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5:07 AM
Q: Vishnusahasranama 9-syllable line

Apps 247The viSNusahasranAma from the mahAbhArata follows the epic anuSTubh chandas as do most classical shlokas today. The anuSTubh chandas has shlokas follow a 4x8 pattern, with 4 parts of 8 syllables each. However, the 54th shloka of the viSNusahasranAma breaks this rule. |1| sOmapO'mRtapaH sOmaH |2|...

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7:23 AM
Q: What is the meaning of "Nakshatranemi"?

AlexI know that the word "Nakshatranemi" is an epithet applied to Lord Vishnu. I would like to know the exact, literal translation of the word. Is it "One who moves among the Stars" or "One who makes the stars move" or something else?

7:46 AM
Q: Procedure of panchayatana puja

HarshaIk of the stones used and the placement according to ur ishta and that dwijas can use vedic suktas but what is the procedure for non dwijas? Should they use stotras/other mantras? And what is the exact procedure in detail?

11 hours later…
6:27 PM
Q: Graha shanti solutions

VarshiniI went to an astrologer and got to know that almost every graha is in its bad positon.. and for that he gave me some remedies.. in that few are done by myself.. like regular Pooja and chanting mantras.. but the problem is my timings are not good and i can't sit with peace and chant bcoz of the ti...


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