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2:22 AM
Q: Who is Carmine in A Bronx Tale?

Hashim AzizAt the end of A Bronx Tale (1993), Joe Pesci makes a cameo appearance at... ...introducing himself to Calogero as Carmine and asking if he remembered him. Who is Carmine? Was he shown earlier in the movie, and was he played by Joe Pesci himself?

1 hour later…
3:36 AM
Q: In a Lonely Place – Bad Female acting?

cshizzleI just finished watching in a Lonely Place. It was an interesting movie and I generally liked it. For me the glaring flaw was the quality of actresses. The movie stars two actresses, Gloria Grahame and Martha Stewart. Gloria seems to be phoning it in throughout the movie, but what really gets me ...

4 hours later…
7:21 AM
Q: Why did Mank ask such question here?

J Mac BrownOn a bed, Mank dictates his script to Rita, who is sitting infront of him. Then he takes up a swatter, he takes casual aim at a housefly. He asks her to fetch a cup of tea, so she gets up to get their tea. She returns with cups and asks him about Marion Davies: Rita: What's she like? Mank: Why i...

7:46 AM
Q: If you pour buckets of gasoline on mattresses and shoot one pistol bullet at mattresses, will mattresses fire up?

cmcvThe USN XO fires one round from his pistol into mattresses that sailors poured gasoline on. Next these mattresses fire up. Is this scientific?

10 hours later…
5:44 PM
Q: What does Marty Jr yell while crossing street in BTTF2?

2540625In Back to the Future Part II (1989), at timestamp 23:12, Marty Junior dashes from the Cafe 80’s into the street and is nearly struck by a car. What does he yell at the driver (specifically what is the final word of his sentence)? My guess below is italicized. Don’t drive tranked! Low-res, scuzz...

5 hours later…
10:43 PM
Q: "woman with stroller" in "Ruby ans Quentin" (2003)

virolinoIn the movie "Ruby and Quentin" (2003), there is a robbery happening at the beginning of the movie (around minutes 10...11). The armored vehicle is initially "incapacitated" by a stroller with a bomb thrown at it by a man disguised in a woman. However, if my "biological visual capture-and-analys...


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