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2:24 AM
@AnkitSharma HELLO!!!!
Movie of the day: Prisoners
Song of the day: House of the Rising Sun by The Animals
2:40 AM
@steelersquirrel watched that
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6:35 AM
Q: In The Endless, what is the significance of the brewer's hut?

bluearthIn the movie The Endless, the character Tim is the 'brewer' of the commune. When the protagonist, Justin and Aaron, eyes Tim's padlocked hut and asked what is in there, Tim shortly replied that it contains 'brewing equipment' without further explanation. Nearing the conclusion of the movie and cl...

7:02 AM
@AJ not watched
@steelersquirrel how are you
3 hours later…
9:34 AM
Q: name of asian movie about betrayal in a relationship, between cople and youngman

Ahmad KhaliliI am looking for a asian movie that i remain, in this movie a young man that liveing second floor of a beilding that first floor live a young couple, man drink egg and oil before have sex, young man see all of this from his House floor. after a time this man enter relationship with woman, they ma...

10:00 AM
Q: Why did Ego not know this about Earth?

MovieMeEgo is a Celestial and plans to terraform Earth, as shown in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. But another Celestial, Arishem, has made Earth a host planet for the birth of another Celestial, as mentioned in Eternals. Why is Ego trying to terraform Earth when it's a host planet that is about to be ...

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11:46 AM
@MovieReel HNQ
@steelersquirrel Wow, both really good choices actually. Congratulations!
@MovieReel Probably because he hadn't seen the Eternals movie yet.
11:58 AM
@AnkitSharma I'm good!
@NapoleonWilson Well, thanks!
The scene in Prisoners when Hugh Jackman tortures that guy always stresses me out, then it stresses me out even more to find out who the guy is :'(
That's kind of the point, yes.
It's still stressful to watch
Of course.
@NapoleonWilson +1 +100 bounty
But other answer can be family issues, they don't talk to Ego and boycotted him because he is gay , nevemind he is straight or pan
4 hours later…
3:53 PM
Q: How does "canon" work in the context of a multiverse?

J. HochbergI just re-watched season 7 of Marvel Agents of SHIELD, in the context of End Game/WandaVision/Loki/What If...?/No Way Home, and especially focused on the finale, where Fitz summarizes the branching and re-merging of timelines. (I haven't seen Multiverse of Madness yet, but what I've read so far s...

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8:12 PM
Movie of the day: The man who killed Hitler and then the Bigfoot starring the always awesome, Sam Elliott
Song of the day: Do you wanna touch me by Joan Jett
2 hours later…
10:06 PM
Hey, that's unfair, you don't even have a new day yet! I just wanted to drop mine.
Movie of the day: Raw
If Sam Elliot isn't playing a young French girl discovering her sexuality together with her appetite for human meat, then I totally win.

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