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12:34 AM
Verace maintaining a faultless record of being wrong about everything
2 hours later…
2:13 AM
Q: RegEx pattern matcher issue

MaserickI'm struggling with a "simple" RegEx problem. I wan't to check a sting if the pattern "BN123456" or "bn123456" is included and if so, extract it. The pattern could be in the beginning, middle or end of the string. So I setup this regex and this test code Pattern MyPattern = Pattern.compile('[Bb][...

Problems problems problems
Seen on HNQ
3:14 AM
Regexpes were a mistake, I presume?
3 hours later…
6:19 AM
6:42 AM
7:21 AM
A chairde - Morning all!
2 hours later…
9:15 AM
@Vérace-СлаваУкраїні He was just genuine and natural and knew how to coax quotes out of people.
@HannahVernon I thought it was "Moaning"
9:44 AM
2 hours later…
11:21 AM
@JohnK.N. Hmmm.... I was never a fan. We went to the same school - although, I hasten to add, not at the same time! :-)
@Lamak Just like it's mandatory to eat prairie dog in Chile?
11:46 AM
@mustaccio ....and Hawking Radiation.
WTF is happening in USA?
@Zikato freedom and stuff
12:02 PM
Q: When using ALTER COLUMN to change the field dimensions, what constraints are lost unless also explicitly included in the statement?

SquidNetI am writing some code to automatically ALTER COLUMN dimensions in a target table where neccessary to accomodate the data of a source table prior to INSERTing into it. For example, say I have a source table containing a column called ABC defined as VARCHAR(10). I have a target table with that col...

Let's make a full list of column properties which are lost by using ALTER COLUMN and just changing a varchar length.
12:17 PM
@Vérace-СлаваУкраїні Evan could teach a master class on trolling. It'd be called "I'm not trolling, I swear!"
12:42 PM
@Zikato An evergreen question.
1:01 PM
@billinkc I used to have a Blade 2500 at one point, but never really used it for much.
By the time I got it, Solaris was pretty much on the way out, even on Oracle sites.
Then Oracle bought Sun and the rest of the world decided Solaris was something to be gotten rid of.
1 hour later…
2:20 PM
@Vérace-СлаваУкраїні no...just street dogs I think
5 hours later…
7:32 PM
I think with his underlying self-deprecating humour (despite his obvious bombastic, self-aggrandising over-compensatory behaviour), he'd call it "Trolls R Us!"? 🤡
8:09 PM
@Vérace-СлаваУкраїні or 2 pluses and 1 minuses. or 2 pluses and 3 minuses. opinions would differ ;)

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