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2:36 AM
Q: Will po and tigress get together in kung fu panda 4

Cardinals Football 2Po and tigress have been getting along very well and po has had a crush on her since seeing her fight, po has had trouble expressing his feelings for tigress and I feel she does the same, with kung fu panda 4 coming up in 2020, I have a good feeling po and tigress tigress will confess their love ...

2:56 AM
Q: Is it worth it to watch Midsommar?

JodastSo I recently watched Robert Eggers's 'The Lighthouse', and thought that it was absolutely incredible in almost every possible aspect, and also recently saw 'Get Out' after seeing its rave reviews. I don't usually watch horror films (Get Out and The Silence of the Lambs are the closest I've seen...

3:17 AM
Q: Do child actors also improvise their roles in Curb Your Enthusiasm?

JonathanReezCurb is famous for having all the actors improvise their roles. But does this also apply to the child actors on the show? For example, it would be very impressive if this scene was improvised.

4:06 AM
after listening to this it's funny how the Film about the Joker is much like The Joker himself
and also on topic somewhat
4:20 AM
Q: What does "they" in "they're scared" refer to?

Kyle JasonIn horror movie Annabelle Comes Home (2019), Daniela meets Judy, who is feeding chickens: Judy: So, are you scared yet? Daniela: Scared? What? No. Judy: Who says they're scared? Daniela: Kids in my class. Anthony Rios started it. What does "they" refer to?

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9:44 AM
Q: Had the Devons advanced outside British controlled territory?

colmdeWhy was the route taken by Blake and Schofield in 1917 considered the best possible route to reach the Devons to deliver the order to stop the attack? They had to go through No Man's Land, through an area that was abandoned by the Germans (though they weren't 100% sure it was completely abandone...

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10:45 AM
Q: Is this comics in Riverdale S01E13 actually the comics that inspired the show?

TGarIn my previous Riverdale question, I asked about the connection between the Riverdale world and Archie comics. I noticed now, that in S01E13 when FP Is this the Archie comics? In other words, is this an Easter egg that the comics in the show is actually the one that the show is based on?

11:05 AM
Q: What are the masks and droids in The Mandalorian intro?

BlueMoon93The Mandalorian intro shows a set of masks and droids that are famous throughout the Star Wars universe. I've recognized a few, but not all. In order, Darth Vader, R2D2, C3P0 (unsure) ?, R2D2 (again?) and some sort of rebel fighter? Kylo Ren and The Mandaloria...

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12:32 PM
Why we don't have
Because it's a kinda strange tag?
12:54 PM
I will ask my question without it than
Q: Why Doom Patrol break up with Titans?

Ankit SharmaDoom Patrol and Titans used to share the continuity and even Beast Boy was part of both teams and even Titans episode acted as a backdoor pilot for Doom Patrol. And they never broke any continuity in the run. But in Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five new multiverse they show Titans as Earth-9 ...

1:27 PM
Q: Where did all the Mandalorian gear come from?

BlueMoon93In the final episode of The Mandalorian's season 1, Din Djarin finds the Armorer surrounded by a pile of armor. She claims some of the Mandalorian have escaped off-world, but it is a big pile, and there weren't many to begin with. Where did this armor come from? Were there this many Mandalorian ...

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5:51 PM
Q: What type of hat is Pat wearing in Pat & Mat?

sandelsI am trying to figure out what type of a hat is the character Pat wearing in the animated stop-motion series Pat & Mat. The closest thing I've found so far is the zucchetto.

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6:51 PM
Q: Why Green Arrow white actors have green eyse?

Adir hadadWhy Green Arrow white actors have green eyse? although 2% of the world population have green eyes did you notice it?

4 hours later…
10:34 PM
Q: Why did this character go unpunished?

Janus Bahs JacquetIn one of the final episodes of the second season of Sex Education, a very serious crime is committed involving a book of notes: Now, the ethical and legal status of the notes themselves are at least somewhat iffy and the original nicking is pretty surely on the wrong side of the law as well, ...


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