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2:20 AM
Q: Shouldn't daytime in Africa (Wakanda) be nighttime in America (Hawkeye's house)

enorl76In Avengers Endgame, Infinity War shows Thanos execute Snapocalypse in the middle of day, so shouldn't it be nighttime at Clint's house, and family either having a (late) dinner at the table at nighttime hours?

Q: Shouldn't Captain America's shield still have Black Panther scratch marks on it?

enorl76In Avengers Endgame, Capt America dons the infamous vibranium shield again. Shouldn't his shield, (re)given to him by Tony Stark, have the marks of Captain America: Civil War on it? And to be clear,

Q: For Avengers Endgame, do we get Gamora back?

enorl76I noticed during the scene where, Is it safe to say we still don't get Gamora back,

Q: Where do Loki and the Space Stone end up?

enorl76In Avengers Endgame, Do we find out where he ends up?

2:39 AM
Q: How does Dr Strange end up utilizing the Time Stone if at all?

enorl76In Avengers Endgame, final scene Since Dr Strange's arc so closely interacts with the Time Stone, is it in use to catch people up after

Q: Why is the Benetar floating in space without engine power?

enorl76In Avengers Endgame, trailers and (one of) opening scene, the Benetar is floating in space without engines working. How is this? Peter Quill Star-lord flew the Benetar to Thanos' planet to confront him. It appears to still be space worthy, since Stark and Nebula leave (Thanos' home planet) a...

Q: Realistically, how does this character know to rescue them?

enorl76In Avengers Endgame, Stark and Nebula are adrift in space on the Benetar. Or was it just blind luck?

Q: Ronin attacking the Yakuza, are these possibly same from The Wolverine?

enorl76I recognized a few faces of the Yakuza people that Ronin attacks. Is this intentional cross-seed of The Wolverine possibly?

Wow! That's a lot of Endgame questions.
and i am not seeing any one of them
2 more days to go
@Memor-X do you wanna hear a big spoiler?
@AJ they end up restoring thing except the post-credits scene shows Magento indicating we now have Mutants in the MCU
Yes! :P
2:46 AM
@AJ i take it you're joking about the post-credits scene though
I haven't watched the movie yet.
ahhh ok
And won't be possible for me.
i'm hedging my bets on the post credits scene either indicating we have Mutants or we seeing a hint to Galactus indicating Fantastic Four and that the new Phase or so will be building up to an epic battle with Galactus destroying to devour earth
like from my understanding The Avengers and the X-Men have fought against one another before. so just as possible MCU will start to rebuild X-Men to a huge X-Men VS Avengers fight
2 hours later…
4:47 AM
@MovieReel holy moly
@AJ From the same dude. It seems like he/she didnt understand much him/herself by watching the movie
@Memor-X Magento or Magneto?
@Memor-X so soon?
@Vishwa ...................FUCK! i did it again! i haven't worked on Magento in 2 years so why am i still contusing the spelling!
@Memor-X Magento made me curse myself more than 100 times. I hate it :(
@Vishwa well that was idle speculating for the next few phases. like we're on the end of Phase 3 and they've been building up Thanos since the first Avengers in Phase 1
@Vishwa it's ok when it works but i really don't like how some of it's "magic" works
like just to create a new page you need several files
@Memor-X most famous avenegrs and x-,men crossover have pheonix force in it but Fox ruined it twice
5:00 AM
@Memor-X yeah, but before A vs X I think there's lot to go through. Adam Warlock, Civil War 2 (Stark vs Danvers), some other major villians that I cant think of right now etc... Anyway I hope they do A vs X before Hugh Jackman dies.
@Memor-X in a few words -> magento is a pain in the arse
@Memor-X several blocks you mean right? god, I hate magento so fuckin much
@AnkitSharma among oother things
@Vishwa Civil war 2 was not at allk that good and they were based on Inhumans so much and MCU ruined inhumans
@AnkitSharma you mean that hideous tv show?
5:33 AM
@Vishwa yup
Only solution is, one interview saying it's not canon and start again
@Vishwa pretty sure Robert's contract ends with Endgame and don't know if he's being resigned. if not then Iron Man is gone (i suspect Tony might be replaced by Richards then). also Hugh's contract would be costly so if they don't keep on the original Avengers they probably wont hire Hugh either
i greatly suspect they are going to phase out older characters for new ones or try and reboot with fresh, cheaper actors
@Vishwa Black, Controller, Model, .phtml template, xml, bunch of obscure files that you didn't think you need because the Core doesn't use them
5:52 AM
@AnkitSharma or that flashy thingy will smith uses ;)
@Memor-X yeah, downey's contract ended. Reed richards' movie debut was not succeeful in both FF movie iterations, personally I liked the first one. Not sure what will happen or who'll replace Tony. could be Parker, considering his relationship with stark and some kind of homage to his mentor. Hugh would be costly, but it'll worth every penny(or dollar or yen or rubles)
@Memor-X completely fresh revamp?
@Memor-X yeah, things still givin me nightmares
@Vishwa well with X-Men and Fantastic Four i suspect that if they add them to the MCU they would reboot them because i found out that Chris was Johnny (The Human Tourch) in the first 2 Fantastic Four films and doubt they would duel cast him in Avengers of the Fantastic Four joined their ranks it and would be better to reboot it within the MCU so do away with the crap both series have (ie. people not liking Fantasic Four and the timeline bullshit from X-Men)
@Vishwa only for those IP who's lead actors are gone. like can you imagine an Iron Man 4 or Thor 4 without their iconic character?
ofcause not, atleast not with a reboot
6:11 AM
Answered two more endgame questions
Q: Avengers end game : How does captain america lifts thors mjolnir?

