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12:14 AM
@ConorMancone makes sense... scammers can even deny they wanted to scam those people in the first place... if caught, they can say "it was just a joke, people sent us money and we don't even know how to send money back because their details make no sense"
there was a "social experiment" named ponzi coin, running on the ethereum platform that was a declared ponzi scheme, and had lots of "investors"
quoting them: "PonziCoin ICO, the world's first transparent, decentralized Ponzi Scheme built on the blockchain."
@MechMK1 I usually let di.fm playing in the background
I usually give it a new browser window, use nuke anything enhanced extension to remove everything but the controls, and let it play all day
9 hours later…
9:11 AM
@ThoriumBR I don't see any lorem ipsuns on it. Did the site get updated, or do they serve different content based on IP geolocation?
Oh wait, no lorem ipsums on the FAQ page but the front page looks like it was hacked
9:44 AM
@MechMK1 Oh yeah, I recommend it then. Based on my colleagues experience seems like a fantastic course.
Also, a week away in another country if you like that sort of thing. I think they did theirs in Belgium iirc.
10:37 AM
@nobody What happened to it? It looks normal to me at the minute
On the front page under "Open an Account" i tsays "The chunk standard of Lorem Ipsum used since the 900s is reproduced below"
They also have a little blurb titled "UK Company" that says: "We are a legal company registered in the United Kingdom, providing its services to all members." - the most meaningless sentence ever!
@ConorMancone "Our prices are up to $5 or more"
prices <= $5 <= prices
"Cooperation between the company and the client is primarily based on honesty, openness and complete safety"
I really should let this one die, but I'm amused
Even their fast stats are terrible
this company that was founded in 2019 says that it's been running for 2119 days!
So now we know their secret: they have such great returns because for every day in the "real" world, their company experiences a whole week of time to invest your money!
They also claim $41 million deposited and $8 million withdrawn, so at best it is a pyramid scheme. They need to flip those numbers! If they have $8 million deposited and then $41 million withdrawn, now we're talking!
10:53 AM
Speaking of investment, I read the best headline of all time
White Supremacist Internet Gamers buy Gamestop stocks to purposefully bankrupt Jewish Hedge Fund on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
No better headline has ever been or will ever be written
"Buying Gamestop stocks is white supremacy"
Or the best take: "Why won't anyone think of the poor hedge fund managers?"
lol, that is a classic!
Can someone actually explain to me what the fuck is going on with Gamestop?
I saw their stock just rocket basically over a two week period and I am so confused why I am now seeing a thousand memes on it.
I saw a headline or two about it but haven't actually read about it
11:03 AM
Yeah.. I am utterly confused.
I just keep seeing headlines like "how gamestop is currently in a battle with wall street"
And shit like this.
And then people are telling me "buy gamestop stock its easy money"
To which I reply; "I'll keep my S&P 500 shares, thanks"
@J.J That's exactly what people said about the housing market in the US in the mid 00's. It's true until it's not.
It's one of the worst reasons ever to invest in anything
Exactly why I will keep my S&P 500 shares, which has a document 60 year return at 7% adjusted for inflation and they can keep their ~~worthless~~ meme powered shares which are making a currently 7000% return.
In all seriousness, it is a crazy return but, as you say, "its easy money" is the worst reason to invest. If I had bought Gamestop shares a month ago then sure, that's nice I just made 7000%. But buying them now, at like $346 is likely to leave me either; A. pissed off I didn't make 7000% or B. with a bunch of worthless shares because the price is too high for anyone to buy.
And it is likely B.
That doesn't look normal to me
11:22 AM
@nobody That was actually around from the beginning. They did a terrible job of creating the website
Question for Android people.
As @ThoriumBR and I were discussing, this is actually normal (and even helpful) for scams
GrapheneOS was formerly CopperheadOS. CopperheadOS is the same OS where the lead guy deleted the signing keys... What else has changed in this name shift?
Or is another OS recommended...
Because "normal" people see, "Wow, I was dubious about the returns and the website is crap - clearly a scam". More "naturally" gullible people say, "This website seems dubious but this would be great if it was true, so I might as well try!" As a result, people who will waste a lot of (the scammer's) time with questions but will leave before spending money just never reach out, and the scammers only ever deal with the people they will get the most money out of.
@ConorMancone Indeed, it's a filtering
Which is why scams targeting victims of previous scams ("This is INTERPOL contacting you to recover funds lost in a scam") are so good: The best filter is people who already fell for it once
11:30 AM
