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12:15 AM
Q: What movie is this

user45889Movie with boy in hospital I believe he was poisoned once the doctors realize what happen they keep the parents thinking it's something else until they can prove it the name of the movie is a long title it's the boys name.

12:28 AM
Whoa, they even have a Concussion-study inspired Law & Order: SVU episode.
12:41 AM
Q: Was Mojo Jojo the first mad scientist chimpanzee?

DukeZhouI can't remember if any of the chimps on Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp were mad scientists. Dr. Strangemind, for instance. Regular scientist chimps would not qualify, but Bonobos are close enough genetically to be included under the "chimp" umbrella.

@MovieReel @NapoleonWilson I did ask him to explain the question more thoroughly.
@Catija I don't even get what it asks after those comments. Wasn't he just asking if any of the chimps from that Lancelot thing were mad scientists?
Oh wait, DUH!
No... the title question is "Was Mojo Jojo the first mad scientist chimpanzee?"... rather than restating his question in the body of the question, he started asking more questions, hypothesizing other possible examples.
Yeah kids, that's why you should ask your effin' question in the body and not just the title.
I think I got it now.
1:32 AM
That scene in Pitch Black where that guy shoots the poor survivor thinking it's Riddick always cracks me up.
Q: What is this movie?

Markus About 10 years ago I saw a movie which I can't find any information about. I have lost the name of the title so I will try to explain what it's all about. There was most likely a woman in a team that was going to explore an unknown structure that looked like a black mountain that was smaller on ...

1:50 AM
@NapoleonWilson I answered your question! I apologize if I didn't go into more detail. I would find myself analyzing the entirety of the poem. I am unsure if I did this correctly. Please let me know if I need to make changes. I am doing this with no help!
@Nevermore You did well, thank you very much. It's formated fine and you certainly adressed the parts of the poem that point to her death.
I hope that I "notified" the right person!
@Nevermore Yes. ;-)
Why are you different here? Why does that other place look so different?
I won't deny, though, that from the hype Miss steelersquirrel made around you and your expertise in that poem, I might have expected a little more. But that's not necessarily your fault. ;-) I also know that it might be quite time consuming and you don't really need to write an essay either.
@Nevermore It's too different sites with different design. In fact the Literature site just started about a few days ago and doesn't have a real design yet.
I also have a different name on this site, because on the movies site I choose to go as a movie character. But because I am also a moderator on this site, I have to bear that name in chat, too, for it to recognize me as a moderator. It's a little complicated.
1:55 AM
I can spend days analyzing that poem! I was under the impression that you just wanted to know about the fate of Lenore or I would have probably over analyzed it and put you to sleep!
@Nevermore Yes, that's correct. Don't worry, it's a good answer.
A moderator? Meaning you govern the site?
@Nevermore To some degree, with others.
Can you kick people off of here?
But I'm only an exception handler (or supposed to be), these sites are largely governed by their whole communities themselves.
@Nevermore Yes. ;-)
1:58 AM
like my sister, for example! Can you kick her off of here?
@Nevermore Hehehe! Hmm, I'm a little biased towards her side, though.
You have the power to kick her off of here!! This is great!
The power to put her in her place! Fabulous!
Y...yeah, if only.
She usually behaves...on the site. ;-)
She needs to be put in her place once in a while! Don't sweat it. It's good for her!
She can be somewhat of a handful at times, I admit, but so can I. Wait until you see us together! I am afraid for you!
Yeah, I...have heard about it... o_O
2:06 AM
You seem too intelligent to willingly put yourself through this!
Awww, no, that's just part of the deal. ;-)
I am going to get scolded for this. I know it! I am doing all of this before she gets back. I'm really evil!
Awww, we're having a nice conversation, though. Don't worry. ;-)
You're a full-fledged Steelers fan now, I hear! My dad will love you!
Yeah, if only for that.
2:11 AM
@Nevermore did you know your sister has adopted internet children?
Don't sweat my father. He is just set in his ways and over protective of my sister. He sweated my husband and my brother in law. It's his job. You have my mother and I as your allies!
@Nevermore I know. I'm not too worried about everything. ;-)
I don't know how to respond to individual comments!
@Nevermore You can click those little arrow thingies at the end of the message, that will make your message a direct reply to it.
roll over a message, there's a little arrow on the right side
2:14 AM
Adopted internet children! That's not surprising. How many does she have?
@NapoleonWilson I remember now!
hold on, I photoshopped a brady bunch pic with them all
@Riker Oh, dear. She needs to have a few of her own first!
her internet spouse is the bottom center and the internet drunk maid is in the middle
so 6
2:15 AM
@Nevermore Indeed. ;-)
@Nevermore you tell her that
I really want @steelersquirrel to show up now just to see the storm of poe vs squirrel happen
Internet spouse? She has an internet spouse and an actual boyfriend? What a flousy!
@NapoleonWilson I don't know how to wink, but, I would if I could!
@Nevermore Well, that's me winking. ;-)
Is she the Steelers logo or the terrible towel?
@Nevermore it's more of an internet tax-deduction-partner but yeah
@Nevermore she's the steelers logo
she's changed her avatar to a squirrel right now iirc
2:18 AM
@Nevermore I honestly don't know. ;-)
@Riker She is out with my father. They are not expected back until 8!
@Riker Aha! I understand!
ah okay
also you talk a lot like her
almost as many exclamation poitns
I am better versed than she is! I don't know how to enunciate. I have to use exclamation points!
in my estimation, 30% of her messages consist of "OMG!!!", "HAHA!!!", and "STEELERS"
Yes. I suppose that we do speak somewhat similar. Both of us swear a lot! If I swear in here, will I be kicked out by my future brother in law?
2:22 AM
That depends on the severity of the swear, I guess. ;-)
@Nevermore which one is the brother in law
Can we use words that start with F and end with u-c-k?
In moderation.
@NapoleonWilson I apologize. I am just razzing you when I call you my future brother in law.
@Nevermore Don't worry, it doesn't really bother me.
2:25 AM
I would not dare swear in a room like this. Don't sweat it.
what's special about the room?
@NapoleonWilson It would bother me!
@Nevermore Oh, okay. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson It would bother me to be married to my sister! You are a brave individual!
Hehe, well, we'll see...
2:29 AM
Notice how I am pushing her to be married off and having kids! I am honestly just goading you. That is just my nature. I apologize!
I know, don't worry. ;-)
I must take my leave of this room before I get into more trouble than I already am. I can't wait to meet you! When are you coming to see us? Will you be here for the super bowl?
@Nevermore Probably not, unfortunately (and I'll never forgive myself for not being there when the Steelers win). I guess shortly after, start to mid February. Maybe when she has her new appartment already. I still have to manage some things here.
My family gets fairly carried away when watching football, I must say.
I heard.
2:36 AM
Don't sweat it! You get here when you're ready. Don't let her force you into coming earlier than you want to. We will all still be here!
No, don't worry, she says "the later the better" all the time. ;-)
That's because she's secretly afraid of having to deal with my father! She is prolonging the inevitable. I know her too well!
I think she just wants to have everything handled already, regarding her apartment and stuff.
I am going to zip it now. Oh, dear. I apologize.
No need to apologize, nice talking to you. Have fun!
2:41 AM
Good night!
Good night!
2:59 AM
@MovieReel this question is just silly
2 hours later…
4:39 AM
Q: Strange kids shows from the 80's

