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1:57 AM
@MechMK1 Depends on how important the passworded resource is. :P
@OakDEV TKIP is insecure.
2:44 AM
Well, got my OSED materials.
I have never been so excited to learn. Except when studying crypto.
This is awesome!
The Windows Userland Exploit Dev course by OffSec.
I bought it like... 2 weeks ago, I think. Got the materials earlier.
Yeah, I searched high & wide when you asked about these kinda' courses for Linux.
I cannot find one :(
Such a shame, really. I am sure one will come out eventually.
But, since this is basically an introduction to exploit dev course with some intermediate stuff thrown in I am sure a lot of the principles carry over, just of course differences with syntax, the apps themselves, blah, blah. But a BOF is a BOF and that kinda' thing.
Yeah true. The memory allocator and layout are different, though.
2:49 AM
Yeah, of course there would be some pretty significant differences you'd need to be aware of.
But at least it isn't a total waste of time!
Unfortunately... A lot of exploit courses, as well as pen-testing focus on windows because...
Well, its common.
Yeah. I mean, I'm really unfamiliar with Windows. I probably sound retarded saying this but... I don't even know if Windows syscalls pass arguments on registers or the stack!
It makes sense. It is a shame but I get it.
Even CoreLan is all Windows :(
Luckily Linux is easier to learn exploit dev for since it's open source.
Yeah, I guess if you understand the principles then you just dive in on your own.
Like, I could do this course and whatnot. I would have an easier time using the material in a Windows environment, sure.
But if I understand the principles, different bug classes, etc then I can just self-study in a Linux environment.
I think you're just looking in the wrong places.
2:52 AM
I do struggle to learn like that though, I need structure which is why I opt for courses where possible.
I'm pretty sure there are lots of Linux courses and information.
Probably are, yeah.
I couldn't find any commercial ones.
But they likely exist.
But maybe the terms you're using to search are wrong. Like instead of "Linux userland exploit dev", perhaps "ELF binary exploitation".
Why do you need it to be commercial?
So to do that
I mean, I got my job before I had oscp but that was just blind luck and the fact i had a blgo with a billion posts
and the fact they already knew me
2:55 AM
had to remove those.
but you get the point :D
Yeah, once I've done that then I have way more freedom.
I am not bound to needing x or y. I can just go study things I am interested in.
Which is exploit dev in linux :D
Are you looking into pentesting in general? Or what?
No, I am already a pen-tester.
Also, embedded exploitation is very big right now.
And many embedded systems use Linux (some use VxWorks though).
2:57 AM
I want to move into basically binex for a living in either platform :)
by the way, dont know if you saw but i finished manos
what a great film
You should do Linux kernel exploit dev imho. It's a fascinating field!
Also, the Linux kernel's security is... wanting...
Although it can be compiled to be quite secure (with a good kconfig), and grsecurity is great.
Yeah, I am interested in kernels for sure. Pretty much anything low-level.
Once I get this out of the way and get into a new situation. I am going to start getting familiar with exploit dev in linux and go from there
my day job is likely to be windows but thats okay
thats my idea anyways.
You can easily get a day job for *nix, especially if you do embedded hacking.
There's a massive market out there for that.
Yeah, who knows, there might even be some of that when I move!
Just from looking around the general ask is that you have some cert in exploit dev
whether elearn, sans, offsec.
which is fine. im happy to do it. it is all interesting to me anyways.
Yeah it's not as easy if you don't have any certs.
At least not white hat stuff.
3:09 AM
Yeah. I mean, I got OSCP but where I am trying to move is a lot more specialised.
Plus, I have only been working in InfoSec for 2 years, most of these roles I want to move into want 3-5 years. That means I gotta' be ahead of everyone.
But OSCP at least shows that you understand the basics.
And as I said, my brain learns better with structure so although this isn't perfect, it is a really good start.
Oh for sure.
