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6:00 AM
Q: Where to find deleted questions?

jw_Even this existing question Where can I access my deleted question? doesn't give a definite answer about: If my question get downvoted and deleted, why there is no questions in "deleted recent questions" in my profile? It displays "No deleted recent questions".

4 hours later…
10:06 AM
crap it. i forgot Doctor Who was on tonight and missed it. well hopefully it was recorded
Arrow is crap after Crisis
Spergirl si fien for now
@AnkitSharma ...even for you that's some rather bad typos there
10:26 AM
@Mithical My typing is like SE, getting worse and worse
fair enough
11:01 AM
But I have more hopes in my typo
11:25 AM
@AnkitSharma well isn't Arrow finishing?
infact surprised it's got more episodes instead of maybe Arrow doing like a certain someone in Endgame at the end of Crisis
@AnkitSharma any hint that Supergirl and Batwoman are going to be together onscreen for like a Supergirl & Batwoman series? i recall Movie Bob speculating that was being hinted that there was going to be more of one in the other's series after Crisis
11:50 AM
@Memor-X yethe s and no. They are planning spinoff Green arrow and the canaries not finalised yet but last arrow epsiode look like potential backdoor pilot
@Memor-X Supergirl and Batwoman going solo for now but they are on same earth now so we can wish soem crossover
They said in interview that no mega crossover soon so maybe small ones
12:10 PM
@AnkitSharma isn't a mega crossover like Elseworld and Crisis? if they are those more frequently then they might as well dump all the separate series and so, i don't know, CW's Justice League or something
12:33 PM
@Memor-X they hinted it in Crisis ending with the round table
They have Flash, supermana and martian manhunter who are founding memeber before new 52
Black lightening alo can fill space
so 5 done with enough diversity
Or do we need 7?
Supergirl is redundant
Mr. Terrific can join
Vixen/ Hawkgirl/ Huntress
1:14 PM
@AnkitSharma Are you an Indian?
1:45 PM
Q: 1917 - Why did Will trade his medal against Wine?

thebuleon29I seen 1917 yesterday (and it was awesome). Problem is: I am a not a native english speaker and had to watch it in OV without subtitles, and I had dificulties to understand everything during some scenes because of the british accents. There is one scene in particular that I did not understand: w...

2:05 PM
Q: How does Aaron know where Marta lived in the Bourne Legacy?

GACAaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) arrives in the nick of time to save Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz) when she is about to be killed by assassins, but how could Cross possibly have known where Marta lived?

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8:12 PM
Q: What is the significance of this song in 1917?

RahulIn the World War 1 movie 1917, when Lance Corporal Schofield washes ashore the river, he hears a person singing a song. He then advances towards the voice and finds a number of soldiers sitting around in the woods along with one standing and singing. When the song ends the soldiers get up and al...

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11:36 PM
Q: Why is James Franco crying fake tears?

JoachimIn the 11.22.63 miniseries, in episode 6 "Happy Birthday, Lee Harvey Oswald", Jake Epping (James Franco), is moved to tears (well, a tear) by the words of Mimi Corcoran (Tonya Pinkins). Right after she tells him "Mr. Amberson, you're not crying, I hope", we get a close up of his face, showing a s...

11:47 PM
R.I.P Terry Jones (1942-2020)

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