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8:02 AM
Q: Free stock photos for ebook cover

Javeer BakerFollowing my question here, I am wondering what are the pros and cons of using images/photos from websites that offer free stock photos. I am aware of MorgueFiles. My goal is to use the images/photos to create my ebook covers. I want to be able to manipulate the photos (e.g. recolur or use laye...

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7:29 PM
Q: How to do dialogue?

K124STWhenever I'm writing, I use this style: •"I don't see why I have to put up with this nonsense." I muttered. However, I see this type of writing in books: •"This room is full of idiots," he muttered. Is the style I use okay, or do I have to change it to the one I see in books?

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8:48 PM
Q: Screenwriting: Help with paragraph length.

NickI have a "paragraph" (is it called a paragraph?), in this scene below: INT. VICTIM’S BASEMENT - NIGHT ------, a professional criminal, and serial killer, is hard at work in the basement of an unsuspecting victim. The clock can be seen to his left, it reads 3:00 AM. How long should that desc...

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10:31 PM
@MonicaCellio When you reviewed my edit of this answer did the paragraph breaks seem correct? I was not entirely certain. (I also considered breaking up the last paragraph, but ...)
10:53 PM
@PaulA.Clayton they looked right to me -- new paragraph for each change in speaker seems common to me. Thanks for your contributions to our site, by the way -- your meta answer on what makes a good answer is excellent, and I saw several edits from you today. Good job.
@MonicaCellio The meta answer is c. wiki--additions and alterations are encouraged. I am hoping that the answer itself can be an example of what makes a good answer (how meta :-). An expository text section seems necessary to show how that style should be implemented and when it is appropriate. (I admit editing can be fun.)
@PaulA.Clayton yes, agreed -- that answer should be an example of a good answer. I hope to be able to devote more attention to contributing to it later tonight. Thanks for making it CW.
@MonicaCellio If it was not on Meta, I would probably not have had the virtue to do so; but meta upvotes don't count for much. I look forward to seeing your contribution--probably not until tomorrow morning (here on U.S. east coast). (leaving chat)
@PaulA.Clayton good time zone! ttyl

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