Since your question is related to ODE, calculus and analysis room would also fit topicwise.
In any case, you will probably get some responses on the main site, anyway.
8:26 AM
@privetDruzia If you wish, have a look here to check whether I correctly understood your question.
I ll try to post there as well if I dont get an answer
9:19 AM
To add to the previous discussion about list of inequalities: This question, asking for list of identities with binomial coefficients, was asked on main and it seems to have been well received:
Q: A comprehensive list of binomial identities?

user813Is there a comprehensive resource listing binomial identities? I am more interested in combinatorial proofs of such identities, but even a list without proofs will do.


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