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3:43 AM
Q: If soul is everywhere, then what is leaving the body at the time of death?

user2225190If the whole universe is soul itself, then what is leaving at the time of death? i.e. if the soul is in me, and the same soul is in air, then what is leaving the body? If the soul is everywhere, then it must be in the dead body also, then why are we saying that the soul is leaving the body?

2 hours later…
5:36 AM
You are ‘the soul’. It is you that will leave the Sthula Sharira (body), which is temporary, only for this lifetime. The soul is not everywhere. The whole universe is Brahman or God, not the soul — Archit 54 mins ago
@Archit Better compose an answer.
Q: Are the Pandavas the sons of Gods or Gods themselves?

Darshit PatelI am currently reading the Mahabharata, (Adi Parva) by Bibek Debroy, and it has a Chapter called the Vaivahik Parva, which explains how the Pandavas came to be. The relevant section has been explained in the following question already: Who were the previous Indras that incarnated as the Pandavas?...

6:10 AM
Q: Why tirupathi's doors are not allowed to be widened?

The Hungry DictatorAs I was watching series about Tirupati Tirumala Documentary on National Geographic, as per them they are following some aadama shastra and as per that even if they want they won't be allowed to widened or make bigger gates of the temple entrance. Why is that so ?

6:34 AM
Q: Which texts mention that satyabhama was incarnation of bhumi Devi?

Rishikesh SWikipedia mentions satyabhama has incarnation of bhumi devi but I haven't found any such reference in scriptures.Please do provide reference.

7:06 AM
@RamAbloh My Mom shared this Krishna Bhajan today: youtube.com/watch?v=cDtHVfkslzA&feature=youtu.be I am sure you'll love it. :)
these brothers are too good; here is another one: youtube.com/watch?v=SPGgiqxCG8g
@CaptainBohemian Welcome back :)
this chat is littered with unfamiliar words that I can't understand what you are talking about.
It's alright! If you're interested to learn I can help you.
7:45 AM
Welcome to Hinduism Chatroom :) @AaryanBHAGAT
1 hour later…
9:00 AM
Q: Can married couples climb hills in first six months after marriage?

hanugmIs there any restriction in Hinduism that newly married couples should not climb hills for the first six months after their marriage?

3 hours later…
11:50 AM
Q: Can vanaras in scriptures be different from monekys?

hanugmAccording to the dictionaty, the word वानर has multiple meanings. One among them is Monkey. But others include ape, Monkey-like etc., Hanuman, Sugreeva etc., are said to be of Vanara race. In this context, are there any scriptural statements supporting that Vanara is different from Monkey?

12:14 PM
Q: Which scriptures should be suffixed with the term Samhita?

hanugmAccording to the Wikipedia Samhita literally means "put together, joined, union", a "collection", and "a methodically, rule-based combination of text or verses". Samhita also refers to the most ancient layer of text in the Vedas, consisting of mantras, hymns, prayers, litanies and benedictions. ...

1:09 PM
@TheLittleNaruto very beautiful bhajans! thank you!
@TheLittleNaruto I just remembered this one: youtube.com/watch?v=cpmqBod3IUw very classic Meerabai I think
@TheLittleNaruto same Jaagiye Brijraaj Kunwar sung differently (in Mahabharat serial) youtube.com/watch?v=hmKJAnSW5sQ
@TheLittleNaruto sorry it's Surdas not Meerabai
1:58 PM
Hi @TheLittleNaruto, thought to drop by here as well :)
3:04 PM
Q: Was Vibhisena strong

Mythomaster SanchitWe all know that Vibhisena was a Brahmin-Daitya and was an ardent follower of Lord Rama. But was he strong and wielded a weapon ?

