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1:26 AM
Q: How are spells "Created" or "Discovered" in Harry Potter?

PotatoLatteThere are many spells in Harry Potter, such as Wingardium Leviosa or Expelliarmus. But then arises the great question: What led to this spell? Did someone create it, or did people just randomly do wand movements and say things? If so, wouldn't this be very dangerous?

2:03 AM
@Memor-X in the video he shows Shane's in Logan's house
2:24 AM
@AnkitSharma ahhh, i'm just listening to it while i work
2:40 AM
@AnkitSharma i pray to the Goddesses for the yuri in India for this
3:05 AM
is there any high budget movies coming out before the end of the year? Star Wars, Avengers and Batwoman would all be at least the next 2 years i would assume
3:41 AM
Q: Why is the Madonna of Hans Holbein in "You Only Live Twice"

Tyler DurdenIn the 6th Bond film, You Only Live Twice (1967), one of Blofeld's possessions is a Madonna of Hans Holbein, best exemplified as the Darmstadt Madonna: What is the reason it is in the film? I know the work is notorious for having many copies which have confused experts as to their authenticity...

4:22 AM
@Memor-X There's a Batwoman movie? I just heard of Ruby Rose's Batwoman in the Arrowverse... Avengers is next month and Star Wars is on a hiatus for now I guess...
@AnkitSharma :O Nice!
@NikhilEshvar oh Batwoman is going to be a series? though i was going to be a movie. guess that strike that one off my list
there's another avengers film next month? seems sorta quick or is this Captain Marvel?
and Star Wars quite sure isn't on hiatus because they confirmed Matt Smith has a role in it (which i can just imagine him telling people to run like he does as The Doctor)
@Memor-X Typo next year
@NikhilEshvar this avengers i assume (you replied to batwoman)
4:37 AM
@Memor-X Yup, Avengers! Boss is looking
5:22 AM
@NapoleonWilson It is possible though.. as I see it, that's unnecessary preassure for current members
5:34 AM
@NapoleonWilson there's actually a rule you can add to adblock to get rid of it. using it right now. it's ##.new-contributor-indicator
6:13 AM
Q: Where is my Populist badge?

VishwaAbout few days ago, I've added an answer in Movies and TV SE. For this Question. In badge description, it says Highest scoring answer that outscored an accepted answer with score of more than 10 by more than 2x. This badge can be awarded multiple times. for badge Populist. I'm not badge digger o...

6:46 AM
@Memor-X it's a TV series which didn't even started production. First cameo will happen in arrow/flash/supergirl crossover
@AnkitSharma well i suppose that;s good enough
Q: There’s a movie I’ve been looking for a decade or more

Blue Nlf EdI don’t really have that much of details but I’ll try my best. It starts with an helicopter that arrives on a refinery or something like a ship (in the middle of the ocean, of course) and the people inside is supposed to meet the rest of the crew. Then one of this guys dies when he goes to pee o...

7:14 AM
@MovieReel That is what drones and camera lens are for.
7:26 AM
Q: A movie about cotton mill workers, start with killing on a bridge and threw in a river

Julian LGIt is huge strike in a dark, because I don't remember much from the movie. It is about seasonal workers, probably they grow cotton and there was a rain problem, so the workers fears their job. It begins with a killing on a bridge. But the act was witnessed by a kid or by young couple hiding the...

@steelershark CONGRATULATIONS for 20k!!
Why are we getting ID's lately? O.o
@NogShine Because users need to delete them as soon as they appear.
@AJ not on chat. On our site.
It's like someone redirecting here.
7:53 AM
@NogShine It happen sometime. Just use votes and constrictive comments
8:04 AM
I answered a support question and it is a cross post :/
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10:11 AM
Q: Who are the nine Pirate Lords?

carzurukniPirates of the Caribbean: At World's End has a mentioning about the Pirate Lords. It states that there are nine Pirate Lords. With that Hector Barbossa says a story about Calypso and how the Bretheran court acts on binding her in human form. Obviously Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa are among ...

