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12:31 AM
@NapoleonWilson and with a bit more hair, Palpatine from Star Wars would be a dead ringer too
1:10 AM
Q: What is the name of this black and white movie

user72062This movie is very old, it is black and white. What I can remember of the movie is: Married couple, wife walks with a walking stick as she has a limp, husband drowns wife while washing her hair in a sink and buries her in the garden shed. One night there is a thunder storm and husband hears the s...

1 hour later…
2:33 AM
Endgame tickets soldout for first day in Hyderabad.
2:56 AM
@NogShine i brought mine a couple of weeks ago
a few days after the cinema announced it
3:07 AM
Q: How did David's Knife hurt Arthur?

Memor-XAt the start when David Kane is fighting Arthur Curry on the sub David's father's crew went to steal we see that David's blades could not hurt Arthur. When Orm Marius goes to David to track down Arthur and Mera he points out that David's weapons had no effect and gives him Atlantean Weapons and ...

@Memor-X Do bookings open that early?
@NogShine at least for the Regent Multiplex in Victoria Australia, not sure about other theatres. like they've been advertising that Endgame was going to be screen but we had no session times. the moment they came up you can order tickets for any session time they list (generally a week's worth)
Happy Easter
3:23 AM
just wondering, is ultra 4K Bluray incompatible with normal Bluray? because my mum got Aquaman Steelbook Edition and it came with 2 disks, one just says Bluray and the other says Ultra4k Bluray
like i assumed that if you played an Ultra4K movie on a device or TV that didn't support it it would downscale it
1 hour later…
4:53 AM
@NogShine ooops I was late
3 hours later…
8:02 AM
Q: Was pager message from Nick fury to Captain Marvel unnecessary?

naiveThis question has been bugging me for a while. Maybe it is a bit over thought. Question is: Does Nick Fury really need to send a pager message to Captain Marvel when Thanos did snap. I mean there is just 50% chance that Captain Marvel would survive and if she does, she will come to know what had...

2 hours later…
10:27 AM
Freaky Friday is still fun
7 hours later…
5:06 PM
Q: Who's the ginger Eddie being referenced in the Bronn scene?

KharoBangdoIn Game of Thrones S08E01 Winterfell, when Bronn is in a brothel, one of the girls recalls a ginger Eddie Girl 1: That boy Eddie... Girl 2: The ginger? Girl 1: That's him. Came back with his face burnt right off. He's got no eyelids now. I saw a facebook post where some fan claimed tha...

6:04 PM
Q: Why can't fire hurt Daenerys but it did to Jon Snow in season1?

Govinda SakhareAs stated in this answer https://www.quora.com/If-Jon-Snow-is-a-Targaryen-why-did-fire-hurt-him-in-season-1 Fire can burn any Targaryen. If that is the case, Why fire doesn't hurt Daenerys? In one of the episodes of season1 or season2, Daenerys says Viserys is not a true heir to the throne as h...

Q: Arrow - Is worth watching the Arrow, when Oliver didn´t become Ra´s al Ghul?

xiangI was hoping Oliver would join the league.. but he didn´t and it disappointed me.. so... Is worth watching the Arrow from now on?

3 hours later…
8:59 PM
Q: What is the music which plays over the closing credits of Fleabag series 2 episode 2?

A EWhat is the music which plays over the closing credits of Fleabag series 2 episode 2? (I’ve looked on IMDB, Wikipedia etc but can’t find this info). Fleabag itself is described here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fleabag


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