3:26 PM
@Brahadeesh Hey! Welcome to chatroom :)
Good to see you here as well :)
@RamAbloh Yeah they are. I never thought my mom would send those beautiful bhajans to me.
@RamAbloh Beautiful man!
@RamAbloh I think @Brahadeesh too, would like this one..
btw @RamAbloh Did you happen to look at this question: hinduism.stackexchange.com/q/31740/647 ?
I wonder if it interests your "answering" instinct :P
2 hours later…
5:15 PM
@TheLittleNaruto very interesting question but it will take a lot of digging to find the answer with sources 😅
But even then, it may need some explanation, but it may not be mythology based, it may need some "reconstruction" based on realistic assumptions
@RamAbloh haha! Okay! take your time! If you are able to answer in next 2 days(?), I may be able to award bounty
hmm... i will try.. but no promises 😉
@RamAbloh Yeah I like that song!
Used to listen to it during Uni.
I wish i had more training to recognize the ragas
I can sing, but cannot sing in specific ragas
@RamAbloh Ah wait! You were responding to my previous message. And I replied thinking about this song: youtube.com/watch?v=gW-OOBbXAXM lol
@RamAbloh say no more! @Brahadeesh can help us.
5:24 PM
@TheLittleNaruto oh i see hahaha
I see that @TheLittleNaruto summoned me here :D Yes, indeed, I'd love to help out @RamAbloh :)
yay \o/
Hello @Brahadeesh
Hi, how's it going? :)
@TheLittleNaruto I'm listening to the bhajan right now :)
5:26 PM
Good, how are you?
@Brahadeesh RamAbloh is an Veda expert and has 4k+ followers on Quora.
@Brahadeesh Cool
@RamAbloh Somehow, quite busy and yet unable to get any work done :P Lockdown has been weird
@TheLittleNaruto That's damn cool! How did you study the Vedas @RamAbloh?
@Brahadeesh TBH because of lockdown I could work on other things which I always wanted to but because of office work and daily travel was not able to focus.
So I see it as a opportunity
May be for all of us..?
@TheLittleNaruto it's great that you've been able to do that. I wish my plans also worked out smoothly. Right now, I've resolved to let my meditation happen no matter what, at the very least :)
5:29 PM
@Brahadeesh Yeah about that! Any specific meditation you're doing?
@Brahadeesh well i got basic training from my grandfather in my svashakha, and then continued with svadhyaya
@RamAbloh I'm unfamiliar with those terms, but I think I got a rough idea
@TheLittleNaruto I'm practicing the Shambhavi Mahamudra, taught by Isha Foundation (Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev) in their Inner Engineering Program.
@Brahadeesh is that a traditional technique?
Well, it has some traditional elements in it, but it's certainly crafted uniquely by Sadhguru, since he's a contemporary mystic.
5:33 PM
@Brahadeesh How long does it take?
The practice is 21 minutes long. I do it twice a day, once before breakfast and once before dinner
There are some Upayoga asanas and some preparatory asanas that should be ideally done before the Shambhavi Mahamudra. Altogether, it might take 40-50 minutes.
Very nice! I'll give it a try
@Brahadeesh Is there any step by step tutorial ?
Cool! You'll have to enroll in the Inner Engineering Program to learn it. That is a 7-day programme, you have to attend one session every day that is 3 hours long, where they teach you the asanas and other related aspects. On the final day there is an initiation program that is all-day long.
I'm not sure how they're planning to do things during COVID, though. Maybe their website has some details, I'll have to check.
5:38 PM
One of my old neighbour was part of Isha and has been doing this practice. I'll also check with him.
They have an "Inner Engineering Online" session. I suppose that means you can download and watch the videos and practice on your own, but I'm 100% sure the initiation process has to happen in the live presence of a teacher
@TheLittleNaruto Oh, great, definitely you can ask around and find out
I think there should be a Isha centre here in Bangalore too.
@RamAbloh Are you aware?
@Brahadeesh Yeah
@Brahadeesh Good to see you have made it a daily routine.
It'll sure help you mentally and physically
@TheLittleNaruto oh yeah they have a big headquarters
My neighbour guy used to do physical work all day, but he would always be cheerful
and never feel tired
5:41 PM
@TheLittleNaruto It's been a great help, bro, can't tell you what a relief that is. Even when other things are rocky, this is building a certain stability within me.
@RamAbloh Have you visited ? Where is it? I have heard it's in Indiranagar.
@RamAbloh Are you in India?
Not sure exactly where... I haven't really looked into it...
@Brahadeesh That's what I wanted to hear! That is giving me more motivation :D
I've been considering answering the question on angry sages that was asked recently, but I'm not sure if my answer will be within scope.
5:47 PM
If you can provide authentic sources for the same
then it's all good here
Exactly. Nearly every answer that I see written well is backed up with sources, pointing to the Srimad Bhagavatam or Puranas or some canonical source.
Yeah! Right
I've mentioned this elsewhere, but I am quite unfamiliar with these primary texts. In this case I felt that I had something interesting to say because I've heard Sadhguru talk about it in one of his videos.
I'm not sure whether that would be considered a good source. I've not seen anyone quote a more modern important figure in our Sanatana Dharma (except when the question specifically concerns them, for eg. Ramana Maharishi or Swami Vivekananda)
@Brahadeesh May be you can share here, and we can see if same can be answered
5:51 PM
Sure! I'll compose an "answer" and share it here
I'll share the video also in the meanwhile
Yeah also tell the exact timestamp where he is talking about it if video is too long!
Q: Are aggressive sages like Durvasa not true sages?