AviI remember some scenes from my childhood in the 80's and am hoping maybe someone else has seen them. One was a show where some children had a face with a mustache in a shoe box under their bed. The mom found it and the face talked and she screamed. Then it cut to the kids saying oh no she must h...

1 hour later…
5:45 AM
Uffff I missed all the fun
You're late again. :P
@Nevermore no need for that. She always behave
@AJ I was sleeping
@Riker 7, looks like I am not following
There is a movie The Crew screening here, but I can't get any info about it.
Has anybody heard about it?
6:34 AM
Q: How did Rizzoli & Isles get the weight gain/loss "before" pictures?

Louis E.In Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 Episode 12,professor Rhonda Clark is drowned in her hot tub.In Season 5 episode 6,Judith Barnett is killed while exercising. Investigation reveals that Clark had gained a great deal of weight,and Barnett lost a great deal of weight...and in both episodes there are "be...

7:02 AM
@AJ use google
I did, but it suggested 2008 movie.
My sister is so incredibly dead to me. She frigging rolled up in here all stressing Napoleon out and then she broke my tablet. Like, I got over to my dad's house and my tablet won't turn on now. Argh ;-(
On the bright side...I WON THE UNDERWORLD CHALLENGE!!!!!
@Riker OMG! I only have 4 internet children. You, Mannlymann, FoxChan and Rincewind ;)
Wait. Why are you a different username now?
@Nevermore ;-(
@Nevermore OMG ;-(
@Nevermore OMFG! ;-( ;-(
Seems like you're going through all blabber your sister did.
7:18 AM
Just for the record...those are scowling faces!!!! Now I know why you aren't answering your effing phone! God! You broke my frigging tablet, FYI.
@Nevermore Yeah. You should keep it zipped! ARGH! ;-(
@AJ Unfortunately, yes :(
Now I know why she is avoiding my calls...;)
She is a goner, isn't she? ;)
Yes. Yes she is.
Is she elder or younger than you?
She is 2 years older than I am.
She's a teacher and she is obsessed with Poe. Napoleon and Rand kept bugging me for her to go to literature and answer questions and stuff. She feels the need to come in here because she just has to talk to Napoleon because she is nosy... ;)
Watched half of Mulholland Drive
Too weird for my taste but still going to complete it
7:29 AM
Is that the one with the box?
@steelersquirrel congrats
@steelersquirrel blue box and lesbian relationship.
what lesbians
Hahahaha!!!! Himarm all rolls up in here when he hears lesbian talk ;)
i heard tell their were lesbians
7:35 AM
oh man
i see your sister was just in here
Yeah right before she broke my effing tablet.
its okay time to buy a new one
Q: Pushing Daisies unanswered questions?

user76639I loved Pushing Daisies and hope that it will have a revival someday. I wanted to check if any of these questions have been answered by Bryan Fuller and co. since the show ended: Where is Chuck's Dad? Where is Ned's Dad? What's the significance of their watches? Does Ned's dad know about his pow...

