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2:32 AM
@NapoleonWilson yes. These are more like Dumbledore's movies rather than Newt's.
It seems like there are 5 movies in the series, not to mention that there is a TV series, focusing on Snape I think, being planned.
They're working on pasts of characters from Harry Potter series
3:30 AM
Q: How do the sister and brother learn to swim under water?

Yu ZhangIn the movie, Old, the sister and brother manage to escape from the beach by swimming under water through coral. When the movie starts, they are no older than 10 and by the end of the movie, they are in their middle 50s. We know by staying on the beach, their ageing process accelerate, but skills...

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7:13 AM
Q: The piano/keyboard player

mzywiolI'm obsessed with this kid in Moordale Secondary who plays keyboards and piano on various occasions throughout the show, and otherwise is just in the background of some scenes. He just enjoys every second of the show and is extremely endearing, and I don't even know his name! I don't think he...

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4:37 PM
Q: unknown saw part on tv in Greece I need the title

Kimon Makrisspaceship with crew and android reaches distant planet full of vegetation. Crew meets another criminal android remnant of previous mission Second android deceives all takes charge of the return journey puts crew in eternal hibernation directs the spaceship to distant constellation and orders Wag...

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Hi, I'm from Sci-Fi and Fantasy SE, I think if my edit is approved we could take it on our site via migration. — Pureferret 35 secs ago
@NapoleonWilson ^

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