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1:36 PM
Some interesting discussion on using "Zebra stripes" for tables over at the ux stack.exchange site.
Q: To use or not to use... Alternating Row Colors for Tables

skleinIs there any research out there showing whether or not alternating the row colors for a table increases/impedes the time it takes to parse information? An example can be found at the following location: I generally find it easy to associate the input fields with the row names as long as the t...

I also noticed recently PLoS articles use striped tables like this.
9 hours later…
11:02 PM
Hey guys, can I get some quick sanity checking on this answer?
Q: How to minimize experience required by crafting items?

badpCrafting items in sequence requires you to spend experience. The more experience you spend, the more likely you are to succeed. However, the experience required grows very fast as the percentage chance approaches 95% (the maximum). Here's, e.g., the values for the super-expensive Half Prism at d...

I've tried to use very basic stats stuff but I've probably messed to mess it up horribly and/or reached misleading results

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