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2:28 AM
Q: In "I Borg" why were only Picard and Guinan so angry and hateful to the Borg

Rob Jacksonwhereas the others were either against it, or even if for the plan, were neutral in their feelings, despite them all having suffered the loss of friends and comrads? Crusher was obviously against it, for a noble reason, but her belief was a foolish one (given the Borg were at open war with every...

2:44 AM
@ankii great
@Memor-X lol
Q: During the invasion, in "Signs", where exactly were the flying saucers?

Rob JacksonI always wondered, when the invasion finally started, and the swarm of aliens started closing in on the Hesses and their boarded up (from the inside) house, where were their UFOs? Were they parked in the crop circles, parked in the backyards?

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3:48 AM
Q: Another sequel of Marvel Spiderman is going to come or not?

paramshivaayLastly Sony and Marvel both were having some issues. So i heard that now they both are out of contract. So another Spiderman movie is coming or not??

2 hours later…
5:47 AM
interesting, the real Mandarin possibly being the next Thanos as he tries to get his 10 rings which replace the Infinity Stones. could be every year 1 new ring is revealed and explored until finally the huge dust off
Q: Are actors contractually obligated to certain things like going nude/ Sensual Scenes/ Gory Scenes?

ShahsaysWhen an actor is signed for a movie/show/series, they sign contracts for the working relationship of that certain movie/show/series. There is always going to be different scenes/scenarios to be shot during the shooting. The question is, is there a law that obligates actors to perform anything an...

6:40 AM
@Memor-X meh that will be dumb, better just say he got all 10 rings already
@AnkitSharma unless they mix it up and the 10 rings are actually something even more
looking at the video one of the Eternals already appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy i think
the giant ass Celestial who Taneleer Tivan showed using the Power Stone
assuming ofcause that is an Eternal and not one of their enemies and i mistook it as an Eternal because that's who was being talked about at the time
@MovieReel ofcourse
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7:56 AM
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10:27 AM
@MovieReel Heh, trying to make sense of a Shyamalan movie is probably moot. Deliberately so.
@M.A.R. O.o
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12:11 PM
Q: Is it necessary to watch all the previous rambo films before watching Rambo: Last Blood?

J MI watched first two Rambo films. I wanted to watch Rambo Last Blood in theatres, is it necessary to watch the other films?

4 hours later…
4:21 PM
@M.A.R. that's negative. Not positive.
@Memor-X Hahaha
Q: Did Ghost Whisperer reference Charmed?

JohnPBinge watching Ghost Whisperer recently, and Season 4, Episode 3 (Ghost in the Machine) revolves around an online social simulation where avatars interact much as they do in real life. During one description scene in the beginning, there is a reference to a group of girls that go to the private ...

4:51 PM
Q: Why does René refer to Picard as his nephew?

GendoIkariIn the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Family, Captain Picard meets his nephew René when he visits his home on Earth. René says "You're my nephew Jean-Luc". It is seemingly a joke, though when Picard responds in kind with "then you must be my uncle René", René corrects him; saying that it ...

@M.A.R. There are levels in after life. More good karma gives you pleasure in next birth or other world.
5:08 PM
@NogShine I think it relates to that dot theory somehow.
I'm a genius.
@M.A.R. Dot theory?
yesterday, by M.A.R.
OMG is Earth a dot
3 hours later…
8:27 PM
For some reason I keep playing The Ecstasy of Gold in my mind over and over.
No regrets
8:54 PM
Just watched Spiderman: Far From Home
Great movie. Better than I expected!
Superhero movies are finally so good that they no longer just sell the names of their main characters.
2 hours later…
10:32 PM
Q: Making a flightless pegasus

Kevin KostlanIs there an episode in the genre of the Twilight Zone or Outerlimits where a scientist was asked to make a pegasus? He was trying to explain to his physics-naive client that he could give a horse wings, but it would be to large and heavy to fly.


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