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3:31 AM
Q: How Thanos was able to defeat Hulk in Infinity War without using any stone?

paulIn the beginning of movie Infinity War we saw that Hulk started beating up Thanos easily but suddenly Thanos overpowers him. Probably because Thanos used power stone. Whenever an infinity stone need to be used, Thanos suppose to make a fist of Gauntlet and then a beam from stone would come. How...

3:47 AM
Q: How could Thanos bleed red during a fight with Iron Man? Color of his blood is purple

paulIncident 1: Gamora's fight with Thanos. Color of Thanos' blood was purple. Incident 2: Tony Stark made Thanos bleed. "All of this for a drop o' blood." This time Color of Thanos' blood was Red. Incident 3: Thor shoved stormbreaker in Thanos' chest. This time Color of Thanos' blood was Purple. ...

4:43 AM
Got the badge. \o/
4:56 AM
@AJ congrats. another 950 to go for gold
5:12 AM
@NogShine LOL
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8:56 AM
Q: New swag for Stack Overflow's 10th birthday: wear-ables or desk-ables?

Tim PostStack Overflow is turning 10 soon, and we're going to be throwing some shindigs here and there to help celebrate it. While some of it will be exclusively on MSO, quite a bit of it will be asking all of our friends to join in. I don't want to spoil it, but it's mostly going to involve us giving yo...

Missed this one ^
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10:11 AM
Q: How old is Thanos ?

laslavincoThe way he was using all the stones it was so perfect, especially Time stone, how and when did he gather all the knowledge to use all those stones separately or together as a combination ?

10:27 AM
Q: Can't find a movie I don't remember title

Peter SzucsI remember watched a movie years before about a hacker. I don't remember the title. There was the good guy and the hacker .The good guy tried to find out the identity of the hacker who was hiding in the darkweb and they used to talk to each other in a 3rd dimension passage but they couldn't see e...

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4:59 PM
When you log in to SE after a week and you see no reputation changes or inbox notifications.
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6:46 PM
Q: Why isn't it standard practice to hire pros to look at a script in the industry?

Kaito KidIn the movie and TV industry, pretty much everyone agrees that science and technology are not depicted accurately most of the time. The problem is so big that it is a huge selling point nowadays when a movie has accurate science or technology. I am not talking about small offenses, like a comput...


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