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6:12 AM
@J-- superuser.com/questions/1642853/… might be up your alley if you want a little SU rep for some reason :D
2 hours later…
8:19 AM
@ConorMancone Yeah, saw that yesterday. Just some poor kid copying some 2002 "How to make a login in PHP" tutorial
8:55 AM
Q: Is anyone familiar with this notation for a drive letter in windows H:35\?

Michael GoldshteynResource Monitor in Windows 10 is showing me this syntax for a drive that has no drive letter but is mounted to a directory on my C drive. It is being shown under Disk Activity in Resource Monitor as: H:35\somedir\blahblah Of course trying to access it under this pathname give the error of invali...

1 hour later…
10:05 AM
@JourneymanGeek Heh :D I actually deleted all my StackEx accounts with the exception of this one and Crypto.SE!
But thank you.
10:33 AM
So, how've you folks been holding up?
I'm good thanks!
Stressed. But it's cool. What about you?
Just a bit stressed because my food is late and I have a meeting coming up soon
Aside from that pretty well
That's super annoying, yeah.
I'm hungry too.
At least my delivery is already on the way now
What are you getting?
10:45 AM
Damn, what is that?
I've never seen that or I am just dumb.
Calf breast filled with dumpling
Damn, looks pretty tasty.
2 hours later…
1:11 PM
the word dumpling is weird, it's half way between a dump and something dangling
in fact, I thought a dumpling was a small piece of crap
And I might not be the only one thinking that, since Urban dictionary has a less popular definition that says: Minature turds that usually require a second flushing due to their bouyancy
unrelated security paranoia: have you guys ever thought that when you compute a checksum, you are actually computing the checksum of the file stored in RAM, and when writing or checking it you might still be processing data from the RAM, due to OS chaches?
Replace "dump" with "shit" and you'll laugh every time you'll shit a process' memory to a file.
1:32 PM
Example of the cache problem: you have a file that you want to save somewhere else, together with a checksum. The OS reads the file from the HDD, the file gets corrupted while being read or while in RAM (apparently bit flips in memory aren't extremely rare). You then compute the checksum of a corrupt file. You move the file, but what you are moving is the corrupt cached file
so you end up with a corrupt file, and a matching checksum, thinking everything is ok
@reed if you're that worried, that's what ECC is for no?
to spot the difference, you would have to flush the cache, which isn't really easy as far as I know, unless you fill the RAM or restart the OS.
@JourneymanGeek yeah, I guess
Intel desktop CPUs won't work with ECC ram AFAIK
@MechMK1 yup :D
Intel are awful
And AMD isn't better
Computers are awful
1:37 PM
computers are provided AS IS
looks around
I always find that line funny, it's a nice joke to think that our society is based on something that, most of the times, is provided AS IS
Unless everything is soldered in place uhhh
I don't think there's anything on my desk right now that's 'as is'
What does that even mean?
For something to be "provided as is"
I'm sure nuclear power plants have servers that, when you log in, greet you with "blah blah blah is provided AS IS"
1:39 PM
Q: Spawning child processes from root using runuser command

Aviv LoI am working as an intern for an online coding platform startup (similar to LeetCode or HackerRank). The backend is written in Nodejs. Instead of running the code in a sandbox of some sort, the lead dev decided to execute the submitted code using a child process spawned from the main process, whi...

Can anyone see the impending doom approaching?
executing user-submitted code on your server, without any kind of sandbox or VM? Nah, what could go wrong, it's totally safe
As root, nonetheless
the most important thing is that the project goes online fast, if the sys admin isn't available right now, have the smart guy in the office do it instead
in case of trouble, just ask on SE. Easy!
"look, we have a deadline here, okay?"
>tfw that was literally a meeting I had 2 hours ago
a deadline is a line beyond which a project is going to die? Welcome to the jungle baby, you're gonna dieeee
I imagine this guy uploading the app, or opening ports, whatever, to finally make the project go live... while listening to "welcome to the jungle"
1:53 PM
Not the project, but the people involved
Look out, the manager has a shotgun!