I have mixed feelings about certs but it is what it is
if anything it provides me with clear requirements for what i wanna do
so it helps in some sense...
im just so bored of my job
it isnt challenging
anything that challenges me is good in my view
sigh one annoying thing about cryptography is that it's kind of hard to find resources if all you have an are equation... Having a hard time finding if this is correct for Oakley groups:
I only find RFC 3526 (and related RFCs) which gives fixed values for n and c.
I wish I knew enough to help :(
One day, I hope!
I am still doing 1 lecture a week while i do this course
in crypto*
because i dont have a life.. or im a masochist
no idea.
Well cryptography is very interesting!
3:13 AM
^ agreed.
one of the things i am drawn to the most, despite being horrible at it.
just so fucking fascinating.
It really is. I've learned a lot on Cryptography, both reading and writing answers.
Yeah, I need to start writing more questions on there and also absorbing more answers from other questions for sure!
also any ytime i feel the need toi be amazed by another humans intelligence
i just go there, find a question and get blown away
So many of the questions are beyond me, but I'm slowly getting to the point that I can understand more of them, or at least have enough knowledge that I can learn the relevant terminology.
Yeah, that is where I'd like to get. Just going to take time I guess :D But, I like learning anyways so.
Okay, gotta' go. Gonna focus for another 2 hours then sleep.
Nice to see you :)
Take care.
4:11 AM
Q: Does Schnorr's 2021 factoring method show that the RSA cryptosystem is not secure?

TeamBrightClaus Peter Schnorr recently posted a 12-page factoring method by SVP algorithms. Is it correct? It says that the algorithm factors integers $N \approx 2^{400}$ and $N \approx 2^{800}$ by $4.2 \cdot 10^{9}$ and $8.4 \cdot 10^{10}$ arithmetic operations. Does this lead to the conclusion that the R...

4:27 AM
1am, people doing some changes on a client environment and I am tasked on watching them over webex
The life of an on-call infosec guy, eh?
but it's nice... I can use the time perfecting my own desktop capture plus ocr plus indexing on elasticsearch
well, my role isn't infosec here, I am a senior support engineer
it pays more than infosec
You haven't found the right infosec job then. :P
4:29 AM
I dream on doing some bug bounties and earning some extra, but my current job isn't infosec
I can't think of many support engineers who can make $600,000 a year on bugs!
thinking about it now, I never had an infosec job...
Well even sysadmin/devops/whatever involve infosec, just not exclusively.
I'm building a docker container that may be interesting to more people... you run it, it captures your screen every 60 seconds (configurable), runs tesseract on it to parse the text, runs imagemagick to reduce the image, and saves image and text. when you have 120 txt files (configurable too) it sends everything to elastic, so you can search later. and have a PHP script for searching, changing settings... it's getting nice
I was doing this since a decade ago, but it was a collection of messy scripts that could not be easily shared, lots of hardcoded paths and so...
now it's getting cleaner, and I believe it will be possible to anyone git clone, run the startup script, and be happy
Oh interesting.
I've tried OCR on screenshots before but never got good results.
4:37 AM
if you preprocess before with imagemagick it works
and elasticsearch finds things that grep wouldn't
Preprocess in what way?
convert origin.png -modulate 100,0 -resize 400% destination.png
tesseract destination.png
this increases contrast and resizes the image to 400%
Oh I see.
and elastic can find things even if OCR mistook a m for a rn or an O for a 0
I suppose it can be made even better if the OCR is font-aware.
4:46 AM
it would take a lot more processing power...
Would it? I'd think it'd take less since it already knows what the characters should look like.
And it's not printed on paper so it can expect the pixels to be generated more or less deterministically from the actual unicode (after whatever deterministic processing is done by the display, font renderer, etc).
I was using easyocr, it is really better than tesseract, but it takes A LOT more cpu to process
Does it have OpenCL support?
tesseract is good on my terminals, because monospace fonts and back background makes its job easy
I don't know if easyocr uses opencl, but I know it uses a neural network and a dictionary, so when it detects something that looks like a word, it looks at the dictionary
Ah if it uses an NN then probably no OpenCL.
Do you know anything about hardware security of Yubikeys? Trying to improve my answer:
A: Is there a Yubikey equivalent to "stealing the hard drive"?

