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12:07 AM
Minced porc ears in Madrid
Sorry. Morning.
3 hours later…
3:09 AM
@J.D. I see your company advertising at the Mets game
1 hour later…
4:16 AM
@ErikDarling Ya, we're official partners now. P cool. I think there'll be opportunities to meet the players, etc.
You a Mets fan?
2 hours later…
6:22 AM
What the hell, game?

Wordle 714 6/6*

6:41 AM
Wordle 714 5/6*

2 hours later…
8:19 AM
@ErikDarling Not directly, you would have to use one of the 'breadcrumb' type options mentioned earlier.
3 hours later…
11:34 AM
Wordle 714 X/6*

Is wordle getting harder or am I just getting dumber
12:07 PM
trigger_nestlevel is weird
at least for my attempt
i'm confused why it's 0 in the trigger, i guess
1:07 PM
@ErikDarling It is a weirdish function. According to the docs, it only detects nesting level of trigger objects: "Returns the number of triggers executed for the statement that fired the trigger.".
"Arguments: object_id - Is the object ID of a trigger. If object_id is specified, the number of times the specified trigger has been executed for the statement is returned."
yeah, the statement that fired the trigger is ambiguous
May 30 at 17:23, by mustaccio
Writing comprehension being what it is these days...
But yea it is a little ambiguous. The parameter definition is a little clearer.
Not sure which breadcrumb options Paul was referring to. Perhaps something like the SESSION_CONTEXT()?
so it only tracks triggers that fire triggers
yeah, session_context
19 hours ago, by Paul White
Before SESSION_CONTEXT, we used an application lock, or even the existence of a named temporary table to check the caller
@ErikDarling Yes. Btw sir, I was curious, are you a Mets fan by any chance? 🙂
1:26 PM
@PaulWhite more like buttcrumbs
@J.D. my wife likes them more than i do, since she's from long island, but i am a baseball fan generally
That explains the MAXDOP shirts then
my ctfp shirts will have cricket bats on them
ha ha ha
Is that what happens when a mummy cricket and a daddy bat love each other v much
have you ever seen a bat penis
i don't think the cricket would make it
I have not
1:39 PM
session context is also weird
@ErikDarling would you be interested in some box seat tickets for your family this season? Comes with the works, free food & open bar, etc.
Unfortunately they're not doing as well as last season, but it's still early.
where are they? i usually get those delta club tickets because i have some status thing with them
Yea I think it's Delta Club? (Have to check the stadium map to refresh myself.) Our box is right next to Citi's, right behind home plate.
sounds like it's about the same
but yeah, sure, i'd love to go
thanks for asking
Cool, want to email me some dates that works for you guys and how many your family would need? I'll see if we can make it happen.
1:50 PM
do you have a list of dates that are open?
Well we own the box, so pretty much any date that hasn't been fully claimed yet. I think it holds up to 24 people or so. So usually most dates are open if I request early enough in advance.
E.g. anything that's 2+ weeks out from now is probably available still I'm assuming.
ah yeah well if you can see which dates have four available i'll run them by the wife
we have a little travel coming up too
going to a red sox game in a couple weeks when we're in boston
Heh cool
@ErikDarling Sure. You have any preference on days / times? E.g. only weekends, or only late games, etc?
any weekend in july, preferably day game because i don't think the kids would make it through a 7 oclock start
also please ensure it will not be raining 😃
i'm being told not july 1
@ErikDarling hah, so many cancellations this season so far. The worst is actually showing up, waiting 2 hours for a delay, and then it being cancelled anyway.
@ErikDarling sounds good, I'll see what I can make happen.
P sure that's the area our box is in, if memory serves me correctly.
2:04 PM
yeah, i think that's about where we had our last round of tickets
Cool cool
@PaulWhite did i miss anything? gist.github.com/erikdarlingdata/…
@J.D. just don't show up and ask me to look at query plans, ha ha ha
@ErikDarling you caught me. 😉
Nah, we won't be there to bother ya lol
well i promise i won't get unruly
Feel free to, just don't say you know me 😁
Subway series games get pretty rowdy, with dem Yankee fans at the company showing up lol
2:11 PM
@ErikDarling Well, there's some unusual syntax there and you probably want to clear the session context after firing the trigger so that session can call the trigger at other times.
SESSION_CONTEXT returns sql-variant so just convert it, no need for a nested SELECT
@J.D. i will be wearing a clever disguise of course
> IF (SELECT SESSION_CONTEXT(N'dbo.tp_u')) = 138
> my feelings
gist updated with less unusualness: gist.github.com/erikdarlingdata/…