@Himarm Mulholland Drive
My sister is not a chat room person. She only comes around when I tell her that someone wants a question answered or something that she is interested in. She wouldn't hang around in a chat room for a long period of time, anyways. She just wanted to test Napoleon...that's all she was doing. I know her all too well ;)
7:38 AM
sure sure
I'm totally onto her game :P
first its test nap then its stealing your internet kids
I'm banning her ;)
thats no fun
She's not answering her phone, either! She knew that I would be annoyed at her for that. She's such a frigging wuss ;)
7:40 AM
sisters shakes head
All talking about getting married and having kids and getting everyone stressed about my dad. ARGH!
you at work?
first time my wife met my sister my parents had them share a bed, so we got to my parents house at 2am and she had to crawl into my sister bed lol
my parents are real... conservative
(we were still dating)
Yeah. I'm at work. My tablet is broken. I can only be around while I'm at work for the time being.
7:44 AM
did you plug it in?
Haha! Yes!
better buy yourself alittle laptop or something, or youll be bored without us
I will figure it out tomorrow. I will have my nephew look at it.
in The Reading Room, 6 hours ago, by Rand al'Thor
Hmm, that's a little disappointing though, tbh. I was expecting a little more detailed analysis from someone who's literally published essays about that poem ;-)
@Nevermore Hahaha! You suck! ^^
That's my fault. I told her not to over do the answer and make a book out of it. I told her to just specifically answer the question...nothing more.
7:51 AM
true though, full on essays are little to much usually
She didn't really want to do it in the first place. She only did it because I asked her to do it. This kind of place just isn't really her thing. She only did it because Napoleon asked it.
anyone can get into this
while shes at work, ignore her students(she still teaching) and hang out here instead :P
She honestly does not have the time to commit to it. She rarely has 5 minutes to herself. She can't be around at work because she's a teacher and she spends her spare time grading papers or preparing lessons and she has a husband, 2 kids and a house to deal with. When I saw her today, she was waiting at my dad's house for a delivery and she had a stack of papers to grade. I'm surprised that she even had time to answer that question in the first place.
grading papers, kids husband pshhhhh
@Randal'Thor That was my bad. Apparently it wasn't an actual "published" essay. It was her thesis for her Master's and her professor put it in some journal at her college. She won an award for it, but only within her school. I guess that I don't know the difference between "publish" and "being put in a school journal." My fault.
Feel free to keep saying that her answer sucked, though ;)
8:03 AM
your in quite the fiesty mood tonight :P
@Himarm I am constantly comparing her to Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher ;)
haha, scamming kids for a boob job?
@Himarm Hehe! My sister's big mouth has me all worked up ;)
Yeah. Smoking pot in the parking lot and stuff :P
That movie is hilarious. I want to see Bad Moms
Is that what it's called?
i saw it
it was pretty funny
thogh i like mila
My sister and I are constantly making fun of the "soccer moms" at my niece's school. They seriously have no life. They all sit in their little circle of stay at home moms and gossip. My sister and her other mom friends are constantly making fun of them ;)
I guess that they started laughing out loud when one of them did some sort of power point presentation at a PTA meeting :P
8:09 AM
pta meetings >.< lol
My sister was like "Are you effing kidding me right now?"
soccer moms are an annomally
speaking of soccer moms
my mom forget me after a soccer game once
before cellphones
Hahaha! That sounds like something that I would do. What happened?
well, i cried
and my friends mom drove me home
though i only cried because my freinds mom was whispering to my freinds dad "what mother would forget her kid"
though my mom worked, and my freinds mom was a real soccer mom
Why did your mom forget you?
8:12 AM
she thought my dad was picking me up
so i got home and my moms like, wheres your dead
I would be the talk of all of the soccer moms because I am sure that I would do that on more than one occasion and I would never go to PTA meetings or anything like that. They would love talking about me ;)
they didnt like me being in sports
because they always forget shit like that because they didnt have phones
my sitser on the other hand grew up with a cell phone
and so they always could get into contact with her or the other way around
I seriously don't know how my sister does it. My brother in law is out of town so much and she has to run my niece around to all of this cheerleading crap along with working. They go to a private school, so they can't ride a bus. She has to take them and drive them home and then make dinner, laundry, housework and then go and get my niece and then grade papers until 12am and then start it all over again. Ugh.
maybe they secretly have a made
my cousin just told me about his maid