Andi ARHow does captain america lifts thors hammer. In avengers-age of ultron he is not worthy but how he is worthy in this film.

man i could be trying to answer thoses
and getting rep to 10k so i can read dumb deleted stuff
@Memor-X I strongly believe in MCU iteration of FF, they'll definetely go for a new cast
@Memor-X what I meant was is there gonna be complete reboot on entire MCU?
@MovieReel spoilers in the title :O
@Vishwa my decision to hide Movie Reel was a good one it seems
@Vishwa doubt it. they already teased GotG 3 and Doctor Strange 2 and with the former if they were going to do a full reboot then why bother rehiring James Gun again?
6:32 AM
Answered third Endgame question of the day.
Q: Avengers end game: In climax scene where all the infinity stones got placed by captain america

Andi ARIn climax scene captain america uses quantum machine to go somewhere and where all the infinity stones got placed by captain america.

Q: Avengers Endgame: At the end why does this happen to this character?

Andi ARIn the end of Avengers: Endgame, why does Captain America get older when he returns from the quantum machine? Also does this means he lost his power too?

Q: What is this character's name?

Andi ARIn Avengers: End Game, Pepper Potts gets an iron suit at the climax fight scene. What is the name of the suit and character in the comics?

Q: Avengers:Endgame: Grandfather paradox?

Andi ARIn Avengers: Endgame film Present-Nebula kills Past-Nebula, I'm confused. Wouldn't it cause a grandfather paradox? Then how did she survive?

Oh Come on! These are good questions.
If you have time to downvote, you have time to edit/suggest an edit.
6:53 AM
@Memor-X why not go with Natlie portman as female thir liek comics?
@Memor-X messy situation :/
@AnkitSharma could for a reboot
@AJ didnt see any :(
but i mean like doing an Iron Man 4 which carries on from Iron Man 3 and the emerald MCU stuff with the same expected Tony Stark but someone other than Robert
4th answer of the day.
6:56 AM
@Memor-X nah , MCU is woprking very good, rebooting make no sense and they have many stone unturned to use
Why add full X-men or just use them here and tehre like they did with Scarlet witch
@AnkitSharma i mean those individual IPs, not the entire MCU
@AnkitSharma hope they get a good punisher and ghost rider soon
Keep confusing mininmum a
like that's the DC option for their version
@Memor-X yeah yeah that's what
6:58 AM
> Producer: we had good reception for Wonder Woman and Aquaman. maybe we could try and
@Vishwa we already have punisher and ghost rider in MCU but for Ghost rider tehy can still manage as tehre are 3 major ghost rider and tehy used newer one in Agnet of SHILED so tehy can use Johny now in films
@Memor-X DC is going more solo now, there solo filsm working better then BvS and JL
@AnkitSharma well they could add a couple here and build it up to another colab move series like Avengers and them colab it with Avengers
@Memor-X they already shwo no interest in Superman and Btaman film will most probably go in limbo
@AnkitSharma things get cancelled, hope disney+ would get punisher back. anyways what happened to your english? :)
@AnkitSharma newer one means that mexican boy? i forgot his name
@Vishwa Is it more bad then ususal ?
7:00 AM
like now that Disney has it. they really have alot they can work with in any which way......so long as we get to see Magneto
@Vishwa I don't care about agent of shiled so have less idea
@AnkitSharma very much so :/
@Vishwa :O
@Memor-X see? you got it correct now :D
@Vishwa yeh, after i got it wrong twice while typing it
7:01 AM
@AnkitSharma seriously weird mate.
@Memor-X evolution of the X
@Vishwa rumour is Netflix cancelation is due to Disney only. Some article say Disney can't use Defenders character so soon and have to wait fro soem contarct expire , 2 year something
@Vishwa the only good Ghost Rider movie was the first one
@Memor-X Fox ruined Megnato and over did it, I want other X-men more then him, Like gay Iceman, Rogue abosbing captain Marvel, fun new mutants not horroro one, better scot etc etc and no wolverine please
@Memor-X 2nd oen was shit but not sure how is Ghost rider of agent of shield
@Vishwa :'(
@Memor-X @Vishwa my plan was MCU should collect all infinity stone destroy them and that will create a big boom of metahumans and we call them X-men
How to stop yself from clicking on endgame questions, I want no spoiler till sunday
After teh big boom oen bald millionaire meet with an acident and loose his leg but get superhuamn ability and use hsi power to get as many mentahuamns in his wings as he can and tarin them and call them X-men
7:26 AM
3 HNQ here and all from Endgame
@AnkitSharma heard about that too, but couldn't find any credible sources. didnt knew about defenders issue. the one we saw was weird anyways
@Memor-X Agree. only good part in the second one is seeing few seconds of pretty boobies ;)
@AnkitSharma lad your english getting weirder and weirder :O
@AnkitSharma like that kinky cyborg being in doom patrol? or Constantine being gay and in CW?
@AnkitSharma x men being born by infinity stones?
@Vishwa yes, for that they don't need to change MCU lore
My idea, not official
@Vishwa I like Doom patrol, Is Constantine gay O.o I am sure he is not, maybe bi not sure. I have not seen him in Legend of tomorrow
@Vishwa defenders was very badly executed, I blame Iron Fist and Hand
8:13 AM
Q: What exactly happens at the snap

