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12:07 AM
@MechMK1, PGP?
12:45 AM
(Anyway, that's why I always keep ptrace blocked with either Yama or a kernel patch)
7 hours later…
7:48 AM
@forest You need my pubkey again?
8:03 AM
ya prolly
I'm too tired today to do anything though and I'm a little high so I'll leave it for tomorrow.
@OakSecurity How is having to remember one complicated password a better deal than having to remember 50 complicated passwords?
@forest It's in the garden. Also good on you, I have to do work again
(replied in garden, but didn't post a pubkey yet. I'll do that tomorrow)
man over the holidays all I want is a weed brownie and a warm pyjama
Make some for your family and have a stoner holiday!
If only I had any weed :(
8:17 AM
Being in work after not being there for a week feels really weird.
Man, tell me about it. I was in hospital once for a week
Unread emails: 151
Yeah, I don't have too many unread emails if anything I am just confused as to what the hell is going on.
How many of them are spam?
That depends on how you define spam
Specially processed artificial meat.
8:22 AM
But if you ask the inverse: How many were relevant to me?, I would say less than 10
The thing about large, multi-national companies is that it's easy for people to send an e-mail to @everyone
Well... and small companies owned by one guy with a couple of fast servers and a good spider.
Who the multi-national companies hire to spam everyone. :P
Tss tss tss, you and your hypothetical scenarios
"So let's assume I found an unpatchable bootrom exploit in all modern iPhones..."
8:30 AM
I hate iOS. I would never research iPhones.
iPhones suck
All phones suck.
I've increasingly felt the desire to burn mine.
Unfortunately, I am not allowed.
"Your work phone is ringing"
"I don't care I'm not at work"
Unrelated, but have any of you read Coding Machines?
8:37 AM
I only have a personal phone @MechMK1
And it doesn't get used for work. It's just, I dislike people contacting me.
You don't need to ring me unless you're on fire.
That's what texting is for.
@forest No, what is it?
@J.J I have a work phone, and in 22 minutes I have to use it to do a kickoff meeting
@MechMK1 A really horrifying short story about programming and trusted computing.
@slebetman: I think you have to be a programmer to really get this story, to follow the logic, to sense the alien-ness of the weirdly designed code, and grasp the blood-chilling implications of an LED flashing when it really shouldn't. — Beta May 28 '14 at 5:29
I've been given a new work laptop, or rather, I need to go pick my new one up.
And I only just now realised how much of a fucking headache this will be...
@forest I'll give it a shot
Highly recommended read while the lights are out in front of a dim CRT monitor.
8:39 AM
But man, it reminds me of the PS3
> Why was programming for the PS3 so hard?
"Well, when you sit infront of your computer, you have a mental model of how that computer works. Perhaps you think of it as a group of programs that you start to do certain tasks. Perhaps you think of it as a group of buttons that do something when pressed.

Now imagine using a computer designed by an alien. It's completely different, but it still makes *sense* in some way. Now imagine you are given one of those alien computers, get one year to figure it out and now you have to be proficient at using it. That's how programming for the PS3 felt like"
The reason why the early PS3 tanked so hard was because Sony refused to give proper support to people. Apparently, that would cause them to "understand the system better" and result in better games
The fact that a ton of early PS3 titles didn't make use of the PPU at all and were in reality barely above PS2 level tells you a lot about how well that worked out for them
Sony even had employees in certain gamedev forums, where people complained that the PS3 was too fucking weird, and these employees were instructed to "urge people to use the PPUs", but not give any actual support
Like, how fucking weird is that?
The PS4 is much simpler. It's a pretty standard x86 machine running butchered FreeBSD.
Yeah. It was actually one of the things that Microsoft tried to sell to developers with their "DirectXBox"
"It's a standardized PC in a box. Develop your game for that and you will know it will run on every one of them"
As silly as PS3 hardware is, I honestly prefer the more complex and "unique" game hardware. That's the way it was done in the past, when each company designing the hardware had to come up with their own clever tradeoffs. But this was also back when games were simple enough that you could accurately count the number of cycles that would pass for any given screen refresh.