Sanatan DarshanIn our scriptures, there are plenty of sages like Durvasa who were very aggressive. They cursed many people on very small mistakes. He cursed King Abarisha just because he had some water before Durvasa came back because it was important to break the fast at the right time. He cursed all the gods ...

7 and a half minutes long
5:54 PM
Q: Is it mentioned anywhere that Earth appears instantly at the starting of the kalpa?

hanugmIt is well known that universe annihilates at the end of each Kalpa and then creation starts again for new Kalpa. Is it mentioned anywhere across scriptures that the earth appears instantly at the start of new Kalpa? Or does it take sometime after the starting of Kalpa? If it takes some time afte...

Sorry, I was distracted... i was looking at your raga chatroom @Brahadeesh
@RamAbloh No problem! Please feel free to drop by there whenever you feel like, we're always excited to discuss music there :)
Oh wow, I don't think I've seen that playlist. Jayanthi Kumaresh is very very good. I'll take a look at it, thanks! :)
Ok, guys, signing off now.. see you later!
5:58 PM
See you @RamAbloh!
@RamAbloh later
@Brahadeesh checking now
Was fixing some bug in my code
Meanwhile @Brahadeesh you may want to read this meta post: hinduism.meta.stackexchange.com/q/596/647
Ah, thanks! Going through that Meta post, now...
Man that is beautifully explained by Sadhguru
I would have accepted that as an answer lol
6:14 PM
I'm also taking a look at this:
Q: Guidelines for new users answering questions

Be HappyGiven the nature of the subject, many questions will undoubtedly get different answers, views and opinions. But to keep the site as authentic as possible, certain guidelines should be followed while answering questions about Hinduism. As our interest is to create a clutter-free site of correct i...

Cool! Good that you found that link on your own
"THOU SHALL PROMOTE NO GOD" is very important — Tejesh Alimilli Jul 4 '14 at 14:34
haha much needed!
It's very well written by @BeHappy. I guess an answer that I could compose based on the video I shared might be alright, but won't be considered optimal by this site's standards. No complaints on my end, of course :)
@TheLittleNaruto Hear hear!
6:24 PM
@Brahadeesh Yeah I say go ahead!
Please post that as an answer.
I've also been following the discussion on @RamAbloh's recent Meta question with interest:
Q: Does Hinduism SE promote a reductionist approach to answering questions?

RamAblohI am a new user and I have been reading through many questions and answers and observing the moderation process. It appears to me that this site encourages or enforces a reductionist approach to answering questions. What I mean is basically a cut-and-dry approach of rigid scripture-quoting, witho...

Wasn't aware those many answers were posted already
That's awesome
Many things that are written in the question resonate with me, though I cannot deny that some answers, especially some points in @sv.'s post, also make good sense.
@TheLittleNaruto On it! Thanks for your support :)
6:28 PM
@Brahadeesh Sure thing! Always in for helping others :D
Just for comparison (and I realize my personal experience is just one data point), I get a sense that Buddhism SE seems to have gathered an interesting community. I come away from their site feeling that there is a living, breathing tradition in Buddhism. On the other hand, Hinduism SE leaves me feeling like all is cut and dry, too academic. I can't place my finger on it exactly...
@Brahadeesh We can have a meta discussion on same
@TheLittleNaruto I would like to dip my toes deeper in before jumping into Meta, if you don't mind, hehe... Don't want to come across as the all-knowing newbie who wants to tell everyone how to run their site :P
But there is a problem in Hinduism and that is having so many sects with different kind of beliefs or opinions which is why I guess this site is following this academic way
Yes, I gather that there has been such a problem, from reading some old Meta posts. It doesn't seem to be a problem now, though?
6:32 PM
@Brahadeesh No! No! feel free to discuss. we would highly encourage it from new user
Let me start with that answer as a first step :)
You know that saying right? "A healthy meta can make the site a better platform"
@Brahadeesh waiting!
6:48 PM
@TheLittleNaruto On a different note, I noticed that this user has a habit of posting answers with a header and footer. That seems to me to be a bit odd, and not in line with generally accepted SE policies. Do you think it would be good to let them know?
@Brahadeesh Yeah
They're a new user, after all. The header is always @username of the OP, and the footer is "Please accept my answer and if you find any fault then please comment below. Jai shri Lakshman Jai shri Balram"
You can edit their question and then let them know in comment
@Brahadeesh :D
I'll try that :) I've already had a slightly weird interaction with them on their "angry sages" answer, though. They posted a comment under their own answer, saying something like "Wow, what a nice answer by @myusername, this should be upvoted and accepted!" so I commented asking what on earth was that (politely, of course). :D
I had told them not to ask for upvotes
Not able to find that comment now
@Brahadeesh xD
6:54 PM
Yeah, both our comments were deleted soon, probably by a moderator. I had flagged the answer after commenting, since it was suspicious. To be honest, in my flag I had requested that the comment be deleted, and also requested that they be on the lookout for any future suspicious activity. I guess it got declined because there was nothing to worry about.
I just submitted an edit on their first answer here, I hope the edit summary is clear enough: hinduism.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/29491
@TheLittleNaruto no scriptural references though I’ve been seeing this field a lot nowadays
@Archit Read Tantric texts
You'll get answers
@Brahadeesh Approved
It needs one more approval though
Q: Am I bound to these promises?