@reed No joke, I listen to "The Only Thing They Fear Is You" as I log into the system I'm supposed to test
At a old place, once had the CTO order we made a pre-prod system public, because he couldn't be bothered to sign into the VPN to demo it to a customer
it happened
by the time he got to demo'ing it
it'd been defaced
@djsmiley2kStaysInside what, being targeted so fast? Either it was a really crappy system (like no login implemented at all, or extremely vulnerable unpatched software), or the system was already a target and someone was waiting for the second it would go online
unrelated question: if you guys had to encrypt a file (symmetrically) on Linux, what would you do? AFAIK the two options are Openssl and GPG, although some recommend GPG. The problem is that both of them don't provide decent key-derivation functions by default if you want to use a password
2:12 PM
@reed I'd tend to go with gpg, yeah
I guess the best solution is to use GPG, increasing the KDF rounds as much as possible (but there's a limit which isn't very high), or use a separate method to derive a key from a password (but which? By default on linux, without installing other crap)
And a key derivation function isn't as important as a good passphrase
If your passphrase is baton pointed coasting disengage lilac turret supreme yeet then KDF does not matter
that's 8 words, yeah, lots of entropy anyway
then we should also remember that if we have password managers, who cares about remembering passwords
so I guess the rounds provided by GPG are more than enough anyway
@reed Yes, I would agee
right, thanks
2:16 PM
Also don't forget to delete the unencrypted copies
Not going to name any names there
LOL, yeah. It's funny to think that encrypting a file isn't enough, nobody ever mentions we should also delete the original
@reed really crappy in this case I think - no auth and much default type passwords.
@djsmiley2kStaysInside but defacing is a pretty lame attack, I mean, it's often a joke (so maybe the attacker was someone in your own company?) A more serious attacker would have planted some malware and left it there for later
@reed I mean, a lot of infosec kids are also massive shitposters
I would totally hack a website to deface it, just to put something funny there, like a manifesto that you should return your local shopping cart
If you really want to go all in, hack the registration form to require customers to upload pictures of their genitals "for verification purposes"
I have a very criminal mind, I would not waste a vulnerability just for some lame defacing
OTOH I'm not a criminal either, so if I find a vuln I just take some notes for "later", a later time that probably never comes
2:32 PM
I'm not a criminal, I'm just a shitposter
And the thought of some confused 50 year olds uploading pictures of their dicks as age verification is hilarious
Even more the face of the sysadmin who wonders why the web server backup has a directory labelled "dicks" with countless pictures of penises on there
if I just wanted to have "fun", I guess I would inject some code on the website to generate "weird" bugs, sometimes, at random. Like injecting swearwords somewhere, but after you reload the page they are gone.
@reed Oh yes, I love it
My dream would be to hack a page of the german government and distribute national socialist ideology through it
The biggest fucking shitpost of all time
I think it would be a "gaslighting" technique, or something else I don't remember (what do you call bugs that are too hard to reproduce because they are inconsistent? Like partial failures, then it works again)
@reed heisenbugs
Gaslighting is something completely different
Gaslighting is a technique abusers use to try and convince their target that they are insane and cannot trust the things they see and hear anymore.
ok, so we could say that heisenbugs might gaslight you, LOL
2:36 PM
Maybe, yeah
even though they are not people
Also, if you want to be an asshole, inject this into random header files:
that was the concept but yeah, heisenbugs was the term
#define true (rand() % 100 < 98)
2:38 PM
Or, my favourite:
I can't focus.
So annoying.
me neither, I should go for a ride, but I'm procrastinating the procrastination
#define ; ;
The left is a semicolon, the right is a greek question mark
Yeah I am very much doing that too, reed.
might just take another modafinil
but youre supposed to wait 12 hours between each 200mg so
its only been like
@MechMK1 that's cool, lol
2:40 PM
Awww, ; can't be a macro name
Do you know what pisses me off?
Why is it every time I take modafinil
I get so fcousd on everything
Though feel free to inject a custom keymap that prints ; when you press ;
@J-- Take everything else except Modafinil then
Might have to see what coke is like for work performance :^)
I say work, I mean study. I have the day off.
drugs aren't the answer. Well, unless you sell drugs. Then yeah, they are pretty much the answer
I am also exaggerating. Modafinil often helps me study.
But today I just feel like reading pages of nonsense about random nonsense.
I don't know why.