J.DoeWhen Hulk snaps the infinity gauntlet in endgame, what exactly does happen? Do the missing people just return or does the snap set time back to five years prior? I was confused because if it just returns the missing people, why does no one seemed to age? When Peter Parker returns to school, ever...

8:52 AM
Q: How did Nebula do it?

ThanthuIn Avengers: Endgame, how was Nebula from past able to bring Thanos and the army into the future? The Avengers who build the machine could not do this and required Pym particles which they were short of and had only limited attempts to travel time.

Q: Why doesn't Dr. Strange use the time stone to do this?

user1717828At the end of the final battle, Tony is damaged from the snap. All the stones are right there, and there are no bad guys left to distract Dr. Strange. Why doesn't Dr. Strange use the time stone to reverse Tony's mortal wounds?

Q: Can spoilers be removed from the HNQ?

David MulderConsidering clearly the goal is to spoil the movie for people who haven't seen it, can we at least hide these posts from the HNQ list? Or maybe hide the entire site if the current enforced policy is to include spoilers for new releases. So far my impression was that question posts would also incl...

9:10 AM
Wanna see a cool thing? Just google Thanos and click on the infinity gauntlet on the right.
9:31 AM
Q: How does Nebula have access to these memories?

bobbyalexIn Avengers: Endgame, how does past Nebula have access to the memories of Nebula in the future timeline?

9:42 AM
@AJ don’t be lazy see star board
@AnkitSharma what should I see?
You pinned your own message. lol
@AJ it was important and I did it long before you said teh same thing :p
10:10 AM
Q: How was this character able to stop and catch Mjolnir and Stormbreaker?

LogicalBranchWARNING: spoilers ahead! Since this character is clearly not worthy and at the time had no super powers at the time, how were they able to wield Thor's Mjolnir and Stormbreaker, when even the Hulk couldn't do it in the Avengers?

Q: If the Infinity Stones can do anything, why could they not bring this dead character back?

jnovachoWhen Black Widow sacrifices herself in Avengers: Endgame, it is said she cannot be brought back, because she was exchanged for the Soul Stone. Yet Gamora, which was sacrificed for the Soul Stone came back. Even though it was through time travel. Bruce explains that the time travel doesn't work l...

Q: Exactly what is Thanos?

LogicalBranchWARNING: spoilers ahead! Also: So, what gives? What makes this character so powerful?

10:49 AM
Q: Differences between trailer and the Endgame movie

DrakenMarvel have a habit of putting differences in their trailers compared to the movies (E.g. Not showing Thor missing an eye in the Infinity War trailer). Were there any for Avengers: Endgame and if so, what were they?

@AnkitSharma i saw him turn up when they had that season with Hive which ended in that girl leaving S.H.I.E.L.D becoming Quake. they didn't air any more after that on normal TV on a channel i could get
but he didn't leave much of an impression. i feel a movie would be better
11:27 AM
@Memor-X hmmm
11:47 AM
Q: Did Nebula knew what would happen?

Nikhil EshvarSPOILERS AHEAD BE WARNED!!! So there are two teams: Natasha (Black Widow) and Clint (Hawkeye)/Nebula and War Machine. Yet Black Widow and Hawkeye were chosen for the mission to Vormir. So did Nebula knew to send them since one loved one had to be sacrificed and she gathered that they both shar...