And you had to ensure your routine was light enough to operate within a frame.
Exactly. My personal favourite was the NES
I liked Speccy (ZX Spectrum 48, 128, and the Russian Pentagon clone)
Also the Atari 2600, just because of how limited its hardware was.
I love this video. They showed off all their design decisions, and how they got around some of the hardware limitations
E.g. only being allowed to draw X sprites per line
The original black and white gameboy was similar. Tetris did a cool optimization where a tetromino is a sprite as long as it moves, but once it is set, it becomes background
On the Genesis, a guy was able to do pixel-perfect collision detection, because the Genesis had a flag which indicated if a sprite was overlapping another sprite
So all you had to do was to check that flag and you'd always get perfect collisions
Anyways, my meeting starts in 5 minutes, so I'll be back in like 30-60 minutes
Some unique arcade machines also had some neat optimizations or features. The game system with Galaga and Pacman had three Z80 processors that were used in very cool ways.
There's even a complete annotated disassembly of the code for those processors.
aight, ttyl
Meetings, psh.
God, I have only been at work like an hour or so, I am already exhausted.
I want to go home >.<
I know that feeling.
9:04 AM
It doesn't help that Saturday night was so heavy.
26 tequila shots later...
In hindsight that much alcohol was not only a bad idea but totally unnecessary.
9:55 AM
I just had to star that :D
My coffee is 50% coffee and 50% Baileys
10:10 AM
@MechMK1 Hahah.
Yeah, we did a drinking challenge potentially the worst idea I've ever had.
Yeah that doesn't sound like a good idea
It's actually remarkable how very little alcohol I drink. Like, the occasions on which I drink are probably N.Y.E. and my birthday
And even then, very little
10:29 AM
A: Please don't refer to 2019 as 'a great year'

MechMK1The fact that this is marked as status-declined is just a big middle finger to the community. It's a middle finger to those who felt like their beliefs have been systematically invalidated by a faceless corporation. It's a middle finger to neo-pronoun users who have been flagged as trolls becau...

I wonder who downvoted this immediately :D
10:44 AM
@MechMK1 I am the opposite, I probably drink way more than I should.
Bet my liver hates me.
10:57 AM
@MechMK1 It's always the same few people. :P
@J.J I don't drink much anymore. Last time I did, I did some bad things to people I love.
It turns out that violent drunks looking for a fight and young children don't go well together.
Now I just get high. Much more pleasant for everyone.
I don't get violent while drunk.
I just get... Stupid.
11:12 AM
I get stupid and violent. Except when I'm drunk, I don't think I'm either. :D
@forest Ms. Chipps is eternally mad at me
Is it all alcohol that makes you violent when drunk or just beer?
Because I found a lot of guys get violent from beer
All alcohol. Well, if there's enough of it.
But from other drinks not so much
That could be psuedoscience I dont know
Just my experience
11:15 AM
Last time I was really drunk people were mad at me
It was at a LAN party and we were playing CSS
I still out-sniped everyone
@J.J Or a social thing. Drinking beer puts you in a different mindset than drinking vodka.
Even if that mindset is social in nature rather than chemical.
> How can he still shoot so well? he can't even talk anymore
@forest Yeah, that too.
When I eat some weed brownies or some mushrooms I usually get very talkative
Doesn't matter what we talk about
Anything is fine
I don't really drink beer. Vodka mostly (well, used to).
11:16 AM
I find though, most men become more violent when they drink.
Philosophy, ethics of gene manipulation, IT, etc...
Maybe not to the point they do actually use violence.
But they certainly become more lairy and willing to fight.
Some people are more prone to violence than others.
For me at least, I lose my inhibitions. Everything stems from that.
Man I don't even remember the last time I had a physical fight. Must have been back in high school
I've had a few...
It is never a good thing.
11:19 AM
Most fights end the moment you pull out a knife.
Even if you "win" - it's not winning, it doesn't feel good.
Or a gun
Though I dislike the idea of physical violence
Yeah but pulling out a gun can get you in trouble with the law for using threats of deadly force.
