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@AnkitSharma There's stupid days for everything in the US. lol
Movie of the day Frailty
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Q: Circuit Board on Grogu's Rondel

spikey_richieIn Mandalorian Season 3 episode 4 we see the armorer present Grogu with a Baskar rondel. When the armorer is making the piece, she appears to solder some circuitry to the back of it. Do we know what this circuitry is for?

Q: Do Doc Hudson's tires being on the ground symbolise not being able to let go of his past?

Ethan MillerI didn't learn this till I was an adult, but apparently "X hung up his racing tires" means "X retired". When Lighting discovers one of Doc's trophies, we see a racing tire on the ground, hidden behind boxes of garbage. He metaphorically never locked them away or moved on to the next part of his l...

9:17 PM
Q: Fassbinder and Almodóvar’s subversion of the heterosexual male gaze: scholarship and parallels?

Christopher C.A number of auteurs have had favorite actresses that they discovered and cast from one film to another (e.g. Godard, Rivette, Truffaut). Rainer Maria Fassbinder and Pedro Almódovar are certainly among directors fond of writing prominent female roles and using and reusing certain actresses for the...

10:08 PM
Q: Why did Tom think Clemenza would be more likely to betray Michael?

king of panesTom Hagen: I always thought it'd be Clemenza, not Tessio. Michael: It's the smart move- Tessio was always smarter. Were there ever reasons given for Tom to suspect Clemenza of betrayal over Tessio?


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