johny manI want to first say that I have OCD(Diagnosed) and Intrusive thinking.due to this intrusive thinking when I think of something good,my mind will automatically say that its intending to either forbid it or to never make it possible for me to do.I have no control over this.so my mind can say when I...

7:07 PM
@TheLittleNaruto Thanks! If you'll visit the review link again, you might see a slightly improved version of the edit.
There's a slight bug in the SE system that allows me to edit my suggested edit in the window between one approval and the final approval. I've opened a feature request on Meta SE to fix that, but I don't think that's going to go anywhere: meta.stackexchange.com/q/350040/313042
@Brahadeesh I think once approved, it doesn't need another approval from same approver even after second or 3rd edit.
@Brahadeesh So that's bug
@Brahadeesh btw I had posted one meta question too: meta.stackexchange.com/q/331404/206319 long back
Upvoted. I remember there was another related report, asking why the "Ask Question" button is confusingly placed on the same line as the title
The new design came with a lot of bugs, I don't think they're ever going to be able to iron out all the elements to optimality <sigh>
Now that SE is a big site
It would be difficult to even fix one small bug
7:14 PM
@TheLittleNaruto like Vigyanabhaiva etc? Aren’t these also in Upanishads?
You know Tantra na? Compose one answer it’s been long since you’ve answered
@Archit No they're not vedic.
I’ve yet to understand a lot from @RamAbloh ji and argue and reason out with him about Vedas
@Archit TBH I am fully occupied with some skill improving in coding
@TheLittleNaruto this concept is Vedantic na? Annamaya Josh’s and Sukshma Sharira
7:23 PM
Not able to answer nowadays
@TheLittleNaruto exams
I’m on break from everything else
Dad wants to read Garuda Purana
You and Rakeshji were saying na something about avoiding it?
@Archit Oh! Why?
@TheLittleNaruto GK
7:24 PM
I wasn't saying, Rakesh was saying I guess
@TheLittleNaruto reason?
Ask Rakesh
I don't seem to remember
Nice I had liked your question long back
Didn’t quite understand the answer
@TheLittleNaruto okay wait
@RakeshJoshi any particular reason to avoid Garuda Purana? Or what are your views on it?
@Archit Ask @RamAbloh in that case :P
Alright! I'll sleep now!
See ya guys tomorrow o/
Goodnight bro!
8:45 PM
Q: Is it possible that all sects of Hinduism could be right about their Parabrahman?

DhashaniaDifferent sects of Hinduism declare different God's as Parabrahman. Is it possible that all are true if Parabrahman takes different forms in each Kalpa? Since Parabrahman can take any form, is the same form (eg. Shiva according to Shaivism) taken repeatedly during all Kalpas or is possible that t...

9:12 PM
@TheLittleNaruto My answer:
A: Are aggressive sages like Durvasa not true sages?

BrahadeeshSages like Durvasa and Viswamitra used their anger as a tool to intensify their energies. It is not that they were angry at anything; they were simply angry. Since anger is a very intense emotion, it is possible to work with one's anger as another step in one's sadhana. And, as @srimannarayanakv ...

9:57 PM
Q: Why Indra, Surya, Garuda, and Bruhaspati together in this shanti mantra?

rk567One of the shanti mantras from Atharva Veda reads as स्वस्ति न इन्द्रो वृद्धश्रवाः स्वस्ति नः पूषा विश्व्वेदाः । स्वस्ति नस्तार्क्ष्यो अरिष्टनेमिः स्वस्ति नो बृहस्पतिर्दधातु ॥ The popular meaning that I have found for this is May Indra of great fame cause welfare to us. May the omniscient Pusha...

2 hours later…
11:35 PM
Q: Are the existance of buddhist dieties a problem for hinduism?

johny manI have asked many times to different people on different websites what the buddhas,bodhisattvas and dakinis are.what I mean by that,is that buddhas,bodhisattvas and dakinis exist because they come to people in pure visions(even bestowing upon them siddhis),they possibly incarnate,they bring peopl...


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