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8:55 AM
One more discussion about this:
Here I think simply keeping the question "Is zero prime?" and adding a few lines like "A prime number is a number that cannot be divided, and you cannot divide zero items into more parts, but I've read that 2 is the smallest prime, what's happening here?", or "Zero is a very special number, I know the definition of prime but does it also apply in this special case?" or something to that effect would be enough to get the question reopened. Maybe also links to other questions were zero behaves bizarrely in arithmetic. — Najib Idrissi 19 hours ago
@Najib Idrissi: I don't support other people writing "I" in the question, because that gives to the wrong impression that the sentence was written by the OP, who is the "I" in that context. — Carl Mummert 19 hours ago
I think this was discussed a few times before.

On editing "shown effort" into a question by user other than OP

Jan 21 at 8:55, 1 day 4 hours total – 59 messages, 5 users, 4 stars

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In the above conversation I linked to this comment:
The editing by @Martin was phrased in such a way as to make it seem as if it had been done by OP (in particular, the continued use of the 1st person). I'm not sure that I approve of editing in such a way as to leave that impression. — Gerry Myerson Jan 21 at 22:26
Was this discussed on meta only in comments? (Probably on several occasions - at least the two I linked above.)
Or did we have a separate question about this and I just cannot find it?
I expected such question to appear among linked questions in one of the conversations linked above.
5 hours later…
2:27 PM
It still seems close to this. See the text I just copied from queue in my answer. There is an actual deviation in the item we are talking about; now it seems a bit more specific but this in fact is cause for the confusion. (The "sufficient rep" remark is still there when the poster does not have the comment priviege.) — quid 11 mins ago
@quid I have added screenshot. (Taken from the review queue, so it should look the same as what you copied from there. I have replaced the older screenshot taken from a post on meta.SE. I will add a link to revision history in case somebody wants to compere them.) If you think that it adds some information, feel free to copy it to your answer. (I think the only information it can possibly add is that you can see in the screenshot which parts of the comment are colored blue, i.e. they are links.) — Martin Sleziak 8 mins ago
It is nice to have a screen shot. Having the text makes it searchable. So having both seems best. The older one was quite interesting too, as it documents a change that might explain part of the problem described in question that sparked this. — quid 5 mins ago
@quid If you think that there is an advantage in seeing both versions, feel free to edit my post. I will add at least link to the revision displaying the other version. If there is something more to add, let us continue the discussion in chat. (Since we are discussing of which screenshot to use is not that relevant to the actual question.) — Martin Sleziak 42 secs ago
All comments that are currently at that post are copied here. Just for archiving purposes - in case we decide to clean up the comments posted there a bit.
Although I do not think that much would be lost even if they are delete without copying them here. But this also gives the advantage that if we continue the conversation here, they will add some context.
I see that the first comment by quid is already deleted. I am leaving both my comments there at the moment. (Of course, I can delete them later if we decide that they are too much noise and we try to consolidate the comment thread.)
BTW I thought that similar comment is also added when I use "not an answer" flag.
I have added links to your post in the same way they appear in the review queue. I hope it is ok.
I am not sure what is going on with my internet connection. It seems that meta is not working for me now.
But somehow that message in chat still got through....
9 hours later…
11:46 PM
The thetaplot that I use as a userpic seems to have gone. Any idea why?
It's back. Thanks, just in case.

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