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Q: Are questions about book cover services on topic?

Ceramicmrno0bI want to ask a question about book cover services but am unsure if it is on topic or not. I don't think this is defined in the help center, yet is still kind of related to writing/publishing. If questions about book cover services are off topic here, can you recommend an SE were they might be ac...

Q: Proposal for a Writing SE custom logo

Mark GiraffeI like this site and I really want to design it. Lately, I'm trying to make custom logos for Stack Exchange sites that doesn't seem to have one. Just like Arduino's logo, I thought of a simple logo put up on the iconic Stack Exchange default logo speech bubble. Just a pen/marker on the bubble. I...

Q: Help-Center sentance rewrite

Nai45In the help center, the first paragraph states: Writing Stack Exchange is a Q&A site for anybody interested in the craft of professional writing, editing, and publishing. We cover a wide variety of topics, including fiction, technical documentation, scholarly articles, business writing, non-fict...


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