@MovieReel answered , easy peasy
@MetaReel Stop embarrasing me bot :D
@Memor-X whick adblock? ABP or Adblock or uBlock?
@MovieReel hnq on the way
10:38 AM
I noticed that you have posted the same question on Man Meta too. Cross posting is not encouraged. Please delete one question because you will get (and got) the same question. — Nog Shine 3 hours ago
@NogShine I doubt
11:23 AM
@Vishwa just adblock. i can see if i can get the chrome download link
@NogShine unless it was before drones
@NogShine despite the rules it doesn't stop people. Anime and Manga has had them off-topic for a couple of years and we still get them
I'm still surprised how fast it dropped to 1 per day, though. Maybe people do read the guidance afterall.
@NogShine now it is
11:41 AM
Q: thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet

skullbreakerhow did thanos get the Infinity Gauntlet, why there are 3 left Infinity Gauntlets (1st thanos hand, 2nd there wehere thor "got" his new weapon, 3rd in odin's treasure room (thor ragnarok). The Infinity Gauntlet which was in odin's treasure room the Infinity Gauntlet had a white stone and in the m...

@Memor-X ^
@AJ oh the irony
@MovieReel pretty sure in Ragnarok it was revealed that the one in Odin's Treasure Room (along with other treasure like the Eye of Agamotto) were fakes. also Taneleer Tivan in Guardians of the Galaxy said there was 6 stones
i only know about Ragnarok because in an episode of The Big Picture Movie Bob pointed out that it's easy for them to retcon Mutants back into the MCU using Odin's Treasure Room as a clear example
I heard that they are going to merge current X-men cinematic universe into MCU in 2020.
Urgh, really? :'(
@AJ yeh, after Thanos gets defeated so no Deadpool
11:55 AM
@AJ That will be messy as XCU is so mess by itself
It's also been speculated that they are going to play the same card XCU played in DOFP.
so mess is inevitable.
Both XCU and MCU are going to give new characters more time and films. Like XCU is doing for Gambit and Kitty Pryde.
and MCU for Captain Marvel etc.
Oh, Kitty Pryde. Hopefully with Ellen Page.
I'll only watch if they cast Ellen Page.
me too
12:08 PM
Well, I'm not going to make myself any illusions, of course I'll watch all of the stuff they churn out anyway. You can't really not.
anybody up for The Nun?
Urgh. 'nother one of those ghost house jump scare things cramped into some pseudo shared universe?
LOL. yes
Horror movies only got this to scare the audience.
The Conjuring 2 was bad, but Annabelle was good.
I know Ankit avoids these films.
1:11 PM
Q: Why did Le Chiffre need the password from Bond?

DavidIf Vesper Lynd was working with Le Chiffre in Casino Royale, why did he have to force Bond for the password when she could have stolen the money and given it to Le Chiffre anyway?

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5:44 PM
Q: Why is Thelmas mother in a wheelchair?

gerritIn the film Thelma, some parts show part of Thelma aged 6, others at Thelma starting university. Throughout the film, the cause of several events become clear during the course of the film: The film also shows that in Thelma's youth, her mother was walking around normally, but later in life, ...

5:54 PM
@AnkitSharma Google added a rainbow flag on homepage to celebrate equality.
Q: Thor, God of Thunder, is easily imprisoned by Ebony Maw in Infinity War. Why is this?

enorl76In the final scenes of Thor: Ragnarok, exactly one movie prior, we see Thor fully realize his God of Thunder might against Hela. It's not quite enough (huh?) and Surtur is who does in Hela (at least we are led to believe that...) Opening scene of Infinity War, we see Thor bested by Thanos and C...

Q: Why was the Oscars were unimportant for Woody Allen?

Diane RallyAs you know, the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences has announced that they will be including a new category called 'Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film' in their award agenda as of 2020. And I was watching an interview in which two film critics exchange their ideas pertaining to t...

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9:19 PM
Q: In the Shawshank Redemption, upon Andy escape and discovery of his clothes and the pick axe, why wasn't there a mug shot of him along with the story?

Jon-Westley CRISTIt stands to reason that if a picture was included with the story, someone in the bank would probably had read the paper(s) and recognised him...

9:34 PM
Q: The Joker in The Dark Knight

DavidWhy did The Joker rob the mob’s bank when he didn’t care for money at the end of the film. Also The Joker tried to kill Harvey Dent on several occasions. What would have happened if he killed Dent, he wouldn’t have been able to corrupt him later in the hospital and be his “ace in the hole”

10:20 PM
Q: trying to identify the movie

WalezeI am trying to identify this movie I watched a long time ago (maybe 90's). It's about a woman who seduces a detective investigating the killing of her husbands/lovers. It turns out she was in an incestuous relationship with her brother who was responsible for the murders.

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11:38 PM
if you install it you'd go to Customize > Manually edit your filters and add ##.new-contributor-indicator before saving

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