that him and his wife have had unknown for 10 years
I don't know if having kids is worth it :P
How can you not know if you have a maid?
8:17 AM
well they knew
but didnt tell anyone
so they all thought his wife was "super mom"
but the maid did all the house work
Kinda like how I would go and buy a pre-made dish at the store and pass it off like I actually cooked it ;)
my local stores started selling pre spiced raw meat
not to bad
What is pre spiced raw meat?
8:23 AM
like they put the pepper, salt, other spices on the raw chicken
then wrap it up
and so you just have to toss it straight into the oven
Oh, right! That's what I buy. I usually buy it already cut up as well. I'm really lazy when it comes to cooking ;)
when i buy raw meat, i usualy buy my chicken in the tenderloin cuts
its like 2 dollars more
but then i dont have to ever cut it i just fork it into a bowl of spices and fork it onto a pan
Yeah. It's worth it. You can just get it home and toss it into the pan. Same with vegetables. I always buy those pre cut and salad that's in the bag.
i buy those bagged salads
but i never eat them fast enough
and throw half away >..
I always buy the kale power salads with the brussel sprouts and the cranberries and the little pouch of dressing already in it.
8:29 AM
they have like premade ceasar salads
but the chicken is always like... moist
and i like gag eating it
its not really bad
i just think about it, its really pale white
and it creeps me out
Ewwww. I never eat the meat in those salads. It's all sponge-like and stuff.
i had to stop buying them
Are you still on your diet?
about to start it back up though
i meant to start on thursday
but we had leftovers and bacon left to finish off
so ill probaly go shoping on sunday and do some meal prep
Hehehe! No willpower with the bacon!
8:35 AM
had some blts
and then some chicken parm
now i just have some chips to eat up real quick
Mmmmmm...chips! My mom makes homemade guacamole and she is making a ton of it for our football party on Sunday with buffalo wings and stuff. Argh!
my birthday is always on/near superbowl sunday
I love buffalo wings and guacamole and chips...I am not eating for two days so that I can have some ;)
which of corse doesnt help my potential diet
WUT?!?! When is your birthday?
8:38 AM
the 7th of feb
so i usually end up having a family party on superbowl sunday
Woot! Well, you can watch the Steelers play in the super bowl this year!
do they have to win the game this sunday and their in
or do they have more games
They just have to beat the Patriots on Sunday and they're in! Huge game!
ill burn my witchcraft candle
My dad just got a new TV especially for the game. He needed a new one anyways, but still.
There will be no living with Skooba and I for 2 weeks if the Steelers make it to the super bowl :P
8:43 AM
We will be annoying everyone with football talk ;)
spamming buisness everywhere
I'm still waiting for you guys to get chat banned over in the Reading Room :P
skooba and i are productive members
we just dont like random mods that arnt even involved in lit to show up
like they show up on sff
i even repcapped yesterday
Well...what's his face did think of the name of the chatroom. Even though it's lame ;)
You repcapped on literature? WUT?
8:49 AM
got 230 today
9:00 AM
No questions to answer.
Answer my V for Vendetta questions that I asked a few days ago!
oo v for vendetta
you know i like natalie portman :D
I just watched it for the first time the other day. It was awesome!
@steelersquirrel I didn't watch that movie.
It's really good! It's Ankit's favorite movie! That's why I watched it!
9:09 AM
natalie portman is my wifes female celeb crush
9:20 AM
hrm i should head to bead before i get beaton
from whom? O.o
9:44 AM
@steelersquirrel Speech Speech Speech
@Riker Another fun fact: Almost 85% messages sent to her include Steeler. ;-)
10:27 AM
@AJ Ohhhhh...do I have to make a speech? ;)
Himarm is constantly beaten by his wife ;)
Winner has to make a speech.
@steelersquirrel Oh so that's why he had that expressions on face in wedding pic.
Thinking I'm doomed now.
Acceptance Speech: I would like to thank myself for the nomination of the challenge. I would like to thank Ankit and cde for asking other Underworld questions. I would like to thank cde and Amaranth for answering the questions. Last but not least, I would like to thank my beloved Napoleon for sponsoring the challenge ;)
@AJ Hahaha! Exactly!
@steelersquirrel You thanked cde twice.
@steelersquirrel Post it under the meta post.
@AJ That's because he was the only one who asked and answered questions ;)
I want refund of my time for watching Mulholland Drive
Anyway did I missed anything
10:39 AM
@AnkitSharma I heard that movie has erotice lesbian scene.
More then one
Okay. Acceptance speech posted on meta!
Wow great
@steelersquirrel but u didn't asked sonja brunette /blonde question
@AnkitSharma Oh, right! I thought that you were going to...
no I was not
You cans till ask it
10:42 AM
I am still waiting for you to suggest the Friday the 13th thing...
and I though you had 20+ questions
I know. I suck.
@steelersquirrel I will today, first lunch'
It's already 4:13 PM
What's the next ToW Challenge going to be?
Let me check
> Heath Ledger Week