forestShort answer Where would this data live on the device if not on something like flash storage? It probably is flash, but it's put in a chip that's hard to take apart and examine without destroying the data you're trying to read. It's not impossible to do, but it's really quite difficult and expe...

I've added decapping, glitching, and passive side-channel attacks, but I don't know if there are others.
5:11 AM
glitching is the most common (and accessible) way to do it
not easy and accessible, but easier than decapping
change went well, now back to bed...
Is glitching really easier than decapping for an HSM?
I was under the impression that it was possible, but very difficult for secure microcontrollers. For a cheapo Atmel 8051 sure, but a Yubikey or TPM? I know a TPM at least actively detects high RF levels and carefully measures input voltage and clock and shuts down if it varies too much. I wouldn't be surprised if the Yubikey smart card did the same thing, at least to some extent.
1 hour later…
6:39 AM
Woah! Spectre exploits finally found in the wild: dustri.org/b/spectre-exploits-in-the-wild.html
7:06 AM
Are they fucking serious? God damn... orenlab.sise.bgu.ac.il/p/PP0
Side-channel attacks (the famous prime+probe) in pure CSS.
6 hours later…
12:45 PM
hod no idea there was chat in stackexchange
4 hours later…
5:02 PM
Is anyone actually in the DMZ on the weekend?
5:28 PM
forest was up until late night (for me) today
I believe he does not sleep
3 hours later…
8:34 PM
^ heh.
8:52 PM
The trees never sleep, they merely wait
Also, hey @MechMK1 :D
@J-- Hey
How are you?
Doing fine
Just took 15g of home-grown shrooms a few hours ago
10 / 10
9:08 PM
Is 15gs a high dose? I don't know much about shrooms. That sounds a lot..
For fresh shrooms? No
For dried shrooms? YES!!!
Ah okay.
Well, enjoy the trip :)
Shrooms shrink A LOT when you dry them
Well, the trip is mostly over already
But it was great fun
Oh, right.
Since they're like god knows how much water
Nice, anything planned?
9:09 PM
Not yet.
Well, be safe, okay?
I think I have an idea though.
Hopefully it will be in line with things opening :D
Of course. Thank you :)
Wow, only 5 minutes of my study break left... Time flies.
Now sure what stuff you're into, but I hope you don't get into anything self-destructive
Not sure how regularly you take it, but I hope not enough for any adverse long-term effects
I appreciate that though, a lot.
Oh no, not even close.
Good good!
9:13 PM
Before, a bit too often. But I cut back a lot like... Almost a year ago.
I had a really bad experience, because of abusing it. You heard the term "brain zaps"?
I got those, it was fucked.
No, never
What's that?
I don't know the science but basically.
What I can describe it like is this...
So, I was at a vending machine once, and I was typing in a code for an item.
I felt like some electricity go through my brain at what felt like a really high voltage
And for maybe .5s-1s my whole body was just... Off.
Like the shock just removed my ability to do anything.
The problem was I'd get them like... 10-15 times a day.
I see. And are they gone now?
Oh yeah, it is only a temporary thing.
It is like a temporary thing that happens if you go too hard, basically.
Glad to hear
9:17 PM
Yeah, it has been ages.
That was due to my own stupidity, really.
Well, psychedelics are my thing in a sense
Well, that and my desire to die.
Though only shrooms actually
Yeah, I have that too
I made a stupid joke about the halting problem recently
I've never actually tried psyches.
I don't think it is for me, honestly.
Let H be a function, when given a program and an input, determines whether or not that program will halt with that input in finite time.
Let H' be a function, when given a program and an input, determines whether that program desires to halt.
9:19 PM
I am also quite worried about what happens if things go bad given my... Past.
@MechMK1 Hahahahah :D That is pretty dark but I like those kinda' jokes :D
@J-- It's not for everyone. I've never had a bad trip, luckily, although I did oOD once
Gotta' go. Be back in 45 minutes if you're still here :)
Slamming this course hard...
Just @ me
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