Pulling out a knife on the other hand is safer, especially if you can do it smoothly.
In Austria, you are required to respond appropriately to any threat
You pull out a weapon in a fight in the UK and you are arrested & prosecuted for intent to take life.
11:20 AM
So if like 5 people are about to gang up on you, pulling out a gun is absolutely legit
The least you get; GBH (if you use the weapon)
I'm pretty sure if I pulled out a benchmade spring-assist in the UK, they'd act like it was a WMD. :D
The most you get; attempted murder.
What you're likely to get?
Intent to take life.
My gf weighs about 40kg and is 1.55m tall. Imagine a guy who weighs 120kg and is 2.10m tall threatens her
You think pepperspray or a knife would help her?
Self defence isn't really a thing in the UK, Mech. (Sadly)
11:21 AM
If she's good with a knife? Yeah.
No, you pull out the G19
But a gun would still be better.
At least if you know how to use it safely.
Because here is the thing: Literally everybody knows that a gun can take them out
11:22 AM
I'm just partial to knives because they're easier to threaten people with without getting yourself shot, or arrested. If you pull a knife and they do as well, you both back down. If you pull a gun and they do as well, one of you is going to the ER and the other to jail.
So they back down
I do wish guns were legal in the UK.
Especially because I have female friends who have been sexually assaulted in the streets.
@J.J The UK is fucked in this regard
And that would never have happened if they were armed.
And when I say assaulted
I mean, pretty much raped or nearly raped.
> Personal safety? What is that? Are you some kind of racist?
11:23 AM
Not just a fucking spank or some shit.
Yeah, that's exactly what weapons are for.
Which actually reminds me Mech, that was the first fight I ever had.
I feel safer in a place with more guns than with less guns.
(Except for the places where no one knows how to use the damn things)
Guy grabbed my girlfriend in a bar when we first met
Rightly or wrongly I elbowed him straight in the jaw.
In Austria, if your life is threatened, you are legally allowed to use anything you want
11:24 AM
I believe rightly, law thinks differently.
There was a case where a guy killed someone with a sawed-off shotgun
@MechMK1 What about an anti-tank missile? :D
You are allowed to use that
Are those even legal to own there?
11:25 AM
In the US, any self-propelled explosive charge is illegal.
But the situation was the following
So in the UK we have "reasonable force".
A guy was part of a "biker gang" and some kind of rivaling gang attacked him in his home with makeshift weapons
I.E; if someone breaks into your house and you need to kill them to get them out and you can prove you had to take such an action you will likely get a lesser sentence.
They attacked him with chains, wooden boards, baseball bats, etc.
11:26 AM
The key point is you need to prove that you were required to use that much force.
And that is very, very, very, very, very difficult.
@J.J What is reasonable to someone sitting down in the daylight with nothing to worry about is different from what is reasonable to someone looking death in the face.
He shot one of the guys with a sawed-off shotgun
I know, Forest.
That's why it's a stupid law.
"reasonable force" means absolutely nothing.
The fact that he was injured so badly, and that the pellets went from the bottom up into the body proved that his story was absolutely reasonable
And that's why so many people get arrested & prosecuted for simply defending themselves.
Do you want to know the fucked thing?
11:27 AM
Of course, he had to face trial for owning a sawed-off shotgun
Back to that story about the guy touching my girlfriend, I broke the law - he did not.
But not for killing someone withit
Although technically he could be charged with assault.
I was charged for battery.
@J.J Rapists deserve death.
For hurting someone who literally committed sexual assault.
11:27 AM
That's not rape.
And I am the bad one.
It's utterly moronic.
UK law around violence is so backwards it hurts my brain.
And anyway, most rapists are not violent but "technical" rapists (i.e. she was 17, or the condom broke).
> I'ma get medieval on your ass.
I know one thing...
I don't care what the law says, if you sexually assault someone, you're gonna get punched.
@J.J If you're defending someone and didn't seriously hurt him, there should be no charges.