> 22 January
>Milla Jovovich and Paul W. S. Anderson Week

>January 27
10:45 AM
Next ToW suggestion: Movies with Steeler players in them ;)
The only movie I can think of is The Dark Knight Rises.
8 hours ago, by Riker
in my estimation, 30% of her messages consist of "OMG!!!", "HAHA!!!", and "STEELERS"
1 hour ago, by A J
@Riker Another fun fact: Almost 85% messages sent to her include Steeler. ;-)
@AJ what about Brokeback Mountain and 10 Things I Hate About You
10:47 AM
2 mins ago, by steelersquirrel
Next ToW suggestion: Movies with Steeler players in them ;)
@AJ Smokey and the Bandit II and Cannonball Run. Those are the only other ones that I know of and they are both pretty bad 80's movies ;)
Watching Triangle now to overcome Mulholland Drive
@Walt to me Mulholland Drive is overrated . Acting was good but what was the point
@AnkitSharma I suppose we don't have to deal with crazy Ankit in the evening. ;P
I have seen the other Triangle by mistake and that one was okaish at best
10:50 AM
After all, you're going to watch Triangle. That's the worst mind-spoiling movie I ever watched.
More then memento ?
Not exactly.
I am sure it's not as weird as Mulholland Drive
Since I've seen Triangle, it didn't spoiled that much.
Mulholland Drive was pilot turned film with so many unanswered question
@AJ k
10:54 AM
Did you see The Punisher? I think one of Mulholland Dr. actresses is in it.
The Punisher is frigging awesome!!
Is it from pre 80s
@AnkitSharma 2004
k, will try then
10:58 AM
It's got John Travolta and Thomas Jane in it. It's an awesome movie!
11:35 AM
Q: Why Kelly Foster smile by seeing Benjamin Vomits?

user45902In [We Bought A Zoo][1], I dont get this scene where Kelly Foster smile by seeing Benjamin Vomits: https://i.stack.imgur. com/uRaZ8.jpg (please add this image also in this post which I can't) What is point of this scene? [1]: https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/We_Bought_a_Zoo

@steelersquirrel We edited the post at the same time.
@AJ Oh, sorry.
No worry.
I know that's frustrating. Napoleon frigging does it to me all of the time ;)
It's ok. :)
I just started editing it.
11:44 AM
Now I need to think of Heath Ledger movies...
I really liked Monster's Ball. Even though he is only in it for like 2 seconds ;)
Q: What is the significance of word "cuss"?

user45904This word is used so much in this movie: Fantastic Mr Fox, What is the significance of word "cuss" ?

Oh, gheez. It's seeing someone vomit not seeing someone vomiting isn't it? Good Lord.
I never put image descriptions in...
This guy is going to have to edit a lot of posts if he is going to do that ;)
It's not a typo! Vomit is totally spelled correctly.
I can't really answer that one right now, given that I'm at work.
@MovieReel It's a kid's movie. Anyway, I explained it.

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