Burn out, maybe... It has been like 50 something days on this course now. I am getting a little tired.
It is definitely burn out. And anxiety.
I am not looking forward to this exam.
I procrastinate a lot when I get anxious. I know that for a fact, even if I do not like to admit it.
I am very much someone who is like: "if i dont do it i cant fail"
Because I really hate failing.
2:47 PM
@J-- lol
that's me
And I know im going to fail this
and so if i dont do it at all then at least i didnt fail
@JourneymanGeek yeah it sucks...
I haven't figured out how to deal with it yet...
my thought is more like "It's very hard, I need to concentrate too much, and I don't even know if it's worth it after all. Is this the real purpose of my life?" Then I procrastinate
@J-- I'm about 4 levels of procrastination in
so I end up doing stuff only when I really HAVE too, which is always too late
I am too lazy to even procrastinate in the DMZ
I am off work already, but I am too lazy to shut down my work laptop and move to my gaming PC
2:49 PM
@reed I for sure don't suffer with that, well, very rarely.
I just procrastinate when I feel like I'm not gonna do well.
BEcause the thought of me being bad at something that is computer related is... awful.
I am bad at EVERYTHING else in life
SO being bad at this is not something I like to imagine
^ what a fucking stupid problem to have like actually
@J-- lol. I do some stuff that people are like "whoaaaa?"
And I can't code
not everyone is good at everything
I know that, but I am not expecting to be good at everything.
What I mean is, I am bad at everything in life that doesn't involve a computer.
So the idea of me failing something to do with tech just makes me wanna die inside.
Especially something I really enjoy or care about
TL;DR: im a sore loser :D
And then I procrastinate for hours on end to try and escape the idea that I could fail. then i fail anyway for not trying hard enough lul
failing is the standard in tech, I gues
Yeah, that is why I believe that it is totally stupid for me to believe I can never fail.
the halting problem can't be solved, but the bug problem can: "Does this program have bugs?" The answer is always yes
2:55 PM
Or never wanting to fail.
Did your comment just have a bug?
:D ^
Your too
@MechMK1, exactly, I wrote "yet" instead of "yes"
funny, the answer to the bug problem had a bug. And it wasn't a joke, it wasn't on purpose! OMG
My bug is that my markov chain got stuck and now the only answers I can give to something are "based" or "cringe"
2:56 PM
"We've already received the PtA document and we're waiting for the CTO to sign it"
That reminds me of the time I replied to my boss with a Twitch emote.
As in, I said a Twitch emote to something he said to me in a real life conversation.
For those wondering: "POGGERS".
@MechMK1 the one the Janitor actually signed?
Uncaught Cringe at line 125: function mysql_query() is cringe and will be removed in version 2
This is POGGERS.
At least I didn't say BOOBA to a female in real life, yet.
Probably get sectioned...
2:59 PM
@JourneymanGeek "The PTA was signed by our cough cough"
@J-- I may or may not have used the term "milkies" before
Oh no.
In a really bad way or a somewhat explainable way?
What am I meant to do?
Yeah, I can't blame you.
A boy needs his mommy milkies
I think that word in my head every time I see some, you know.
It's like a natural reaction for me to shout BOOBA.
I just don't do it out loud. Not yet at least :D
3:01 PM
"Your milkies seem heavy, ma'am. May I hold them for you?"
Such a stupid joke but I giggle like a kid every time
Is that your pick up line?
Might steal it...
>pick up line
Implying I speak to people IRL
can I ask a quick unrelated question: when you have to spin up a VM to test something, what do you usually do? Use your usual up-to-date VM and take a snapshot, so you can restore it after you're done? Or create a VM copy? (which takes longer). I just wonder how you "manage" your VMs whenever you need one
>unrelated question
You mean a question not related to big mommy milkies?
Sorry, those are off topic in the DMZ now
lul :D
3:03 PM
unrelated to anything, lol
unrelated to milkies
@reed In all seriousness, I have on VM per customer project, just spin up my template, update it, then copy
I lost.
@reed the problem with snapshots is - well if you use the same VM for different things it gets messy
so... I'd spend the time and space initially for a new VM copy
I genuinely think I might be one of the only people who doesn't use snapshots...