11:28 AM
@forest That's one thing, but I am talking about like actual rape
Even then, death is never appropriate (except for self-defense).
I don't agree with bar fights.
However, being locked away so they're not a danger to society is of course necessary.
I do agree with them when they are started because of sexual assault.
@J.J Eh, if someone wants to fight, let them fight.
11:29 AM
However most bar fights are just drunken dick measuring contests
I agree, Forest.
But I just think they're idiotic.
Well yes, they are.
As i said, most bar fights start because of dick measuring contests
I would say if I was in the position of my girlfriend (40kg, 1.55m tall), and a guy would try to rape me, I would have absolutely no inhibition of unloading all 15 rounds into him
Me too, Mech.
@MechMK1 Not a good idea. Then you're defenseless if he has backup.
11:30 AM
Use the minimum number of bullets you can. That way you'll have more left if you need them.
>He doesn't know about the backup revolver in my sock
And the backup-backup revolver hidden in one of the chambers of my backup revolver
See, the UK doesn't really have such a thing as self defence so it's a bit fucked.
@MechMK1 top kek
For example I was told by an Inspector before that if someone punches me
I should do no more than push them off me
11:31 AM
I'd rather go to prison and have my asshole intact than to get raped and live as a free man
And I said to him "are you actually serious?" and he said "yes, if someone punches you and you punch them back technically you can be charged for battery even in self defence"
You must have nice prisons there if you're going to leave with your asshole intact. :^)
We actually do
And he is technically correct.
@J.J That's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard.
11:32 AM
I know.
But it's really how the UK law works.
@J.J The UK has such backwards laws it's insane
Of course, with a semi-decent lawyer (if it did go to court) you'd get off.
The government should not be micromanaging people so much.
If a law protects criminals more than innocent civilians, then your law fails
But the fact remains that if you punch someone who punches you (even in self defence) then you used more force than was "necessary".
11:33 AM
We need to be protected from being killed or maimed, not from being hit.
Because you know, pushing really does a lot.
Let me just push him 30x until he eventually uppercuts me officer.
@J.J You push a guy. he falls backwards. He hits his head. Now he has a brain injury. You need to pay for his medical costs for the rest of his life.
Just hit him with a stick so you can get charged with using a deadly weapon!
Well that's the other thing, Mech.
So technically a push could be more lethal than a punch.
The law doesn't define how damage works.
For example, if the above scenario took place I would be charged with GBH.
11:35 AM
Law defines how damage works worse than a 3rd rate video game physics engine.
However, if I punched him he would only have a chipped jaw let's say.
By the way, my meta post was deleted
Now - which is worse? The push right? Yet the police advocate not punching people.
The one where I was critical of Winterbash 2019
11:35 AM
So tell me what I do?
That's remarkable.
Do I just... Run? And the answer to that as per the CPS is... Yes.
They're really not hiding it anymore are they?
@forest No, they go into full retard mode
Also, I am pretty sure @MechMK1 is going to get "accidentally" removed from this site soon.
11:36 AM
Silence anyone who dares to object
@J.J I was suspended a year myself for asking about a 3 hour suspension. :D
@J.J You bet I will
Hahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahah, wait, really @forest ???
I'm sure MechMK1 and anyone else who remains critical will get "accidentally" removed.
You were suspended for a year for asking about a 3 hour suspension?
11:37 AM
@J.J On MSE, yeah.
And my comment was again removed
@J.J Yes. Apparently I was "bringing an argument out of chat" or something.
That's absolutely absurd @forest
If this isn't proof that censorship just doesn't work
Btw, last time I talked about a suspension elsewhere here in the DMZ, I was suspended from all site chats for, I think it was 24 hours? MechMK1 remembers that.
I don't know what is.
11:38 AM
@J.J Well, people are realizing what is happening.
This site is kinda a joke.
I got really mad when they implemented the "welcome" feature.
Well, the company is at least. The community is great.
Or whatever the fuck they called it.
Yeah everyone hates the welcome wagon.
We're so welcoming to everyone
Doesn't matter if your question is shit
11:40 AM
It's the most retarded feature I've ever seen.
