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7:03 AM
@AnkitSharma When we buy a movie from YouTube does it get downloaded on our device or what?
6 hours later…
12:56 PM
@KnightadmiresChappo It gets saved to your purchases which you can find in the library. Although, you have to spend internet data everytime yoy watch it.
Q: Why is the face of the Emmy Award host pixelated?

TheGreatestMoviesAround minute 04:00 of "The Talented Mr. Stewie" (Family Guy, Season 2, Episode 2) there is a brief cutaway to the Emmy Awards. Why is the face of the host pixelated?

1:50 PM
@AJ How to share it with a friend? If I were to buy a CD of that movie I can watch it and friends can watch it too by taking it from me. But in this situations it seems improbable to do anything of that kind, ha?
You can give them your account. :P
@AJ Oh really? Is that really possible?
2 hours later…
3:29 PM
Q: How does Sator get the algorithm after the car chase?

NathanielThis question contains many spoilers for Tenet. I'm trying to work out exactly what happens in the car chase sequence. I think I understand where most of the characters go, but there's a couple of objects where I don't understand what happens to them. The main one is the silver box that later tur...

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5:08 PM
Q: Did Oberyn poison Tywin?

Sudharsan MadhavanApparently, Tywin’s body seems unnaturally foul and toxic after he dies, 'leaking strange fluids and stinking up the sept'. Does this mean that Oberyn poisoned Tywin before he was shot by Tyrion? Are there any other supporting evidence for this theory?

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8:50 PM
Q: A version of "Riddick" (2013) with opening and final scene cut off, is it official?

trejderYesterday I watched Riddick (2013) movie with: initial scene of approx. 20-30 minutes (when Riddick becomes the Lord Marshal) narrowed to only 2-3 minutes cameo / reference, as Riddick lies on desert and recalls that events, final scene cut off. Movie ends "in-air", with split with Johns and wo...

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10:28 PM
Q: Would messmate really be helping gun crew during the battle?

YasskierIn the Greyhound movie, we can see a black messmate (or is it "messman"?) Cleveland regularly bringing food to the captain. When the U-boats attack, there is a moment, when we can see Cleveland passing ammo to the guns. Towards the end of the movie, we can see that the ship has been hit in the gu...

Q: Films about ruuners

Davood KHAJEHPOURCould you please introduce me to some movies based on running competitions, whose main characters are runners? I am impressed by the movies whose main character is a runner, and the movie is about running. I know these movies: Chariots of Fire (1981): This movie is about Eric Liddell, a devout S...

@KnightadmiresChappo it might be possible to use youtube-dl or something like it to download the video. though i wouldn't know how to do it
i know youtube-dl has the functionality to download Twitch Videos that are blocked by subscriptions if you pass in credential information though i have not played with the functionality myself and youtube-dl more or less acts as a separate browser session so it wont automatically use any cookies you currently have
for the most part i just use it to download the free videos and have been working on a system that automatically leave likes on video i either download or end up watching
10:44 PM
What are the running-orientation movies?
Q: Films about ruuners

Davood KHAJEHPOURWhat are the running-orientation movies? I am impressed by the movies whose main character is a runner, and the movie is about running. I know these movies: Chariots of Fire (1981): This movie is about Eric Liddell, a devout Scottish Christian who runs for the glory of God, and Harold Abrahams, ...

@DavoodKHAJEHPOUR can't think of the word, not documentary or visual biography but the kind of movie that is a sort of retelling of a sports star's life and career but in this case focusing on runners
I knew these movies already: Chariots of Fire (1981), Without Limits (1998), Prefontaine (1997), Unbroken (2014), Unbroken: Path to Redemption (2018), Captured by Grace (2015), Forrest Gump (1994), Children of Heaven (1997)
did fine this that mentions some of the films you listen
@Memor-X Thank you so much for your kind comments.

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