2 hours later…
1:18 PM
Not looking at Endgame questions Not looking at Endgame questions
1:45 PM
Q: What happens to Mjolnir (Thor's hammer) at the end of Endgame?

Milan DesaiIn Avengers: Endgame, Thor brings back Mjolnir (his hammer) from the past to his "future" self through the quantum tunnel. Later in the movie, Captain America gets hold of it being worthy. However, I don't remember if Cap takes it back to the past in the climax. If he doesn't - that would break ...

That's very laudable!
1 hour later…
3:03 PM
Q: Does the Science of deduction exist in real life? And does it work?

Khadija NAZIHSherlock Holmes always talks about the Science of Deduction, which is the ability to deduce anything about people just from observation. Does the Science of Deduction really exist, and does it really work all the time? I mean can we jump to the right deductions by only observing?

Q: How was Iron Man able to pull off this trick?

Mason WheelerIn the end of Avengers: Endgame, Tony Stark somehow This is kind of an important moment--the entire climax of the film hangs on it!--but I don't believe it was ever shown or explained how he did it. I can think of a handful of ways how he might have done it, especially if he had had the fores...

3:22 PM
Q: Is this effect on Thor real or is it CGI?

Gonzalo.-In Avengers: Endgame we learn that, after the events of Infinity War It is difficult to get an image of this, but this spoiler image should be enough. We see Thor like this throughout the entire movie. Is it CGI or did Chris Hemsworth get like that for the role?

Q: AntMan could have killed Thanos

sijAntMan could have gone inside Thanos and immediately killed him by Cardiac arrest. Why didn’t the avengers considered this plan in endgame? The plan looks incredible simple instead of all this drama

4:01 PM
Q: How was this possible at the end?

Bojan BThere is this one little thing that I don't quite get at the end of the movie.

4:21 PM
Q: Question about Capt America and Peggy

enorl76In Avengers Endgame, towards the end, we see Capt America do the following: Does he then have to experience the Snapocalypse,

5:00 PM
Q: Why did Shazam! take place in a real city?

DeeVThe movie Shazam takes place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This is different than most DC movies and shows in which they all take place in fictional cities. Superman is in Metropolis. Batman is in Gotham. Flash is in Central City. The Green Arrow is in Star City. In the comics, Shazam (Captain ...

Q: The People's Ages

enorl76In Endgame, we see that This act is basically at the 5 years in the future mark, so For example, Spiderman is part of it,

5:37 PM
@Memor-X let's see
@Jenayah hey
oi :D
Uff it's too hard not to click on endgame questions
Already got one major and one minor spoiler
hide them
@Jenayah my old mod habits, can't ignore stuff
hate to break it to you buddy but you're not a mod anymore... :P
5:40 PM
I know I know
5:59 PM
Q: Where does Captain America's shield come from?

KharoBangdoAt the end of Avengers: Endgame and brings the shield with him. How did Steve managed to bring it or even possess it? I am going in with the assumption that there is only 1 shield. It was buried in ice along with him during the events of Captain America: The First Avenger. He wield...

3 hours later…
8:32 PM
Whoa, Captain America (1990) is on TV!
9:14 PM
Q: What is the implication of the resolution of Avengers: Endgame?

MovieMeAt the end of Avengers: Endgame Thanos from the past is killed thanks to Tony's snap. Wouldn't that mean that the events of the film Infinity War never happened, giving birth to a new timeline where everyone is still alive?

Q: What did Nebula do in Avengers: Endgame?

MovieMeDid the younger Nebula shoot and kill the older in Avengers: Endgame or was it the other way around? If the older Nebula killed her younger self does she not erase herself from existence? If the younger Nebula shot the older one, what is she doing hanging around with the rest of the Guardians...

9:53 PM
Q: Why did MCU decide to create a movie based on wrong science

sijWhy did MCU decide to create a movie based on wrong science Quantum realms don’t exists You can go back in time but it would be a multiverse any change would not effect the original universe

10:13 PM
Q: How did Hawkeye qualify to receive this item?

Oliver_C In Avengers: Infinity War, in order to obtain the Soul Stone, Thanos has to sacrifice someone he loves. To thwart Thanos, Gamora tries to stab herself, but he turns the knife into bubbles. Thanos stops Gamora from committing suicide so he can kill her himself, by throwing her off the cliff. ...

Q: In Avengers Endgame, Loki disperses with Tesseract - How Captain America will return space stone?

Milan DesaiUnderstandably (as far as I understand) there is no concept of multiple timelines in Avengers Endgame. So when Tony and Cap trying to bring back Infinity stones with quantum tunnel, Tony lost it and Loki opens a portal and disperses. Doesn't that makes past more complicated(Altered plot appose to...

10:52 PM
Q: How Nebula arrived back?

Mishra ShreyanshuIn Avengers: Endgame, Spoilers Ahead!!! Again!!


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