It's a duplicate? No no, that's fine. Fuck the guy who marked it as a dupe
He's just a hateful troll
Someone told you to google something before asking a question? Fuck that guy for telling you what to do
It's extremely Americentric too.
The idea of what is offensive and what is not is judged on an entirely American basis.
First of all that
As long as you aren't being a jerk to everyone, being accidentally offended is not a big deal.
Off topic but: my org has Chrome sync disabled and I am trying to transfer everything to a new laptop, how do I transfer my bookmarks?
11:41 AM
But some people think that saying "google it" is just as offensive as dropping the hard R.
What if it offends me that you downvote my shitty question with shitty grammar that shows zero effort on my side? Should I have the option to disable downvotes on my question?
You know what? Great idea!
@J.J Can you export to a file?
@forest Uh, looks like no.
Let's give new users the ability to disable downvotes on their questions
@MechMK1 Just wait until they disable downvotes because downvotes are "unfriendly". :D
11:42 AM
Yeah, no.
(Yes, there was actually talk about that, but I don't think it got far)
Let me say; I hate all of this fucking OneDrive shit.
Fuck OneDrive
And fuck Microsoft
Let me also say; please give me control of my browser it severely reduces UX when I cannot do anything.
Fuck the welcoming wagon
11:43 AM
Not like I have a choice, Mech.
It's either use OneDrive or... Don't.
But don't isn't an option, sadly.
Fuck everything.
It's like when I asked for Linux.
The world is shit.
You have no right not to be offended. Grow thicker skin and man the fuck up.
They said "you can use Linux" I said "great".
They said "but... You won't be able to use Teams, Skype, any Office365 application so it will be bad".
So I said "so can I use it?" they said "no".
11:44 AM
my meta is suspended
Sorry to say the obvious but what's going on is; they don't like you.
We want freedom of opinions as long as you express the correct opinions.
11:48 AM
It's really a dumpster fire isn't it.
I fully agree with your bio. Doing this in spite of the company, not for it.
I'm this close to registering bannedfrommeta.com
Where people can just say they have been banned from meta, and that they don't understand why
I miss the days when I'd have endless motivation to revenge spam.
Being mature is a pain in the ass.
Yes. Some answers were deleted. They were.... not nice. Please be nice. — Journeyman Geek ♦ 16 mins ago
How is "What Stack Exchange, Inc. is doing is a big middle finger to the community?" "not nice"?
How is what Stack Exchange, Inc. is doing "nice"?
Is public slander of a former moderator "nice"?
I'd be a lot more angry at my own situation if it didn't appear to be so ubiquitous.
Is banning everybody who is critical of Stack Exchange, Inc. "nice"?
11:52 AM
By their definition of nice, yes.
@MechMK1 You know why this is happening? New CEO, CTO, and director of public Q&A want to secure more funding from VC firms, and in order to do so, they have to appear to be following whatever the big buzzwords are which, the last few years has been "inclusiveness" and "diversity".
But they don't realize that SE and SO don't have problems with those, so they're grasping at straws.
Man I love diversity so much
Ever since our city got more diverse things just became so much better
> I highlighted "Friendly and constructive" for your benefit.

> Accusing folks of showing a middle finger to the community by declining a feature request to change the to the community counts as neither.

> Regards,
> Meta Stack Exchange Moderation Team
In fact, a post was accidentally leaked which showed that they were trying to frame the whole "answer upvotes now count as 10 rep instead of 5" thing as something to be more welcoming to women. They couldn't find a way to make that work, so they discarded that idea and changed it.
@forest I don't get this "women in tech need special treatment" thing
So they're just frantically trying to solve a "problem in tech" that simply doesn't apply to this site.
@MechMK1 Women need to be respected just like men.
And it's not respectful to women to assume they're delicate little flowers who can't take care of themselves and need some man to hold their hand through the "dangerous world of programming communities", which is what SE, Inc seems to be trying to do in the name of inclusiveness.
They're going about it the wrong way.
And it's making people feel less welcome, not more.
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