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3:34 AM
Q: Tags of the week! April 22-28, 2019: Essay & Marketing

CynWEEK: April 22-28, 2019 TAGS: essay and marketing At the start of this week essay had 140 questions and marketing had 141. Let see how high we can get them by week's end. As a followup to our fantastic tag contest, and to suggestions that we continue the fun in a more informal way, here is Wr...

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10:11 AM
@MonicaCellio I added a short-story to the Universe Factory. Can you please review it and see if it fits the Blog? It probably needs a "Mature Content" warning label... If you think it still fits here is a little excerpt that could be used for the WB Meta post:
A dream for a poor little girl from the slums, they said. There would never be such a chance again, they said. She would live a different life, they said. There were just a few details her father didn't tell her and her mother.

The first thing was that it wasn't really a scholarship. It was more of a payment. A payment for a slave.
10:21 AM
The Universe Factory is frozen by the way. That's why I am pinging you here.
3 hours later…
1:31 PM
And another story about Luna (yeah, I continued one of my series! :D) A possible teaser could be:
After a few incidents that involved a test subject with cat ears and another one with a wolf's nose we can this time follow our heroine on her quest to find a new assistant while she is taking a little vacation from the strenuous experimenting.

"How dare they forbid me to experiment for a whole month! I am not even allowed any preparations! What am I supposed to do with all this unnecessary time?"
2:21 PM
What's the Universe Factory?
2:39 PM
@Cyn It's WorldBuilding.SE's unofficial Blog on Medium. You can find it here. And there is a post on WB.SE Meta where new posts are announced. You find that one here. Basically everything related to WorldBuilding is welcome there. I sometimes write fantasy short-stories for it.
There is also a chat room on WorldBuilding SE for it that you can find here, but as there hasn't been a post in a while it's frozen right now and I can't ping Monica there. So I thought I'd do that here instead.
1 hour later…
3:47 PM
@Secespitus Oh wow I had no idea. Thanks for the links.
3 hours later…
6:59 PM
@Secespitus whoops, fixed now. And thanks for the submission! Will take a look tonight (at work now).
@Secespitus @Cyn the blog has ebbed and flowed over time. I'd love to see more participation there.
@MonicaCellio Thanks!

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