I just make new VMs, am I weird?
and use snapshots for point in time 'saves' if I am going to so something that takes time to fix
3:05 PM
Honestly, it doesn't really matter
This feeling that "you're doing it wrong" is just in your head
If it works, it works.
@MechMK1 cause we're all going to die?
oh that too
@JourneymanGeek Both.
Our mortality is an undeniable fact.
@MechMK1 oh, less 'wrong' than 'this is one reason why this approach should be considered'
I see, it's more or less what I do, I tend to make copies. However it might be a pain to maintain several VMs, so I thought someone was using something else (like maybe Vagrant?)
@J-- oh for backups its nice
3:06 PM
I just back up the entire VM?
I have an automated system for snapshotting and backing up my 'production' containers :D
I mean, uses more space I guess but...
Storage is cheap...
So who gives a fuc.
@JourneymanGeek Look, if snapshots work for you, then they work. if you prefer full copies, that's fine too. If you have some process where you can fork an up-to-date OS image, go for it.
@J-- for now. Until chia farming starts.
3:07 PM
@MechMK1 that too. Hence talking about when one approach makes sense
But this nagging feeling that everyone else is doing it "properly" and only you're hacking along halfheartedly is counterproductive
I mean if you're super organised, you can do a single VM with a branching tree of snapshots....
@JourneymanGeek Do any of the people here fit the description "super organized"?
@MechMK1 I'm not judging.
especially when you find out that those doing it "properly" are constantly changing their definition of "properly" and switch technology every other day
3:08 PM
But yes 'whatever works' is good
Understanding the benefits of each approach is also good.
As is cheese.
It just felt very related
Also I've never been to Colorado
Me neither.
I don't think I'd enjoy it there much, doesn't seem a lot to do other than smoke weed.
I don't know the difference between Colorado and Eldorado
3:11 PM
One has icehockey
There's a road to one.
Also there's been a bomb scare in my city
Some dude was on a train and yelled he's gonna blow everyone up
But he didn't
Fucking poser
Do they know why yet?
Not that they will reveal the actual reason... I doubt.
Probably mental illness
I mean, the lockdown got many people to their breaking point
I can see why someone would do this as a "cry for help"
or maybe a bug in the bomb
3:14 PM
Yeah, a very good point.
or depending on the country
could be an attempt to suicide by cop, or get arrested.
Oh @JourneymanGeek
I got my taobao mouse mat!
Pretty okay.
I don't know if there even was a bomb
The printing goes onto the stitching in a few places, slightly annoyed by that
but the design is cool
3:15 PM
glares at the aliexpress vendor who hasn't shipped my new mini pc yet
Also given how incompetent our cops are, attempting suicide by cop will likely end in death of old age.
I would like it better if the print didn't go into the edges.
@MechMK1 lol
I think they're playing the silly buggers game of a fake tracking ID, then when they actually ship it giving a new one
Yeah, a few companies have done that to me before... ^
and the cheap cables I ordered 2 days later has reached me before the thing that's supposed to be sent via courier... which hasn't even been shipped yet.
3:18 PM
I can't be bothered today. I am gonna lose it.
Anyone ever have those days where you just feel like breaking a bunch of shit or just me?
I feel like I can push J's buttons just by saying fmtstr
Yeah, you actually could.
I'm at boiling point :D
fuck it.
another 200mg of modafinil
whatr coulkd possibly go wrong
other than a resting bpm of 180
Well, at least I wouldn't have to worry about this exam anymore, right? :D
3:39 PM
Maybe take a nap?
I fucked up my whole sleep schedule I have hardly been awake that long.
I can just feel the burn out like...
I don't know how to explain it.
I am reading stuff I was really interested in like no less than 7 days ago.
Now I'm reading it and all I can think is.. "fuck this".
i need to get some other hobbies man
That's why I have a guitar
Just play metal
Be heavy as fuck
This is the issue I have; I am not interested in anything else, not really.
Well, I invest my money like a true connoisseur: More waifu pillows
hahaha :D
3:48 PM
So, time to play vidya, so the dark thoughts don't settle in
Have a good one, my friends
Goodnight, Friend.
3 hours later…
7:06 PM
Im going fucking insane dude
life advice: have something you enjoy other than the computer
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