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1:28 AM
2:02 AM
Tired ;)
What about you?
I am fine, a bit stressed after bug hunting and people in the other room not understanding the reasoning why i wear sound-proof headphones while i work ;]
2:07 AM
You mean that you need great focus to hunt for your bugs and people in the other room create distractions without your sound-proof headphones?
y e s, those gosh darn digital grimlins
Your nephew?
no, my parents, lol
it's not a big deal, just minor
Ah :P
Anyways, i think it works now
2:20 AM
i was so worried at first, cause i had a bad bug in which the player couldn't interact with enemies
I don't think one that has never hunted for a bug could understand what it is, hunting for a bug...
2:39 AM
This python lint is demanding.. :P
python lint?
You know what is python?
yes, the programming language
i can't use it well, due to the indentation thingy it's got going on
a linter is something that will check your code and tell you that you're not doing it right, essentially. This one tells me that my lines are too long, that my functions have too many variables in them and to many branches, etc..
Forces you to write shorter functions, and globally better code...
that is silly
i mean, i lost a lot of interest in it after seeing the creator had intended there to be a "right" way and a "wrong" way to do something
with the language
2:46 AM
You'll understand when you work with other people ;)
You need a right way to do things, even if it's not the right way.
i guess so, i just have a lot of peeves with Python, mainly the indentions and the loosely typed variables. and yes, i do see that when you have a team, everyone needs to be on the same sheet of music.
I also find it annoying to have stuff rely on the indentation, but I guess I got used to it.
And about the type thing, you can tell the code what type you expect; this has been added at some point to the language...
def generate_solution(a_logger: SimpleLogger, a_clean_up: bool, a_target: str, a_float_size: str, a_trimesh_handler: str):
    """Proceed to generating the solution files in the target folder."""
The a_ part is really one of our standards, though.
it was just annoying when working with keyboard inputs, since even numeric values from the keyboard are treated as characters
Yes. You try to print a number and you need to convert it to string before...
yes, or if you want to use the input as an integer, you have to cast it
2:51 AM
I started to use it at work because I did not want to learn bash or.... perl...
We have perl scripts that are core to our build system. Fortunately, I don't have to go there often..
i take it perl is ugly?
eh, it doesn't look too bad
What did you look at?
# Perl Program to illustrate the Operators

# Operands
$a = 10;
$b = 4;
$c = true;
$d = false;

# using airthmetic operators
print "Addition is: ", $a + $b, "\n";
print "Subtraction is: ", $a - $b, "\n" ;

# using Relational Operators
if ($a == $b)
print "Equal To Operator is True\n";
print "Equal To Operator is False\n";

# using Logical Operator 'AND'
$result = $a && $b;
print "AND Operator: ", $result, "\n";

# using Bitwise AND Operator
$result = $a & $b;
print "Bitwise AND: ", $result, "\n";
2:56 AM
Brainfuck is a little worse than Perl...
but i was about to say, those variables look extremely janky
OH GOSH no not Brainf%%%
ok, nvm, Perl looks janky as all get out
Yes, this example is missing function parameters, arrays, lists, etc. :P
i seen something a bit complicated in Perl, and uh, jank
That example is a bait ;)
yes, i see...
Unity is also clickbait lol
but not that bad
cause Unity's terrain system hasn't been updated in like, 13 years
3:01 AM
Is there something bad with the terrain system?
it's just... dated, and it shows
it can be really awkward to use at times
Oh, okay!
I haven't used it.
ya, it isn't just plain horrible, just clunky
@Vaillancourt hahah
I'm off to bed ;) Good night!
3:15 AM
Good night!
11 hours later…
2:41 PM
@Vaillancourt Aesthetically, I think there's something compelling about the code though. Kinda triggers the ASMR-like effect of thumbing through a stack of punch cards...

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