or fewer unusualnesses
It's a bit annoying not being able to guarantee resetting the value
2:31 PM
you're so verbose
thanks though
@ErikDarling I added the reset to the CATCH in the update
It's sad it's not transactional but I guess it matches SET CONTEXT_INFO in that regard
Leaving that key set could lead to some hard to diagnose bugs
do hate a bug
thank god that lady didn't find a bat in her computer eh
2:46 PM
Whoever thought putting salt in chocolate would be a good idea 🤮
himalayans maybe
3:03 PM
that's really cool
@PaulWhite sweet and salty, classic. The key is not to overdo it though.
fascinating though
@PaulWhite so you're not a fan of staple foods covered in chocolate, e.g. chips, pretzels, etc?
3:17 PM
@ErikDarling I always find it hard to anticipate what people will find interesting
@J.D. I just don't like salt with chocolate.
I mean, I could give examples of foods with and without salt and/or chocolate, but that seems to cover it
I do hate to be verbose
@PaulWhite i am not hard to please
@PaulWhite Fair enough, but I'd wager you're not of popular opinion on that.
Let's put it to a vote
Unanimous then
i like extra dark chocolate
like 90%
Bit extreme
3:29 PM
I'm a dark chocolate kinda guy too. I prefer around 70% the most, but can do 90% too.
I suppose making chocolate disgusting is one way to eat less of it
it's the only way i can enjoy it. anything remotely sweet turns my stomach.
4:04 PM
I see
so like
going back a little
to what people will find interesting
i think it's learning the right way to do things
there are so many nooks and crannies and odd ways to do things in sql server
and there's so many built in things that are full of gotchas and landmines
a great example is your article on sequence tables
there are so many ways to screw that up
That's all very true
Sometimes it feels like it is deliberately trying to catch one out
To be fair, such difficulties are sometimes a sign of pursuing a dumb idea
It's probably coincidence Josh arrives just as I say that
i was just about to say the documentation isn't always totally clear or up front about what things do
which may have also been a summoning
He had no chance really
4:29 PM
the poor dear
shocked into silence
5:20 PM
5:35 PM
oh ha ha I just checked who that was
those votes were legit
and all because of the fantastic new buttons
i demand they be reinstated
2 hours ago, by Paul White
Let's put it to a vote
the user already voted
users don't get votes
this is a banana republic
5:44 PM
fun though isn't it
head monkey
Gosh I dislike writing dynamic SQL
i like it
how can i help
> The CONCAT function requires at least two string_value arguments, and no more than 254 string_value arguments.
just concat another concat bro
5:48 PM
Does that seem like fun 2 u
I wouldn't mind it so much if the text weren't all red
And it didn't fall over all the time due to an obviously missing comma or whatnot
6:07 PM
yeah, i had a similar problem earlier with a missing end paren
and of course the query was 7k bytes long so i had to print two substrings
and then fix a broken line ending
so yeah
let's demand a dynamic sql data type, since microsoft seems keen on adding new ones that are just (n)varchar max anyway
6:25 PM
I wouldn't miss adding CRLF to the end of every line
6:41 PM
Usually create a crlf variable to hold that to make it a little less painful
Y'all aren't stuffing your CONCAT()s inside each other are you?
i never use concat
6:58 PM
@ErikDarling Same
@ErikDarling How so?
7:19 PM
a lot of the dynamic sql that i've written has been in analysis scripts that had to run across a lot of older versions of sql server, so i never got in the habit of using it
my habit it most using + convert(nvarchar(max), N'...') + to avoid truncation issues
it's probably stupid for me not to
at this point anyway
that was what? 2012?
Something like that
Yes 2012
7:43 PM
yeah so
i should probably get over myself huh
8:09 PM
There's probably not much in it. I was mostly wondering if you had a special reason to avoid it. You often have good reasons for the way you do things
well, i have reasons anyway. i feel like a lot of the time you can talk me out of them, hahaha.
2 hours later…
10:28 PM
@J.D. It prevents connection pooling across users for a start. And if you are using it for a public facing web server you don't want to have to create thousands or millions of AD users just to log in to SQL Server. Instead you use other authentication methods to gate access to SQL queries (OAuth etc), and you wouldn't allow direct SQL access anyway, only via the web server.
11:23 PM
Goddamn Mets.
What do you expect if they can't even play Rounders properly
11:57 PM
Baseball is just weird these days with the pitch clocks
Just let everyone do steroids and hit home runs

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