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3:41 AM
Q: Why did Megyn say, "This can't be a Fox affiliate."?

Maxx LordsIn Bombshell (2019), Megyn spoke to Juliet, who just completed her weather show: Megyn: A babe with no geezer? This can't be a Fox affiliate. Why did Megyn say, "This can't be a Fox affiliate."?

4:07 AM
Q: Yu-Gi-OH! Shadow Realm

RedFlame0627What is the problem with the Shadow Realm? How is bad? Please tell me, I want to know! Is it bad? What's wrong with it? And if you think it is bad, then why do you think so?

4:32 AM
Q: Why did Gil Norman say, "Say women."?

Maxx LordsMegyn admits that she too face sexual harrashment from Roger, Fox News CEO: Megyn: I mean, going on the record...It's basically admitting you're the weak one in the herd. Gil Norman: No, it's admitting you're the hot one. Megyn: It has nothing to do with that, Gil. Gil Norman: Say women. Why di...

5:23 AM
Q: Why did Roger mention ice cream company here?

Maxx LordsFox News CEO Roger Alies denies accusations of sexual misconduct: Roger: I have never run a goddamn Dairy Queen. You don't get to go and get whatever you want. Everybody on my shows knows the meaning of decency, and I do mean everybody. A TV outfit needs tough, confident women. Why did Roger ...

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6:13 AM
Q: Why is Malotru being guarded after being recovered from ISIS in season 3, episode 8

piton"The Bureau" - Why is Malotru being guarded after being recovered from ISIS in season 3, episode 8? What are CIA and DGSE afraid of?

6:38 AM
Q: What does "nostalgia machine" refer to?

Maxx LordsMegyn speaks about Roger Alies, head of Fox News: Megyn: At Christmas, he came home to find strangers in his house and all his things, photos and yearbooks and trophies thrown out. I mean, is it any wonder the man created a nostalgia machine for lost America? What does "nostalgia machine" ref...

2 hours later…
8:19 AM
Q: What happened to the other autobots?

Chronos MythOk so I know Jazz was ripped in half by Megatron. Jetfire, Arcee and Elita-1 were killed by deceptions in Egypt. Ironhide and Que killed in DOTM. Ratchet and Leadfoot were killed by Cemetary Wind and Lockdown in Age of Extinction. But what about the others? What happened to Sideswipe, Mudflap and...

Q: Has Devlin a gun or is he bluffing in the last scene?

user3639782At the end of Hitchocock's 1946 Notorious, Devlin comes to Sebastian's house and rescues Alicia. After exiting Alicia's room, Devlin threatens to shoot Sebastian and moves one hand closer to the pocket of his suit. Is he bluffing or is there indeed a gun in his pocket?

7 hours later…
3:28 PM
Q: Fate of Jim in The Marksman?

dean1957In the movie the Marksman we know that Jim is shot on the farm. At eh end of the movie after dropping off Miguel with his relatives in Chicago he gets on a city bus and sits down the movie ends at that point. What is the fate of Jim?

5 hours later…
8:05 PM
Q: Anakin sharing or not his Qui-Gon experience in Attack Of The Clones

user10191234After the Tusken Raiders torture and cause the death of his mother, Anakin Skywalker conducts a one-man massacre of the sand people, just when he was about to start, we hear Quin-Gon Jinn's voice (taken from Episode I during Maul's Attack) saying Anakin, Anakin Nooo (The no is controversial if it...

1 hour later…
9:21 PM
Q: Why was Hayden's ghost able to leave the Murder house property?

ruffdoveOn season one of American Horror Story, it was established that the ghosts of those who died on the Murder House grounds could not ever leave those grounds except on Halloween. When Violet's ghost attempts to leave the grounds, she immediately appears back in the house the instant she would have ...


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