@ConorMancone Yeah, but this particular piece of text appeared to me to be taunting the website for doing a really bad job. I assumed this originally contained actual Lorum Ipsum text (that's the impression I got from from thoriumbr's messages), hence I said it looked like it had been hacked
12:02 PM
@J.J it's something called "short squeeze", and it bankrupted A LOT of investors since always. it works like this: someone believes gamestop shares will fall to 0.1, so they sold 10k shares at $20, but they don't have the shares. the operation is open until he buys 10k shares. now the investor have $200k and a deficit of 10k shares.
I see.
later down the road, the price crashes to $1, so the investor buys 10k shares for $10k, and profits $190k, easy money. problem arises when shares go up.
Yeah. I figured it was something along these lines.
so let's say shares went to $30, now he have $200k but his debt is $300k, he either buys the shares at $30 and closes the operation on the red, or puts more money on the account to keep the dealer from liquidating him and losing everything. but guess what happens when a lot of people try to buy something.
It's exactly why I did not buy it. Because, even if I could have made some fast money, I would have had to buy them 2 weeks ago and on top of that, scenario B which I mentioned is more likely than all other scenarios.
12:05 PM
on gamestop case, people discovered that the shares were oversold, there were more short sold shares than available shares, so they started to buy all shares they could. price skyrocket because the short sellers need to buy shares to cover their positions, but long buyers aren't selling.
Ahhh okay.
That makes sense.
the main problem with short selling is that your profit is limited, but not your loss. because prices can only go down to 0, but up there's no limit
so some people keep looking at companies where lots of people are short selling, and start buying lots of shares. this usually will trigger a short squeeze and catapult the price in the short term
take a look at the shares for AMC, blackberry, and bed bath and beyond... they all exploded this week because of short squeezes
That's crazy.
Yeah, I also saw AMC go up a lot.
So, is short squeezing actually sanctioned like... Is that a legal thing you can do? Is it a grey area? What will actually happen?
12:40 PM
it's a legal thing... nothing stops you from buying stock of a failing companu
Yeah, good point, ha.
I'll stick with my stable stocks & ETFs I think.
The only time I did any "active" trading was with NIO and that was just pure luck rather than skill, knowledge. And wasn't that active. I just got lucky with the timing of COVID.
@J.J Well, stocks are just pure luck to be honest
Being "bad" at stocks is just as useful as being good
I think that entirely depends on what you invest in.
As I said, I only hold S&P 500 now in an ETF.
Well, say you were "bad" at stocks
S&P 500 has had a stable return for 60 years.
12:44 PM
S&P 500 is a good long-term investment
I guess it could be considered luck.
But either way, yeah. Thats all I hold. I dont get involved in anything else anymore.
But say you would be bad at stocks, and constantly pick stocks that perform badly
I could simply buy all stocks except those you pick
And would make money
Fair point, lol
funny thing, a guy here in Brazil did an experiment called MonkeyStocks, where he would invest every month at random, and his stocks are beating all benchmarks
the name came from someone in the 60's IIRC that said that a monkey throwing darts at the newspaper and someone investing on those companies would profit more than following wall street experts
12:49 PM
he is running the experiment since 2019, and it's up 90% in 2 years... not bad at all
Yeah I heard about something similar to this @ThoriumBR
interesting is a bette word
got an "interesting" investing advice:
"borrow $200k from a shark loan, put $180k on stocks, save the $20k. If the stocks go down and you lose money, give those $20k to a hitman to kill the shark loan. that's savage capitalism"
that is pure genius.
and slightly unhinged
1:40 PM
Anyone know if @Arminius still comes here?
Or another German. Perhaps @Tom.K
I forgot, you cannot ping people who aren't here, right.
2:04 PM
you can, they will receive a message when they log on any SE forum
Hopefully one of them still come here then :d
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3:22 PM
I don't think those messages will cause a notification
A: What are the rules for when chat messages appear in a user's inbox?

balphaTo use you as an example: @TonyMeyer, i.e. an exact match will cause a notification if you've been in the room in the past seven days. @Tony, i.e. a first name match (to be precise, a word boundary match) will cause a notification if you've been in the room in the past two days. @Ton will notif...

Unless they've been in the room recently, you'll have to either reply to an old chat message or try to reach them on the main site
@FireQuacker Yeah that's what I thought...
7 hours later…
10:41 PM
Q: Batch ECHO XSS - What Are The Risks

DCT AI found this. set varxss=^& ping www.google.com I noticed, this: Instead of storing the result, it really executed the ping call. So, by doing set delsy=^& del c:\windows\system32\hal.dll Then: echo %delsy% Will run del c:\windows\system32\hal.dll! What vulnerabilities will arise with this, a...

Does this make sense to you?

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