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7:40 AM
Q: What would an observer see when someone goes through the Turnstile in Tenet?

AlaikoIn the movie Tenet, after the high-speed car chase on the highway, Sator captures the Protagonist and his wife and takes them to a warehouse with a Turnstile. Initially, we are shown a bizarre conversation between Sator on one side of the room and the Protagonist on the other side of the room. Th...

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2:21 PM
Q: What determines the superpower users get?

matt_blackIn the interesting Netflix sci-fi/superhero movie Project Power people can gain a superpower for 5 minutes by taking a pill. The powers seem to be unpredictable and sometimes downright dangerous. But some characters, notably Frank and Art's daughter seem to get powers somehow related to who they ...

Q: Scent of a Woman: Who offered to buy Charlie's soul?

D. StroutTowards the end of Scent of a Woman, Al Pacino's character Lt. Col. Slade makes a passionate speech defending the protagonist, Charlie Simms. In it, he says that Charlie's soul is intact and non-negotiable, and he knows this because someone "offered to buy it". Who is he referring to?

2:46 PM
Q: Is Senator John Iselin a deliberate parody of Jospeh McCarthy?

matt_blackIn the excellent 1962 movie The Manchurian Candidate one of the key characters is a rabble-rousing and bibulous US Senator called John Iselin. In the movie his claim to fame and the cause of his rise to being a vice-presidential candidate is based on his campaign against supposed communist infilt...

3:12 PM
Q: What are the key differences between the two versions?

matt_blackThere are two movie versions of Richard Condon's book The Manchurian Candidate: the original from 1962 and the modern remake in 2004. What are the key plot and thematic differences between the two versions?

3:37 PM
Q: Why didn't the FBI use a sketch artist to find Buffalo Bill?

perpetual_noobIn The Silence of the Lambs, if Hannibal already knows Buffalo Bill and was willing to help the FBI, it seems easier to use a sketch artist and then release the photo to the public to find Buffalo Bill. Why didn't they do this?

4:27 PM
Q: Does cocaine really have these advantages?

Favonian MusketeerIn The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), Mark Hanna says to Jordan: Mark Hanna: It's called cocaine. Right. It'll keep you sharp between the ears. It'll also help your fingers dial faster. Does cocaine really have these specific advantages?

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8:13 PM
Q: Who is the most powerful character in the MCU?

diegokafieI think the strongest contenders are Captain Marvel, Thor, Scarlet Witch, and Hulk. Is there a definitive answer?

8:27 PM
@MovieReel eyeroll
@MovieReel Yeah...no.
8:54 PM
@MovieReel Stan Lee was
9:31 PM
I'm the most powerful character in MCU. Fite me
I am from DC so can't do crossover to beat you
Batman vs. Pizza
Ice cream vs. superman
Woody Harrelson vs. Mathew McConaughey
Harrison Ford vs. himself
hmmm I see
2 hours later…
11:33 PM
Q: How could Vinny be unaware of the need to wear a suit in court in My Cousin Vinny?

releseabeVinny was from NY City where suits are if anything more common than in Alabama.


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